The Performance of a Lifetime, Part 4 (By: Ryou)

Part 3:

You are Sunshine, and you are sleeping. Yesterday has been such a confusing turn of events. Just a couple bright times ago you were pulling out old, thrown-away pizza slices out of a garbage can, and now you’re in the biggest, prettiest housie you’ve ever seen!

When the nice mister approached you, it made you very scared. But then the nice mister said nice things, he said he was going to be your new daddy, and he made your babies dance! And your babies were so happy, dancing for their new daddy! It gave you the biggest heart-happies.

But then your new daddy said something really scary… he said he was going to give your babies forever sleepies if they stop dancing! You got so scared for your babies! You tried so hard to protect them, but then your dummie special friend was careless and almost got your babies killed!

And then… ! Your daddy didn’t give your babies forever sleepies! Instead, he took you to a nice, warm housie, just like he said he would! You have the bestest daddy ever! He even took along your old special friend, saying “family is family”, and even though you don’t like her that much anymore, you’re happy she’s not going forever sleepies.

You have a foggy recollection of eating skettis last night, made by your new daddy, but for some reason, the skettis gave you worstest mouth hurties. That can’t be right, skettis are supposed to be the bestest thing ever! But shortly after, you fell asleep, so maybe it was all a dream?

Suddenly the lights turn on, you gently awake, removing the nice blankie above you as you do so, inadvertently waking your babies alongside you.

“… it am bwite time awready? sunshine sweep weaw gud’…”

“Good morning, time to live up to your name and rise, Sunshine! We’ve got big plans today.”

“gud’ bwite time daddeh!”

“daddeh! stawwite wub’ daddeh! upsies!”

“ebahgween wan’ upsies, tuu!”

Your babies were doing an upsie-pose for their new daddy, and even though you felt the urge to do the same, you knew that babies needed huggies more, so you just simply watched them as they tried to get his attention.

“No time for upsies today, children. Sunshine, be a dear and grab your kids, we’re going on a walk. God knows Midnight is too useless to help. Got something nice to show you guys. Your new playroom.”

“gud’ babbehs, cum tu sunshine, fowwow daddeh tu pwaywoom!”

"yay! stawwite fowwow daddeh! "

“pwaywoom hab’ nyu toysies fow wun’ an pway?”

"cheep… oshan wub’ toysies!

Since Ocean Blue was still fairly young and not very good at walking, you picked him up and allowed him to safely climb onto your back. Your poor little baby Mistral, however, was hesitating. All of this sudden change has been a big shock to her, and she’s had trouble adjusting to your new housie.

mistwaw am saddies? nu wan’ toysies?”

“mistwaw wan’ toysies… jus’ am scawedies…”

“mebbeh cwimb on backsie, oshan gib’ huggies, maek scawedies gu’ way!”

“…otay… mistwaw wiww cum wid’ sunshine

Her lack of calling you “daddy” gave you a bit of heart hurties, but maybe she’s simply doing that because she doesn’t want to confuse you with your new daddy! That must be it. You knelt down gently, making it easier for her to grab onto your fluff and climb on top.

"sissie am saddies? cheep… oshan wub’ sissie! gib’ huggies!

Ocean Blue gently embraced his sister, who merely continued to look ahead in a mix of apathy and fear. Shortly after, your daddy began to exit the kitchen, prompting you to follow him outside.

As you left the kitchen, you walked through several impressive looking corridors. Everything was very elegant and bright! You’ve been to some housies, but none of which have ever looked as big as this one.

“tank ‘ou daddeh fow gib’ nice housie to sunshine an’ babbehs! wuv housie!”

“You’re very welcome, my morning sun. As long as you do what daddy says, you can live here as long as you like!”

You were so cold and sad for so many forevers outside in the dirty alley, and your daddy is offering you to stay in his housie as long as you like! What a nice daddy you have, you’re going to make sure to behave and be the bestest fluffy for him. But your happy thoughts were interrupted by the concerns of your baby.

“… mistwaw stiww hab’ heawt huwties… whewe am mummah? mistwaw wan’ mummah…”

“sowwy babbeh, speshaw fw-… mistwaw mummah am bad fwuffy now… was bein’ biggest meanies tu sunshine”

“m-mummah am bad fwuffy?! d-dat… dat mean mistwaw am bad fwuffy fow bein’ babbeh ob mummah…”

“nu! mistwaw nu am bad fwuffy, am bestes’ fwuffy! sunshine wuv mistwaw!”

“m-mistwaw wub… sunshine tuu…”

You felt your baby nuzzle herself deeper into your back fur. You felt so sorry for your baby, she’s been such a good little baby, but her mother had turned into such a meanie fluffy… your daddy said that he might be able to turn her back into a good fluffy, but you’re not sure how he was going to do that.

Then you smelled it… fluffies! You could smell other fluffies! Of course, it made sense that your daddy had other fluffies! He was such a nice daddy after all, you were sure he was taking care of all the fluffies he could find. Your daddy led you through a door into… what!!!

Before your eyes unfolded the biggest and bestest play room you’ve ever seen! It was full of toysies and pretty things! A couple baby foals were playing around on the ground, there was a big thing in the middle that looked a little bit like a fluffy, and it also smelled like a fluffy, but it wasn’t a fluffy… it confused you. But all the babies were so happy!

You had the biggest heart-happies again. Your life was so hard for you up until now, but you were sure that from today on, you and your babies would have the bestest life ever. You looked forward to all the toysies you could play with and all the delicious nummies your daddy would give you! You were happy to be alive.

You’re you again. Wait, that sounds strange. What? Anyway. You’ve just entered the back stage of your theater, or how you loving call it “The Playroom”. You saw a lot of young performers playing around on the ground, no doubt getting ready for today’s show. Warm-up is important, and it’s commendable that they keep in shape.

You turn toward the fluffies which have gathered before you and explain to them the rules of your fine establishment.

“Listen up, ladies and gentlefluffies! Welcome to your new home!”

“stawwite wub’ nyu housie!”

“am su big housie! ebahgween hab’ bigges’ heawt-happies, tank 'ou daddeh!”

"cheep… wub’ nyu housie… wub daddeh… cheep "

“There’s exactly two rules in here. Rule number one, good poopies go into the litter box!”
You point toward the quite massive litter box in the corner of the room. It was more of a litter area, frankly.

“otay daddeh! stawwite maek gud’ poopies fow daddeh!”

“And rule number two? Why, it’s quite simple… have fun!”

“hehe! daddeh am su siwwy!”

No sooner had you finished explaining the rules, the nearby foals who had previously been playing with their toys were rushing to the newly placed babies to get to know them better.

“nyu fwens?”

“yaaay, nyu fwuffy fwens!”

cheep cheep !”

“fwuffies wan’ pway?”

Aww, what a adorable little buggers. It really had been worth it to get rid of their mother, they turned out so great without her horrible influence. They’d make for great performers, you were sure of it.

Leaving the prodigies to sort themselves out, you head outside through the back door. You had to make sure your VIP was comfortable and ready for the show to start, after all. William would also escort any additional guests into here, most of which were naturally regulars.

Navigating through another short corridor, which was just absolutely loaded with gorgeous paintings of various famous artists, you arrived at a rather grandiose door, on which you knocked gently three times, before opening it.

“Good morning, Maximilian. I do hope I’ve not disturbed your slumber, have you been resting well?”

You enter the room, revealing its many gold-plated ornaments that were practically scattered throughout. In the center stood a large queen-sized bed, which had curtains drawn in all directions, revealing the most beautiful, purple alicorn the world had ever seen before.

"… ehehe… daddeh ish hewe… "

“That I am indeed, my lovely little prince. Ah, I see William brought you your breakfast already. That’s good, I hope the spaghetti was to your liking?”

“… sketti… hehe… fwuffy wuv’ sketti!”

“Don’t I know it, Max.”

You approached the stallion carefully sitting down on the bed beside him, as he was smearing leftover tomato sauce onto his hooves while pushing them into the bowl which had housed his breakfast. It looked majestic, might I add.

“Oh no, looks like you’re drooling again, buddy. We can’t have that, can we?”

You grab your handkerchief and gently clean the fluff atop his chin, removing any unwanted spit from it.

“… ehe… daddeh… wuv’…”

“I love you too, Max.”

As you finish wiping his face, you take a quick peek at the large grandfather clock in the room to be reminded that it’s time for the main event to start soon.

“Alright, are you ready for the show, Max? Daddy got lots of new friends for you to dance with.”

The alicorn radiated with happiness, a big smile beamed across his face.

“dancies! fwuffy wuv’ dancies!”

“I know you do, my lovely little showstopper. You are the best dancer after all.”

Carefully, you grab Maximilian and place him into his carriage, a four-wheeled custom-made stroller that he was transported in whenever he had to leave his room. You made a mental note to yourself to remind William to clean up the dishes as you left.

You continue pushing Max’s carrier past the playroom and toward the entrance to the seats. You held events and dance parties regularly, though rarely with such a large crowd. By now, the guests must’ve arrived as well.

Today was going to be very special, of that you were certain.


Since it’s been a while between this part and the previous, my writing style and fluffy speech might have changed a bit. I hope it’s not too noticeable or bothersome.

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I didn’t notice any extreme changes.
Good to see more of this.

I wish there was more of this =(

It’s nice to hear that, in all honesty there’s more planned out for this, but so many things happened that got into the way of things. I’ll get back to all of my stories in due time, just need to find the time and motivation for it. Glad you enjoyed it, though!