The Park Ch 15 (By Remarkable_May)

Lin turns her head and picks a lot of berries and piled them in front of Kaydee. She gasps with awe and she starts to eat them.
“Maybe you strayed too far from her. Stay and wait for her. Maybe she will come back.” Lin said to the fluffy. Lin pets her as she ate the berries. Lin goes around picking edible flowers and berries and gave it to the fluffy to have to survive for a while. You leave her and go to find your friends.

They all have found a fluffy and they want to decide which ones they should keep. They again turned to Lin for her to decide.

Kelly found a full Shire Earthie Mare. This mare has Ivory coat and mane. Her eyes are Old Burgundy (Old burgundy). Kelly said this one remembers why she was abandonded, her eye color was wrong apparently.

Casey found a Horned mare. The fluffy mare has no wings nor a horn besides the back swept goat horns. She has Light Gray fur and Russian Green eyes somewhat hidden behind Light Orange hair. The mare has black socks on all four of her hooves. Her tail is normal, she isn’t a bull fluffy.

Alyx found a swimming stallion while she was playing around. The stallion was large with long legs and big wings. He has Purple Navy coat, Bottle Green eyes, and thick and long curly Indigo hair.

//Yes, you can choose more than one or keep all of them. The minivan can hold up to 16 adult fluffies. The regular car can hold 3 adult fluffies.


do them alllllllll!!!


The fluffy with goat horns and the swimming fluffy should be definite keepers. The shire mare looks like a good candidate too, but I do recall reading in an earlier chapter that the shire fluffies could be problematic when it comes to breeding. Since they’re thinking about breeding pairs, maybe they could come back for the shire mare later before leaving if there’s leftover seats.


Take em all, the more the merrier

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What @preachingbear said.


I’m with preaching bear on this. take the horned and the swimmer, see if you have room for the shire later

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