"The Intergalactic Tournament" Round 2: Iyatagg Vs. Bellikose by NobodyAtAll

Round 2: Zhala Jr. Vs Geero-765


Iyatagg’s green fist collides with Bellikose’s black, slimy fist.

The fighters leap back.

“We have a question. You’re the result of your entire race merging together, right? So you’ve got the power of many inside you, yes?”

Iyatagg nods.

“That’s why I’m here. Even with all my power, I can’t undo my merger myself.”

A toothy grin appears on Bellikose’s face.

“That means we’ve got something in common with you, big guy. Our Klyntar half has bonded with a lot of different people across the cosmos, and each time, it copied their power. Made it their own, and shared it with each subsequent host. So WE have the power of many too.”

“Show me.”

Bellikose puts their hands together at their side.


And starts charging a black energy blast.

Iyatagg puts two fingers to his forehead, his fingers crackling with electricity.

“Is this the Tennebites’ power?”

“Nope! The Saingans’. We don’t know why the energy is black, but who CARES?!?”

Bellikose fires their blast, screaming in the voices of host and symbiont.


Iyatagg smiles smugly, and points his fingers at the blast.


Firing a beam of purple and yellow energy.


Bellikose’s blast explodes when Iyatagg’s beam collides with it, and the latter keeps going.


Piercing a hole through Bellikose’s chest.


As the smoke clears, Iyatagg sees his opponent, kneeling on the floor. Using one hand to steady themselves, Bellikose’s other hand clutches a gaping wound, dark blue blood dripping out both sides of a hole that goes all the way through the Zurite’s torso.

The Klyntar’s mass around the wound has been destroyed, but is already working on closing the wound.

Bellikose gets back up, wheezing in pain.

“Hmph. You still want to keep going?”

“We’ve… survived… worse…”

Iyatagg charges energy balls with both hands.

“You can’t survive me.


Firing dozens and dozens of energy blasts at Bellikose.

None of the blasts hit Bellikose.

“Are you even TRYING to hit us?!?”

“Not yet.”

“What do you mean, not yet–”

Bellikose sees dozens and dozens of balls of energy filling the air around them.

“Oh. OH. Ffffffu–”


With a wave of Iyatagg’s hands, every last one of those blasts converges upon Bellikose at once.

Bellikose crawls out of the resultant cloud of smoke, most of the Klyntar’s mass destroyed, and most of the Zurite’s body covered in burns.

“W-we… f-f-forfeit–”


Bellikose passes out.

“Hmm. Perhaps bowing was a bit premature.”

As Bellikose is hauled out, me and Marley keep our eyes on Iyatagg.

“Doc, what can you tell us about Iyatagg’s race?”

“Well, they’re closer to plants than animals, they subsist entirely on water, and they reproduce asexually.”

“Wait, so why doesn’t Iyatagg just repopulate his planet himself? That’s why he wants to undo his merger, right?”

Marley gives me a look.

“Fink abowt it, daddeh. If ev-wee mistah awn Uwf mewged wif daddeh, an ev-wee wady awn Uwf mewged wif mummah, wud daddeh an mummah jus keep habin babbehs untiw aww da hoomins am back?”

Me and Judy both laugh.

“When you put it like that, Mar, it makes sense. But Doc, what I meant is what kind of powers do they have?”

“Hmm. I haven’t been to planet Iyatagg since before the entire race merged together, but if my information isn’t out of date, they possess extendable limbs and potent magic. Yes, magic is mostly found on Earth, but the Iyataggians possess their own brand of magic, much different from ours.”

“Huh. I’ve been meaning to ask, where did magic originally come from?”

“Even my brother doesn’t know that, Cal. Oh, that reminds me, he’s coming to visit later. He’ll be bringing Sorcie, Merlin, Ridcully, Mel and Genghis with him.”

“Mawwey stiww nee tu awsk Mew wen Mawwey sowd wiww be dun.”

“Good smithing takes time, Mar. Mel didn’t become the greatest smith alive by half-assing it.”

“You’re feckin’ right, our Cal. I’d be bloody disappointed if our Mel delivered sloppy work.”

We watch the next few fights, but I’m not really paying attention anymore.

I’m keeping my eyes on Duwen and Scha the entire time.

I can still feel the malice coming from those two, and it disturbs me.

It just doesn’t make sense, Cal. Tennebites have a reputation for being the most hostile, xenophobic race in the universe, if everything we’ve heard is true. They make EARTH’S xenophobes look downright open-minded. Why are they even here? I mean, I know they’re here for the wish, but why were they allowed to come? Clearly, they’re not planning to wish for peace on all worlds and the end of universe hunger. They aren’t here to wish for anything that would be good for the cosmos. Odds are, whatever they want will screw everyone over.

But we don’t know that for sure. We don’t know what their goal is. Cal thinks it’s got something to do with the God of Destruction, but there’s no solid evidence. They haven’t even mentioned their god yet. Maybe they’ve moved on past their worship of the God of Destruction.

If that’s the case, they’re probably worshipping themselves now. I’m surprised that they would worship ANY god, seeing as gods aren’t Tennebites. It must be TORTURE for them, being away from their precious home planet, surrounded by non-Tennebites, and not being allowed to kill the lot.

It just means they want that wish that much, Niv. I couldn’t tell you why the Grand Judge let them come.

He must know something that we don’t. He probably knows things that Pierre and Deston don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s omniscient somehow.

What do you think his deal is, anyway? I haven’t even heard what planet he’s from, or what race he is. Maybe he’s the last of his kind or something? I’ve heard from Pierre that a number of planets were destroyed long ago by forces like Vulcanus and the God of Destruction. Maybe he’s from one of those planets?

If that’s the case, why would he be the judge? You heard Mr. Announcer, the Grand Judge has overseen EVERY Intergalactic Tournament since the beginning. Why didn’t he just ENTER instead, and wish his world back?

Maybe he’s just one of those people who thinks dead people shouldn’t be wished back to life. Maybe his people are happy on the Other Side, and he doesn’t want to yank them out of it.

Maybe, Cal. But I get the feeling that the Grand Judge doesn’t do anything without a good reason. So, getting back to the topic of Duwen and Scha, he probably has a reason to let the former participate. I just don’t know what it could be.

Hold on. I’ve got a hunch. Cal, ask Pierre if Tennebites have ever participated in the Tournament before.

What? Why?

Just do it, Cal!

Okay, okay. Jeez.

So I ask Pierre that question on Nivlac’s behalf.

I’m pretty sure that he knows about Nivlac, but he’s never confirmed that he knows.

Pierre’s answer?

“As a matter of fact, this is also the first time that Tenneb is participating. They’ve wanted to on several occasions in the past, but up until now, they’ve never been invited. Merely one of the reasons everyone was murmuring yesterday.”

Aha! I knew it!

Knew what, Niv?

Cal, I know that being borne of your subconscious mind means that I can figure things out before you can, but come on, man! Don’t you see it? This is the first time that both Tenneb and Earth are participating! Don’t you get it yet?

Oh dear, I see what Niv is getting at.

Oh, shit.

So do I now.

I think I know why the Grand Judge allowed Duwen and Scha to come.

Because I’m here.

He wanted me to meet them.

But why?

Does he want me to fight Duwen?

Or is this just part of something bigger?

Round 2: End of Day