"The Last Day Of The World" by NobodyAtAll

Warning: spoilers for the Inhuman Alliance Saga.

Forty-nine years into a ruined future, in a laboratory, an old scientist works feverishly on something that might change everything.

A white, rounded vehicle, looking like a small plane, with seats for seven.

The man has effeminate features, but five decades alone, in a world without hope, has taken a toll on him. His hair, once blond, has turned grey, and he has a fuzzy beard.

As he works, the man sings to himself.

:musical_note:The courage to fly has always been my dream…:musical_note:

The world outside the laboratory is dead. Lifeless. Nothing but blackened wastes.

:musical_note:Though reason and time are not what they seem…:musical_note:

The man knows who is to blame for this.

A madman, who never knew when to stay buried.

:musical_note:I am old, soon I will go, but do not cry…:musical_note:

The man thinks back, to the last day of the world.

:musical_note:I bequeath the Wings of Time…:musical_note:

Forty-nine years in the past, in Faucheuse Plaza, Calvin Korkea and Marley face off against the Caldroid 2.0.

Dr. Hans Stahlberg’s ultimate creation.

The herald of the end.

Jack lies unconscious on the ground, a dart stuck in his cheek.

“Wut… wut did dat du?”

“I dunno, Mar. But I know this: we’re gonna have to give this all we’ve got.”

“Wut abowt Jack?”

Valerie runs out of Faucheuse Tower, calling to Calvin.

“I’ll get him out of here! Focus on that thing!

“Right. Ready, Mar?”



Calvin and Marley wreathe themselves in golden flames.

“Let’s dance, big boy!”

“Come an haf a gu, if yu fink yu am hawd enuff!”

The old scientist sighs, as he tinkers with his craft’s engine.

“Fighting it here. That was the mistake.”

He shakes his head.

“No. Letting Hans activate it, that was the mistake.”

The man rubs his cheek, still remembering the sting of the dart.

And he curses himself, for not dodging it.

He didn’t know what it would do to him.


Above the streets of the city, Calvin and Marley pummel the Caldroid 2.0.


Down below, the ChaotiX goes to war with the Inhuman Alliance’s army of werewolves, Stoneheads and zombie fluffies, who showed up out of nowhere.


Deston is dueling Necrosis. Annette is dueling Demeter. Kobul is boxing Mhortur, and Rex is hunting down Garm.


Calvin has already used Gemini Burst, taking it up to times forty, and Marley is in human form, needing the power boost of a human body.


His fluffy form limits him.


But the machine keeps up with both of them, countering the blows, and tapping into the power of its Omega Core to match its opponents, its body glowing brightly in all the colors of the rainbow.



Calvin realizes what he has to do, as he and Marley fly back.

“Damn it… didn’t wanna do this. Yes, Niv, I know it’s a bad idea!”

“…What am daddy gonna do–”



Calvin’s aura flares, and his power skyrockets.


And the Caldroid 2.0 taps into even more power, matching Calvin’s.

“MAR, GO!!! I GOT THIS!!!”

“Um, daddy, do you see that?”

“Do I see what, Mar-- oh.

As the old scientist tinkers underneath his craft, he chuckles sadly.

“Heh. I got a front seat to the show. I’ll never forget the sight.”


“Val, what the fuck is that?!?

“I have no idea, Jack! I didn’t think this was volcano country!”

From Valerie’s lab in Faucheuse Tower, Jack and Valerie watch, as a gigantic spout of lava erupts, destroying an entire city block.

And the Caldroid 2.0.

Calvin and Marley narrowly dodged the lava.

“It’s gone, just like that… I don’t think this is just a volcano, Val…”

“What makes you say that–”



“Well, there goes Bang Street.”

Calvin and Marley, the latter back in fluffy form, fly over the streets, frantically dodging the monstrous jets of liquid rock destroying their city.

And killing everyone they know.

“Come on, Mar, we’re almost there! Gotta get to–”


The next one destroys Calvin’s apartment building.

“JUDY!!! QUIN!!! ROXIE!!!”


In the distance, the two Omegas see more and more spouts of lava.

They’re spreading. The Oldman Farm and Blueberry’s Forest are already ablaze.

And destruction rains from the heavens, as the lava comes back down.

“Everything’s burning. What kind of–”

“Um, daddeh? It am gettin wowse.

The two Omegas see something, rising forth from one of the many new volcanoes.

Something that looks like a gargantuan mass of magma.

Shaped like an arm.

And from the many burning wounds in the world, Calvin and Marley hear a voice, echoing around them. Slow, deep, rough, raspy, malicious.

A voice speaking in a language they’ve never heard before, but the meaning goes straight to their brains.

"Through the centuries, we’ve rested…"

“Oh… oh my God.”

“W-w-wut am dat, daddeh?”

“I don’t know, Mar. I… just don’t fucking know.

"Now, at last, it’s time to decimate… humanityyyyy…"

The old man stops tinkering briefly, to wipe a tear from his eye.

“It’s not their fault. They didn’t know.”

But more tears start coming.

None of us knew.”

Calvin and Marley, piloting their Impacts, do battle with their enemy.

It’s bigger than Faucheuse Tower.

Even bigger than the God of Destruction.

And the fight doesn’t last very long.

Calvin and Marley barely get a good look at their opponent before it moves in for the kill.



It crushes them both inside their mechas.

"This planet ALWAYS has been MINE!!!"

The old scientist stops to take a break, eating a V For Victory bar.

He’s been rationing them carefully.

But by now, he’s only got raspberry flavor left.

“Fucking Hans. This is all his fault.”

In a secret lab in the Rocky Mountains, Jack, wielding Minute Hand, confronts Hans.

Jack is now the last surviving member of the ChaotiX.

Everyone else has burned by now. Or is burning. Or will burn. Earth’s population is rapidly plummeting.

And Jack is furious about that.

Hans’ clone body is dead by Jack’s hand, revealing the real Hans in all his demonic glory.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?!? This is happening because of you!

Hans laughs.

"I know! It’s HILARIOUS! I wasn’t expecting THAT when I started building Projekt Caldroid 2.0! But it’s STILL a win for me. And you can’t go back and undo it, time-meddler! So tell me: did Korkea SUFFER when he died?"


Hans is still laughing when Jack runs him through.

“You should have stayed buried.”


As the place starts shaking, and as he bleeds, crumpled up on the floor, Hans keeps laughing.



The old scientist finishes his protein bar.

“Had to lay low on the Snowflake for a while. Until everything… died down. Got a great view of the Apocalypse up there, Mag.”

Then Jack remembers that Magnum is dead.

“Oh. Right. Damn it, don’t tell me I’m losing my mind. Not now, I’m so close.

As is Nebula, and Johnny, and Lucas. Jack’s friend Max, and his fluffy, Fireball, are dead too.

Everyone Jack knew is dead.

“If I can just finish this thing before my brain fails me… it’ll all be worth it.”

Jack gets back to work.

“Because none of it will have happened.

Jack suddenly remembers a certain incident from his childhood.

He remembers a beautiful summer day in the woods, and creeping up on a butterfly, a net in hand.

Then he remembers being chased by a swarm of butterflies, tossing the net away in a blind panic.

He chuckles.

“I’ve never told anyone about that. It’ll make a good trust password, I think.”

A few weeks after the Earth died, the entire intergalactic community works to identify the cause.

Even the Tennebites are cooperating. But only because they want to prevent Tenneb from meeting the same fate as Earth.

Or Arkay. The lush, verdant planet, that Calvin fought so hard to save in the Intergalactic Tournament, is now an asteroid field.

It’s an open secret that the Tennebites wouldn’t mind a few more planets being destroyed before everyone cracks the case. As long as their planet isn’t one of the unlucky ones. Tennebites are masters of hypocrisy, and are fanatically xenophobic.

On the other hand, some Tennebites are so devoted to xenophobia that they will tolerate the existence of non-Tennebites just so they’ll have someone to hate.

Hatred gets Tennebites out of bed in the morning, just as coffee did for many humans.

On Lumix, everyone is rather alarmed when a fourth sun appears in the sky.

At Master Luxi’s dojo in Lalum City, the elderly Lumixian martial artist’s jaw drops when he sees it.

And he realizes that that’s no sun. It’s coming closer.

Luxi figures out exactly what killed the Earth.

“No. No. It can’t be. Not him.

Xanitas, the tailless Saingan, who was raking blue leaves, turns to his master.

“What is it, Master? What is that thing?”

Xuri, Luxi’s other student, is inside, sweeping the floor, and hasn’t yet noticed what’s going on.

Luxi turns to his student, a grave look on the elderly Lumixian’s face.

“Not what, Xan. Who.

“Okay, so who is that thing?”



As the entire dojo is incinerated by a jet of lava, Lumix begins to burn too.


A the Monster, that wanished randomly. The thing that created the drought on Aryad?, right?

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I would love to answer that question, but unfortunately, I just spontaneously combusted, and I need to go put out the flames.

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