The herd Of All Herds (Part 6) [MightyMorphinFluffy]

Jackson was at his local Fluffmart getting more kibble for the fluffies since they were running low. He got home and when he got to the front door he heard something that made his blood boil. ENF ENF ENF “GUD FEEWS!”. Jackson swung the door open expecting to see one of the stallions fucking a mare but what he saw was much worse. A smarty and it’s herd had broken the sliding glass door at the back of the house and got in. The smarty was fucking Peggy while she yelled “NU WAN NU WAN! AM AWEADY MUMMAH!” and the toughie had stomped on 1 of Brownie’s foals and 1 of Peggy’s foals. Jackson picked up the Smarty and toughie and threw them in a closet for later and turns to see 3 Mares. 2 of which were trying to take the prettiest foals they managed to find and the last mare was outside crying while eating shit. Jackson walked to the 2 mares that were taking foals and caught them trying to escape with the foals they had. Jackson grabbed them by their tails and let the foals slide of carefully. Jackson then threw the mares into basement and went to check on HIS herd. Peggy was on her side crying with everyone else cuddled up with her in a big hug. Even the foals were nuzzling Peggy’s fluff. Jackson went to the closet and grabbed the smarty and toughie and threw them into the basement. Jackson walked down the basement steps prepared to do something that would make these bastards’ lives hell. He grabbed pliers, a saw, a power drill, a razor blade, a thin stick and a hammer. He strapped each fluffy down to a table and sawed of their legs and pulled out their teeth and drilled into their eyes. He then sliced the teets of the mares and the “wumps” of the stallion and toughie. He than wacked the mares’ teets with the stick and rubbed them raw with sand paper. He did the same to the smarty and toughie’s “wumps”. He than shaved each of them and made them watch as he crushed their teeth into powder and mixed it into the shit that they had made during all of this and made them eat it. He made the mares milkbags and the stallions enfie-pals. He introduced them to Jackson’s herd and watched with a smile as the mares and stallions tried to scream. He checked on Brownie and Peggy to make sure they were okay and luckily they were. Jackson took Peggy to the Fluffy vet to make sure she wasn’t pregnant but unfortunately she was. Peggy decided that she didn’t want to keep the babies and just wanted them to be given to a different mare. Jackson was happy to here that because he wasn’t looking forward to having Peggy be a sobbing mess when he told her that she couldn’t keep the babies. Jackson fixed the sliding glass door and got the herd moved into his backyard once he got a fence with a small gate built. Jackson just wanted his herd to be safe and happy.

Wow that was kind of long. Sorry for the long wait I got caught up doing other things