The Monster Inside Us 1 by LenexTLI_

Jack was on his way home from work, walking along the cold streets, a woman taking a pink mare for a walk just across the street. Jack looking at the pink thing saying, “Pwnky wuv wawkies!” Jack rolling his eyes and walking faster. Unlike Matt, Jack lived relatively close to their office and thus didn’t need to take the car, and could instead walk the way.

Matt was a colleague from work, who had recently gotten a fluffy, which Jack couldn’t understand. Who’d willingly take in a feral fluffy – even if, from what Matt had told him, was a foal?!

Jack had never liked Fluffies, or at least the ones he had met. They were all the same, screaming and begging for “nummies and sketties” or “be nyu daddeh!” It all being the same annoying crap.

Jack disliked fluffies for no particular reasons, he just simply found them annoying and total assholes. Jack had heard stories of fluffies eating each other, raping pregnant mares and foals, and the worst of all, Smarties!

Luckily he had never seen any of these things in person, but that didn’t make him question these stories he heard, as it was common knowledge that fluffies were idiots, and would do anything for survival or power in their herd.

Jack had met a Smart before though, the little fucker demanding things like “Giv smawty sketties nao ow smawty giv sowwy hoofies an’ poopies!” But Jack would either just ignore them or kick them away.

Jack finally reached his house. It was average 2 story house, with a big back yard and a large shed in the back which had been built and used by the previous owner to breed and farm chickens. It now simply being a storage place.

Jack stepped inside and locked the door behind him, placing his bag and shoes next to the door – hanging his coat on the coat hanger next to the main entrance.

He walked to the living room, stopping by the heater and turning it on due to winter slowly crawling in. He made his way into the kitchen, putting water into the kettle and setting it up to make coffee. After the coffee was made, he made his way back into the living room, sitting down on the couch and turning the TV on.

Jack was just watching random TV programs when suddenly there was a small knock on the back yard door. Jack turned his head towards the door with raised eyebrows. Having a faint idea of what exactly was knocking on the door.

He stood up and walked into the kitchen, where the garden door was located – the blinds let down to block some of the light. Jack pulling the blinds up and looking outside, nothing there.

“Sowwy nice Mistuh…” a high voice suddenly spoke, Jack looking down, seeing a blue pegasi fluffy mare sitting at the doorstep.

“Pwease owpen doow so fuffy can tawk bettew?” The fluffy asked, wanting Jack to open the door to talk better with him.

Jack was hesitant, looking behind the mare for any other fluffy hiding – but not seeing any other fluffies or traces of a herd having entered his garden. Jack unlocked the door and pulled it open, looking directly at the fluffy.

“What do you want?” Jack asked in a bland tone, expecting the usual ‘sketties’ and ‘wawm housie’ bullshit.

“Nice Mistuh nuw if fwuffies hewd was hewe?” The mare asked.

“Your herd?” Jack asked, confused. Not having seen a herd in his garden, or that he knew of.

“Uh-huh, fwuffy was sepawated fwom hewd, no find hewd aftew dat! Su fwuffy wun nuw nice mistuh if has seen hewd.” The mare explained, “Dawk time sun com and fwuffy wun find hewd fwast, nu find wawm nestie fow chiwpy babbeh!”

“Baby?” Jack asked, perplexed.

“Uh-huh!” The mare replied, moving her hooves and revealing a small foal placed on her stomach. Unlike its mother, it was a green earthie, its eyes were still closed, and it was cooing softly as it slept in its mother’s fur which was for now still warm.

Jack didn’t know much about fluffies, but he knew that it had been born only a few days ago.

“Chiwpy babbeh tu small fow cowd-time. Su fuffy haf to find hewd fow babbeh tu be sawfe!” The mare explained, looking at her baby with a sad smile.

Jack knew from the weather channel that it would snow soon, which is why Matt had taken in his fluffy so quickly. Jack also knew that neither the mare nor the foal would survive. The mare clearly being exhausted from having to care for a newborn foal, having to find food and having to defend itself in the wild.

A normal person would pity the mare and its foal, and take them in – but Jack was not about to do that, the entire situation and the mares idiocy from losing its herd, not being his fault or problem.

“Well, I didn’t see your herd, so I can’t help you!” Jack said, ready to close the door and just get back to his coffee and soft couch.

“Oh, owkay nice mistuah!” The mare said with a smile, clearly being sad but trying to hide it, “Fwuffy fwind hewd soon an’ ged babbeh wawm nesstie fow cowd-time! Fan yu fow hewp.” The mare stood up and placed its foal on its back – Jack clearly being able to hear soft cries, but closing the door behind her and putting the blinds down.

It had been a few hours now since Jack had that awkward interaction with the mare and its foal, it now snowing outside quite hard – even though the weather forecast had said it would snow in a few days.

Jack walked into the kitchen to clean his mug, having finished his coffee. As he washed the mug, he heard a strange sound coming from outside.

“Mummah wuf babbeh, babbeh wuv mummah. Babbeh get wawm, mummah happeh…” It was the song a mare would sing to their foals to calm them down or make them sleep.

Jack pulled up the blinds and opened the door, snow gently blowing inside his kitchen.

"Mummah wuf babbeh, babbeh wuv mummah. "Jack heard again, the sound coming from under the stairs leading to the door.

Jack quickly put on some shoes and stepped outside with a small flashlight, it now being almost completely dark outside. He walked down the steps and crouched down, shining the flashlight under the stairs. The blue pegasi mare laying there, covered in snow and shaking heavily, the mare wrapped around its foal to keep it warm. Jack realizing both didn’t have much time left.

“Fuck…” Jack muttered, letting out a deep sigh as he grabbed under the stairs and pulled the mare out from under the stairs. He picked her up and quickly made his way back inside, closing the door behind him.

Jack carried the fluffy to the couch and placing her down. She was cold to the touch, shaking heavily and breathing slowly. Her lips were blue, and her eyes were shut, she clearly would have died soon if not for Jack.

Jack quickly got a blanket and wrapped the mare in it, not making it too tight for the foal buried deep in its mother fur. The mare slowly starting to shake less and her breathing becoming normal again.

Jack sat down, looking at the two sleeping fluffies he had taken in from the cold. He wasn’t concerned for the mare anymore, but the foal was a different story. Jack walking up to the sleeping fluffy and gently grabbing into its thick fur, pulling out the small foal.

He sat down next to its mother, examining it. It wasn’t nearly as cold as its mother had been, but still cold, the foal wriggling in Jack’s palm, grabbing Jacks thumb and cooing as it snuggled against the comforting warmth.

Jack checked if the foal had any injuries, there being nothing indicating anything, Jack now knowing though that it was a filly.

He placed the filly back inside its mother’s fur, which was warm now from the blanket and the living room itself being heated. It was getting late, and Jack knew that he couldn’t just leave the fluffies in the living room as fluffies were notorious for getting into deadly situations and killing themselves in the process.

So with Jack having decided not to leave the fluffies in the living room he prepared the guest room for the fluffies to stay in for the night. He placed a small dog basket on the floor and placed a few soft towels on them, as well as a cat litter box in the corner of the room, but also a few newspaper pages all over the floor to prevent the fluffies doing their business everywhere.

With the room prepared Jack picked up the sleeping mare and her filly and brought them into the current fluffy safe room, placing them on the dog bed and making sure the heating was on to make the room warm but not hot.

Jack closed the door behind him, making his way back to the living room. He dropped into the soft cushions of the sofa, leaning his head back and relaxing. It had been a stressful and eventful evening.