The Performance of a Lifetime, Part 2 (By: Ryou)

Part 1:

Every single fluffy was completely dumbfounded by what you just said. Of course they were, you’ve been nothing but a nice mister to them up until you dropped that bomb shell of a statement. The dancie-babbehs collectively start moving slower and slower, their rythmic motions almost coming to a halt.

“w-whu daddeh mean… ?”

“nu!! pwease daddeh, nu gib’ foweba sweepies tu babbehs! am onwy widdow babbehs! babbehs am gud’, am dancie fow nyu daddeh!”

“speshaw fwen am wite! babbehs am fow huggies an’ wuv, nu gib’ huwties!”

“… cheep… s-scawy!”

The foals weren’t entirely aware of the meaning that your message carried, but instinctively, they felt a wave of dread hit them. They knew it was bad, because their parents became anxious and started pleading for you not to give them the sweet release of death.

“Don’t be silly, Midnight, I’d never kill all your babies. That would be cruel!”

“nice daddeh nu gib’ huwties to babbehs?”

“No, of course not! As long as they keep dancing, I promise that I won’t do anything to your babies.”

"… huu… mistwaw scawedies, nu wan dancie nu mowe… "

Of all the foals, Mistral seemed to be the first to consider stopping. She’d been shy from the get-go, so it made sense she’d scare easily. The rest of the babies kept a very slow-moving dance going. It was hardly dancing at this point, but taste is subjective, so who are you to judge their movements?

“nu, mistwaw! be gud’ babbeh, keep dancies fow nyu daddeh!”

“… huu huu… otay daddeh, mistwaw be dancie babbeh…”

“nyu daddeh nu wub’ babbehs nu mowe? am bad babbehs… ?”

“Nonsense, child. You’re all the bestest babies! I’m so proud of all of you! That’s why I don’t want you to stop dancing! Daddy loves when you dance for him!”

cheep… daddeh wub’ dancie-babbeh?”

“wook daddeh, stawwite keep dancie fow daddeh! wub’ daddeh!”

“… hehe… ebahgween am dancie-babbeh, tuu! wub’ dancies!”

And just like that, the whole troupe was happily dancing away again. Seemingly forgotten the threat of imminent death, the foals were entirely occupied in showing off their dance moves to their new daddy. That’s you.

“g-gud’ babbehs, keep dancie fow nicest daddeh, w-wuv dancie-babbehs…”

The same could not be said for their parents. They had just learned that their children were in mortal danger, and their little fluffy minds had a hard time catching up with what was happening. The cognitive dissonance of your loving words combined with the horrid threat you made really did a number on their brains. They tried their hardest to comfort their children without worrying them too much.

“nice mistah, midnite am scawedies, nu undastan’ why mistah said meanies…”

At least Sunshine did. The mare on the other hand, had made a small pool of peepee underneath her, likely due to fear. Fluffies truly were so in tune with nature, they simply relieved themselves whenever they felt anxious. You wish you’d be able to just pee whenever you felt bad, but alas, your mind would not let you. If anything, that’d just make you more anxious. For now, you simply chose to ignore her. She was being a downer.

“ebahgween wub’ dancies, but ebahgween am hungies, can hab’ nummies daddeh?”

“Why yes, you can have all the skettis you could ever wish for! Just keep dancing for me!”

"ebahgween can hab’ skettis?! skettis fow dancies?

“s-skettis! cheep…”

“skettis fow babbehs?”

The foals were positively elated at the promise of skettis. Well, most of them.

“… huu… nu wan skettis, wan huggies… can mistwaw stop dancies? hab’ heawt huwties…”

“come tu mummah mistwaw, mummah gib babbeh bigges’ huggies and wots ob wuv, make heawt huwties gu 'way!”

“… huu… mummah, nee’ huggies!”

With one quick motion, Mistral put her front hoofs back down on the ground, stopping her dance. She waddled over to her mother, tears starting to form on her face, wishing for nothing more than a loving embrace.

Mistral, do my eyes deceive me? Did you just stop dancing?”

In an instant, Sunshine’s parental instinct went into overdrive and he barked at the young fluffy to resume her performance, lest she go forever sleepies. “What a good father”, you think, wishing your dad had given you but a fraction of the attention that the stallion was giving to his baby right now.

“babbeh, nu!! nu can stop dancie, keep dancie ow munstah daddeh gib’ huwties to babbeh!”

“… huu… w-wha…?”

The stallion shoved himself between Midnight and Mistral, putting an early end to any affectionate cuddling that might have otherwise taken place. The conflict made Starlight and Evergreen stop dancing. Is nobody taking you serious here?

“speshaw fwen, nu be woudies! gon’ scawedies da babbehs! nu cawe ‘bout stoopid munstah daddeh, babbeh nee’ huggies an’ wuv!”

The mother was not having it, her child was in trouble and she needed to comfort it. She wasn’t scared of some stupid human, she would give them sorry poopies if they did something to her babies! Probably.

cheep! cheep! babbeh am scawed, noisies!”

“why mummah and daddeh am meanies tu nyu daddeh? gib’ stawwite namesies and pwomise skettis! am bestes’ daddeh!”

"mummah and daddeh nu wub’ babbehs? nu wan’ ebahgween and sissy tu hab’ skettis?

Change of plan. You were going to give forever sleepies to Mistral just a second ago, but this has turned into something truly magnificent. The dancie-babies were defending your honor against the mean accusations of their parents. Delightful. You really wanted to see where this was going to go, you could always dispose of them later.

"… huu… meanie fwuffy daddeh nu wub’ mistwaw, nu wet mummah gib’ huggies tu babbeh… cheep… huu huu… "

“sunshine wuv babbehs! am bestes’ babbehs! sunshine jus’ pwotec babbehs from meanie daddeh! babbehs nu undastan’!”

"dummeh speshaw fwen! nu be meanies tu babbeh! nee’ gib’ huggies nao!!

cheep! cheep!

"sunshine nu am dummeh!! ‘ou am dummeh! sunshine am gud’ fwuffy, pwotec hewd!

“dummeh sunshine nu pwotec hewd! onwy be meanies and woudies, gib wowstes’ heawt huwties tu babbehs! nu wan’ be speshaw fwen nu mowe!”

The stallion’s little fluffy heart shattered. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He did all he ever could to protect this herd. He found them a nice boxie housie, brought them bestest pizza nummies, and this is how they’d his special friend would repay him? Actually, you don’t know if that’s what he’s thinking. You’re just assuming, because his facial expression seems to convey a lot of emotions right now.

“… dummeh mawe!! am wowstes’ fwuffy! hatechu!”

After regaining his composure, Sunshine retaliated against Midnight’s insults. Unfortunately for Midnight, however, Sunshine’s retaliation was a lot more, shall we say, physical. He got on his hind legs and delivered a swift… the opposite of an uppercut to the poor mare.


The mare stumbled backwards, until she was met with the concrete wall behind her, her legs slowly gave in and she flopped to the ground, sobbing loudly. She had left a beautiful chocolate-colored trail all the way from the scene of the crime to her current location. The… lowercut? That sounds nice. The lowercut hit her right between the eyes, causing a slight bruising to both inner parts of her eyes, and her forehead was bleeding.


“huu… ! see-pwace hab’ su many huwties, why dummeh speshaw fwen huwt midnite… huu…”

All this commotion caused the barely talkie-baby Ocean to chirp loudly in a panic. He began defecating, an ever-increasing amount of “scaredy-poopies” began piling up behind him.

“… huu… daddeh, nee’ upsies! stawwite hab’ heawt huwties!”

The precious little foal was lifting its front hooves toward you, wishing to be picked up and wanting to be showered in affection, for her tiny heart couldn’t take her own parents fighting like this.

“Aww, my lovely little Starlight, of course, come here, daddy will protect you.”

You bent your knees and scooped her up, she instantly began cooing and rubbing herself against your finger, desperate for love. The instant you picked the poor foal up, her father started screaming for her to come back.

“babbeh! cum’ back tu sunshine, munstah daddeh wiww gib’ babbeh foweba sweepies!!”

“… nu! ‘ou am munstah daddeh! am meanies an’ gib’ mummah bigges’ huwties!”

“daddeh, pwease sab’ ebahgween fwom scawy fwuffy daddeh! nu wan’!”

The light green colt was raising his little hoofs much like his sister before, begging to be lifted out of this nightmare. A nightmare you created, granted, but he didn’t understand that. You happily obliged the little fellow and put him into your hand right next to his sister. The two baby foals immediately started hugging themselves for comfort. You’re pretty sure something snapped inside Sunshine, his body went stiff, as if his mind simply couldn’t keep up with what was happening.

“… huu huu… cheep wai mummah an’ daddeh nu wub’ babbeh nu mowe? cheep huuu… mistwaw hab’ bigges’ heawt huwties… huu…”

“huu… b-babbeh… mummah wuv babbeh… nu can see babbeh, nee’ gib’ babbeh huggies… huu…”

Midnight was struggling to see, blood… I’m sorry, boo-boo-juice had begun running down her forehead, blurring her vision in crimson. The weakened mare was crawling toward the wails of her crying foal, singing a horrible rendition of the mummah-song while she approached.

“m-mummah… wuv babbehs… babbehs wuv mummah, mummah gon’ sab’ babbehs fwom scawy mistah… make h-heawt huwties gu 'way…”

The bleeding fluffy stumbled like a newborn, inching ever closer. Her forehead’s condition worsened and there was an ever increasing amount of boo-boo-juice dripping onto her face. The bad lighting, combined with the stress of the situation as a whole could make the foal very well start to think that she was a-

"m-munstah!! cheep! munstah am comin’ fow babbeh, pwease sab’ babbeh, daddeh! cheep nu wan’ be munstah nummies! cheep mummah, daddeh! cheep "

“n-nu! midnite nu am munstah! am mummah! cum’ tu mummah, babbeh!”

Mistral’s reaction sent the mother into a panic. She started gallopping toward the baby as fast as she could, trickling boo-boo-juice everywhere as she did so.


“… m-munstah?!”

The magic monster keyword snapped Sunshine back to reality. In light of recent trauma, the poor fluffy had seemingly forgotten what was going on and was driven purely by instinct. He had to save his baby from a monster!

“munstah stay 'way fwum babbehs! sunshine pwotec babbehs! gu ‘way ow sunshine gib’ sowwy poopies!”


Her screeching was cut off by Sunshine’s valiant stream of poopies, aimed straight at her face. The feces covered the wound on her forehead, no doubt sending a wave of pain through her body. The mare reeled, the pressure of the sorry poopies being so great, it almost sent her flying. She stumbled backwards once more, this time tip-toeing on her hindlegs. “Hey, look! Mommy’s dancing!”, you almost yell out loud, but you really don’t want to interfere. It’s rude to disturb an artist during their performance.


“gu ‘way, dummeh munstah!! ow sunshine gib’ munstah foweba sweepies!”

The mare fell over backwards, her soft head colliding with the harsh reality of the solid rock underneath. More boo-boo-juice came spilling forth, she’d gotten a two-for-one deal in terms of head wounds and was in a lot of pain.



Your gaze wanders to the abandoned, blue foal. Everybody was so busy performing to their very best, they forgot all about him. The poor little guy was suffering by himself, too panicked to express anything in more than mere chirps. What’s worse, his loneliness and fear had grown so large that they had drained him of all energy. All he could muster were very weak, faint chirps in an attempt to get someone’s, anyone’s attention. You’re pretty sure he was on the brink of death due to exhaustion.

“Now, now, Ocean Blue. It’s not your time yet. I’ve big plans for you still.”

You scoop him up, placing him gently next to his brother and sister. You urge the both of them to comfort him, because he was on the verge of going forever sleepies. The siblings happily obliged, showering the blue baby in love.

“bwudda, nu gu’ foweba sweepies, sissy am hewe… gib’ wots of wub’, make huwties gu 'way…”

“ebahgween wub’ bwue babbeh bwudda… ebahgween gib’ huggies…”

"cheep… huu… babbeh wan’ mummah… cheep "

You turn your attention back to the main event. Midnight was lying in a pile of her own boo-boo-juice, twitching and crying whilst Sunshine was snarling at her pathetic display, standing between her and their wailing child, Mistral. Instead of comforting her, however, the stallion remained solely focused on the “monster” in front of him, ignoring her completely and thus worsening the situation. Alright, fun as it was, you’ve gotten your fill now.

“Alright, boys and girls.” You’d be clapping if you weren’t holding three babies in your hand, though admittedly, the thought did cross your mind. “That was a most splendid performance. You all did such a good job, I’ve decided to reward your good efforts.”

Starlight and Evergreen, whilst still comforting their little brother Ocean, looked up toward you. Mistral and Sunshine, too, faced toward you, though Sunshine kept glancing back at Midnight, who was ignoring you almost entirely, as she was wrapped up in her own agony. How rude.

“How about daddy takes you all back home to his nice, warm housie and serves you all a bowl of skettis?”

Part 3:


Fluffy divorce is much more domestic violency than I would have guessed.


Wow very energetic story telling! It keeps going places I’m not expecting while escalating the whole time. Really looking forward to the next installment!