The Herd - Pt 6 [Kslatt]

The next day…

Collie stacked blocks in her play area while mike watched, coffee nestled in his lap.

“Wub bwockies!”

“That’s good”

She had grown alot since he’d been feeding her the nutrient rich formula, he’s yet to wean her, but it’s still kinda cute to see her nurse, she’s still pretty small, mike installed a plastic fence for her safety.

Mike’s still a gardener, he checks up on it sometimes, but no fluffies are allowed inside, fire’s made that clear in the past.

Knock Knock

Mike went to the door.

"Who is it?’

door opens

“oh hey sasha! how’re you doing?”

“good, just got back from work, you?”

“y-yeah it’s good…”

Sasha looked over mike’s shoulder.

“Are those fluffies?..”

“Oh! those are just my pets! heh…”

“just make yourself at home!”


Sasha sat on the couch, getting coffee’s attention.

Gasp! “Nyu fwiend!?”

“Aww, you look cute, sorry little guy I’m just visiting”

Mike sat next to sasha.

“Uhh sash?”


“i was thinking about going to the park tomorrow uhh…”

“yeah! that’s cool!”

Mike patted his lap and coffee curled up inside.


“he’s cute” sasha said.

Sasha gently stroked coffee’s back, she then noticed the brown filly running around in the fence.

“that’s his daughter” mike said

Both of them sat inside the play area, collie cutely hugged mike’s leg, sasha nuzzled collie with her cheek, it felt like cuddling a soft kitten.

“well nice meeting you again mike”

“bye sasha”