The Pillowfluffer Part 3 [END] - Death Of A Pillowfluff By Transcendenz

Rebekah sat in the chair facing her bosses desk. Her brow was fully furrowed in thought as she was listening to the proposal she was given. It was already late. The impromptu meeting was dragging on. Rebekah sat across from the check shirted and khaki pants wearing CEO of the startup. In other words, Her boss. Greg.

“Look, I’m giving you the option. We need our digital specialist to go out to clients. We’re making a platform and we want to make sure it’s properly integrated with social apps. You are the best person for the job. I can’t send my engineers out alone. They can implement it but you are the only one who knows how to really get it across to customers just how much the platform will means to them”

Rebekah sighed: “I’m not sure I want to be so far away from home. I’m not sure I’m the traveling type. Can’t I do it remotely?”

“I’m afraid not. We need you to be face to face with the clients while it’s being integrated and walk them through. You know It’s not complex but we need to show we are hands on with feedback from the start and let’s face it, the sort of clients we will be getting are not quite computer literate. It will only be a month or two, I promise“

Rebekah groaned at the thought of dealing with the sort of old aged hick who is convinced Google is spying on them, but she had a more pressing concern. “I have someone who depends on me. I can’t just leave them” she answered

Greg sighed and put his fingers to his forehead to soothe his nerves. For all her many flaws, Rebekah was a dedicated worker, better than most of her peers. She just had a bit of an obsession that seeped into her work life, especially as she just saw work as a way to fund her obsession.

“Look Rebekah. You have been an outstanding worker. We were all plenty willing to look past your well, fascination, with your pet and the arguments over it you insisted on continuing with in the workplace, even when HR told you to stop. And I know you are devoted. But we need you as part of this. Ever since you came back from the accident we have been making great strides and your contribution to the team has been significant. Our customer retention has been higher than ever and you know digital platforms inside out before they even exist to the public. We have a huge venture capitalist on the verge of investing into the company once we get the platform into customers hands”

Rebekah looked at her boss’s face. He wasn’t giving up on it. She tried to reason “I have responsibilities here though. I can’t really just leave”

Greg replied in earnest. “You know I wouldn’t ask you to do this as a kindness. We’re prepared to give you a significant raise on your salary plus a performance bonus. You already have your stock options and I assure you if we pull it off those will be worth significantly more. It will only be temporary as well. Just for the first few clients. When you return, we can get you back working remotely from home as well”

Rebekah looked fazed. She didn’t want to leave the house let alone work but the money was tempting. She wouldn’t have to rent her dingy flat. She could get her own house, one with plenty of room. Room for more fluffies. Room for friends for Marshy. Her mind was brought out of it as her boss began to make his final pitch

“Look. It’s not that bad. I never told you but I have fluffies as well. Jack and Jill. Rescues from the shelter. When I have to go on a business trip, I just set their automatic feeder up, set out their toys and set timers on the TV to keep them occupied. When I come back, both are still right as rain. They get spaghetti if they have behaved and haven’t crapped outside the litterbox. If they have, they both get the sorry stick. Once they got used to it, I never had a problem traveling since they get over their separation anxiety fairly quick. I know your pet is um…differently abled, but I’m sure you can find a solution too. I want you to go on home and sleep on it”.

Rebekah nodded and wished good bye as she left the room. She pondered the offer as she made her way home. It was incredibly good pay. The type she could use to fund her own home. She even dreamed of starting up her own pillowfluff business. Free of judgement from the rest of the world.

Rebekah came home to the greetings of her dependent fluffy. Marshy was a pillowfluff. A fluffy with its legs removed. The legs she paid to remove. “The only way a fluffy could be truly happy” as Rebekah would remind everyone in earshot if you asked her. Most employees at her workplace tried to avoid asking her about fluffies after they found out just what she had done for the sake of her fluffies "Love”.

She emptied the full litter box and set a fresh pile out. She smiled as she stroked the fluff on Marshy and sat him on her lap and opened her Macbook. She needed to think about this and get some advice. She logged onto the pillow forums.

Need to travel for work. Only temporary Will Marshy be OK if I leave him for a little while?

A stream of replies came through reassuring her ”Of course they will. A fluffy doesn’t know the concept of time anyway” and ”As long as it has FluffTV to watch it won’t know you are there”. A familiar sight helped her as “LumpOfFluff” posted

Don’t worry. Just make sure you set the timers on his food and the TV. My sweethearts have been fine while I have been away. If anything, absence makes their heart grow fonder :slight_smile:

It was settled in her mind. Marshy could be happy and she could start saving for a new, bigger home. Rebekah left a message on her bosses phone telling him she will discuss the details tomorrow.

Rebekah cooed to the pillowfluff in her lap and spoke to it “Marshy, Mommy has something to tell you. Mommy has to go away for a little while for work. She doesn’t want to but she has to do it for us both”

“B-B-Buh Mawshy wan mummah! Mawshy wuv mummah! Mu wan! Nu wan!”

The fluffy tried not to sob as it coped with the announcement “It’s only for a little while Marshy. You will have the TV and your food and when I get back you can have all the Spaghetti you can eat”

“B-Buh Mawshy miss mummah….” the fluffy sorrowfully moaned

“It’s OK Marshy. When mommy finishes traveling, she’s going to get a bigger house for the both of us. And she might be able to get more fluffies. Would you like that Marshy? Some new friends?”

“Mawshy wub new fwends!” the fluffy piped up with a hint of joy in his voice.

“Good boy. Mommy won’t be long gone and we will both be very happy soon”

Marshy was happy. He was in his nice warm bed.

But mummah was going away for a while

He was a bit sad mummah was going to be away a while.

But other fluffies! He loved other fluffies! He can’t wait to see them. Only a few bright times more!

But marshy felt a little unwell.

He had the itchies on his belly

Sometimes his little mind would just stop and go blank for a moment

Sometimes his body would just shake a little

Marshy didn’t know why.

He hoped they would go away soon

Rebekah groaned as she felt the sweltering heat of Georgia. Her first travel experience didn’t go well. Her luggage was lost. She witnessed a taxi hit a fluffy desperate to get across the hot street for water. She was convinced the engineers were staring at her butt at the hotel bar the night before. And the business they were working with was a Baptist online store that called fluffies “Abominations unto god” and sold “Blessed Divine bats” with an imprinted portrait of “Jesus” designed to “Smite abominations on your lawn”.

All she could repeat to herself was “Hold your tongue. This is an important contract”. She wanted to give them a piece of her mind how her fluffy was special and the complete opposite. But she held it. She had to do it. The stakes were too important. She was doing it for Marshy after all.

She thought about a new house and a gaggle of chattering pillowfluffs as the bible thumper lectured the team about the “devils” online and how he hoped the new platform would drive away those “devils” telling him god doesn’t exist. Whatever, he deserved to be trolled. She wasn’t a fedora tipper but hated anyone dictating to others how to live their lives and forcing their beliefs on her. She tapped away at his tablet, carefully explaining the details so she wouldn’t have to repeat herself.

Marshy didn’t feel well at all

The itchies were getting worse.

His mind was getting even fuzzier

He started shaking a lot more.

He almost made bad poopies once

The day was so slow and the nights so warm. He could barely drink his water or eat his kibble

He hoped mummah was coming home soon…

Rebekah came home and greeted the white bundle of fluff. “I missed you so much” as she petted the fluffy shouting “Mummah! on a loop. She immediately went to the counter to fix him up some spaghetti. An unwanted vibration came through her pocket as a text came through from her boss “Sorry about that. V.Important client. Word of mouth is crucial in some areas. You will get used to travel”. Rebekah sighed as she read it. She can reply later. She had a fluffy to feed.

Marshy started shaking in her lap. “Poor guy must have been missing me so long” she figured as she flipped open the laptop. She could check some emails while the pasta boiled up. She missed her little ball of fluff so much and petted his shaking frame to try soothe him. Soon a familiar yet potent and disgusting smell emanated from the room. She looked down to find the shaking fluffy dropped a small log of shit into her lap.


Rebekah held the shaking fluffy in her hand and put him into the sorry box.

“What has gotten into my Marshy” she pondered as she changed her clothes. She came back out and sat back down at the laptop she asked the pillow forums a question that was on her mind “Came back home to Marshy. Shook in my hands then crapped on me. Any problems?”.

He’s probably just shaking with excitement and lost his bowel control. I wouldn’t worry. Fluffies do that when really overjoyed.

You are lucky they didn’t die of joy (This can happen). He will get used to it when you come back often

Don’t be too hard on him. Just missed you a lot. They are so dependent on you. It will only take a little while for him to get used to it

She leaned back in the chair. He can stay in the sorry box for shitting on her for a little while. But then he can come out again later when he calmed down. Let him chill out a while with one of her candles

Marshy screamed for mummah inside the scary box!

He needed her help!

He didn’t feel well at all!

He didn’t know why he was shaking and trashing his stumpies in her lap.

It was almost as if they were moving on their own

He couldn’t tell her, it was like his mouth was stuck!

And she threw him in the sorry box for bad poopies!

He didn’t know he was making poopies!

Why would mummah do that and why would she give him the sorry smells again?

Rebekah spent the next few days running between the office and home. She only got to spend a small time with Marshy each day. She gave him some spaghetti the night before after he was pulled out of the sorry box but he seemed to labor on it than devour it like he used to. Poor fluff wore himself out so much he was asleep most of the time she was home. Next stop was Cleveland. Plenty of businesses trying to start up again after the after math of the “Skettiland incident”.

Rebekah said her goodbyes to Marshy as she left for the airport and the fluff tried to keep in his sobbing.

The city of Cleveland seemed a ghost town more than usual. The odd feral still skittered about in the empty spaces where houses would be but the wounds of “The Skettiland incident” still existed. Many people had moved away, just to get away from the stench of the city. Rebekah’s client on the outskirts was part of the rebuilding efforts and needed an online presence. It was almost haunting in a way though. So many fluffy lives lost due to a demented ad campaign with a unicorn in a fur suit. Anyway, The client was an exterminator and collection agency. Ferals would still make their way to Cleveland. Fluffies don’t have the internet, after all. They needed someone to sort out the runaways from the ferals, exterminate the rest then return the runaways home.

Rebekah mused to herself about how “Skettiland” was really just a money making ploy by a crooked business as she directed the head of the company around the platform. They wanted to use it for databasing runaways and notifying the owners via social media. If only they knew how to keep fluffies really happy like she did. They didn’t need a “Skettiland”. They just need someone like her who made sure they had no reason to run away.

What they needed was a happy home. Rebekah waited at the airport for her flight. Her bank account was growing as promised. She even browsed a few real estate sites. Thinking of potential homes. Homes for her and Marshy.

Marshy felt very very bad.

He was losing his mind every day.

Sometimes his stumpies would start moving on their own and his body would get shakies

Even the tee bee couldn’t help him

All those happy fluffies, running around. He wished they could just jump out and hug him.

But he missed his mummah most of all. She could hug him better again. Hugs fixed everything.

Marshy’s started shaking worse as the days wore on

He even made sickie wawa’s.

Mummah had to come home, and soon. He needed her to save him from the sickies.

Rebekah arrived at the home once more. Marshy greeted her with not as much excitement as before. She walked over to see what was wrong. “Awww. My poor dear got sick” as she picked him up and rubbed the poor mumbling fluff as she fixed up some spaghetti. It only remained half eaten as Marshy seemed to prefer to go to sleep. She fired up the laptop and once again asked the pillow forums about the fluff’s illness

Might have just been an upset stomach. If he looks fine, he’s fine

Could be a bout of the flu. Just keep an eye on him him while you are at home

Rebekah stroked the sickly white fluff as she checked her email. She got a high priority one from Greg.

“Need you in Texas in tomorrow. Need to firefight unhappy client. Really sorry. Will give you some paid time off when you get back next week to make up for it”

Rebekah agonised. Marshy was sick. But she needed that money as she was so. It was only a night. There was nothing she could do with a fluffy flu except let it pass over anyway. Like hell she’s going to a vet to get chewed out for owning a pillowfluff. She knew a vet that didn’t ask questions. But she didn’t need her. She knew her Marshy inside out

Vets are oppressive assholes. Will keep an eye on him, give him some coconut water out of my homeopath kit into his water bottle and give him a break from food while I’m gone she replied.

Next morning she took her travel bag and headed out the door. Marshy was asleep. She gave him the slightest of pets and whispered “Be good for mommy” as she exited the door.

Marshy was scared. So scared.

His body couldn’t stop shaking

His belly hurt so much. Even moving put him in pain

That night. He really started shaking.

He rolled around and trashed about

He couldn’t stop himself! His brain went numb

He chriped like a foal

He chirped for his mummah

“Marshy, I’m home” Rebekah called out as she entered the door. She was annoyed and exhausted. Turned out the client in Texas never actually switched on the client in the first place which is why it never connected. They wasted her time and she wasn’t amused having to leave her unwell fluffy behind in the first place. At least she had the time off next week to look after Marshy.

Rebekah noticed the silence in the air. She didn’t hear anything from Marshy. “Lazy fluff” Rebekah thought as she walked over to the bed on the desk expecting to see an adorable fluffy snoring away. What she found was completely different

Fluff was scattered around the bed and the desk. The bed was almost tipped over. A wheezing Marshy covered in snot, vomit and shit groaned in obvious pain as it shuddered.

Marshy’s eyes opened and looked at his mother with great sadness. He opened his mouth and the only noise coming out of his mouth


Rebekah’s face instantly went pure white as she grabbed the unwell fluffy into her arms. She shook as she ran into the shower to clean him off then placed him down in her lap as she opened her laptop up. She needed help, now


Are you sure he’s not looking for attention?

Just put him in the sorry box. He’s obviously getting destructive waiting for you

Just let him ride it out. A vet will yell at you for having a pillowfluff. Hasbio designed their immune systems to automatically get better

Rebekah panicked! Her angel was sick and shaking in her lap

Suddenly a text arrived on her phone from a familiar friend

“Remember the vet we went to to get them spayed? Go. Now. I’m sorry but you need them.”

Rebekah ran out with the carrier in a blind panic. She needed to get to the vet as soon as possible. It was too far to walk or even run. Taking a train might be too late. She hailed down a taxi, and tried to explain. The taxi driver took one look at the travel cage and yelled at her.

“Damn crazy woman! I’m not taking your goddamn shitrat. NO FLUFFIES!”

The Taxi sped off as she closed the door and sobbed again. She tried to frantically wave down a taxi. Her efforts were noticed as another yellow car pulled up to the pathway.

She opened the door “PLEASE I NEED TO GET TO THE VET”

“Well shit, Hop in. If he shits in here you pay for it though”

Rebekah almost leapt into the car.

“Its OK. I have one of em’ too. Just relax and I’ll take you there. Just, seriously. Make sure it doesn’t shit in here”

The drive seemed like an eternity as the taxi driver tried to calm her down with tales of his own mischievous fluffy getting stuck behind a fridge. Rebekah couldn’t keep calm though. She fidgeted in her seat belt. After arriving to the vet, Rebekah tossed some bills to the driver in the rush to get out while shouting “Keep the change” as the taxi driver shook his head and counted them. Rebekah burst through the clinic’s doors in a panic and almost screeched for the doctor. The receptionist took one look at the shivering fluffy and immediately called out the vet on the clock. She got lucky. Same one that spayed Marshy was the one she got tonight. She quickly was rushed into the vet’s surgery with the carrier.

The vet gently took the chirping fluffy out of the carrier and started to look it over. Rebekah went pure white as she looked at her angel.

Suddenly the vet stepped away and moved close to Rebekah.

Marshy started to shake violently on the table, thrashing his stumps around and laying on his side

He began to chirp violently as the seizure took hold of his tiny brain




“Mommy’s here! Mommy’s here!” Rebekah cried out as the vet held her. Rebekah watched helplessly as the fluff thrashed and rolled about, unable to stop his body from rebelling against his mind and wiggling his stumps in a frenzy. Foam started pouring out of the fluffy’s mouth as it gagged and wheezed and chirped in a violent maelstrom.

The fluff’s seizure ended after what seemed like an eternity. Marshy wheezed and chirped softly on the table like a newborn looking for milk.

The vet quickly ushered a distressed and upset Rebekah out and into her offices and sat her down. The vet took a breath and tried to explain while holding Rebekah’s hand “I’m not going to judge you. You know that since you were sent here by the forum. A lot of pillowfluff owners get sent here and I know that forum too. I’m not an “Oppressive asshole” like the others. So you are OK here. I’m not going to yell at you. I’m not going to tell anyone. I’m just going to help, OK.”

Rebekah sniffed back her tears and pulled back her wet hair as she nodded in acknowledgement

“Let me just take a look at him alone. What’s his name”

“Marshy, his name is Marshy” Rebekah blurted out.

“Thats OK. Just call me Dr. Black by the way”

Rebekah played on her phone as she agonisingly waited for the result. The wallpaper of her smiling fluff from better times smiled back at her. She choked back her tears as she awaited the fate of her fluffy.

Dr. Black re-entered the room sometime later. She had a dour look on her face

“I’m very sorry. It’s not good news. I’m afraid he seemed to pick up some bedsores. They are very common in pillowfluffs. Your poor little guy had a small open bed sore on his stomach, probably didn’t move a lot in his bed. Unfortunately it got infected and the infection that has spread to his brain which is causing him seizures. The next one might kill him. And even then, they have destroyed his mind. He’s in a foal like state now and the brain is likely too damaged to even be derped. When I tried to talk to him, he could only chirp at me."

"I’m sorry. I know pillows usually don’t get shots because the owners are uncomfortable around vets. Higher chance of infection I’m afraid”

The poop in her lap. The awkward behavior. The vomiting. He was incredibly sick and she didn’t know it. Rebekah sobbed into her hands as she got the news. She knew Marshy. He was acting up but it was always for her attention. He even tried to protect her from “A munstah” one time despite his lack of legs. How could she be so wrong? She was always right.

Dr. Black took her hand again. “I’m so sorry but the only option I can offer is to put him to sleep or let you take him home. If you do take him he will surely die in the next 24 to 48 hours as the seizures will get worse and eventually kill him. We can end his suffering now.”

Rebekah agonized and finally came back with a tearful reply. The only responsible decision she made of her ownership of Marshy

“I want you to put him to sleep”

Dr. Black “That’s OK. You are doing a good thing for him. We can both be there for him. Come with me”

The fluffy chirped in distress on the table as they both re-entered. Dr. Black went to the cabinet and prepared the euthanasia kit as Rebekah cried and stroked the fluffy on the table…

“I’m so sorry Marshy. I love you. I will always love you” she sobbed into the wiggling fluffy’s dense fluff

“As soon as I’ve injected him you can pick him up again and he’ll start to fade. Just hold him tight and keep him comfortable. I’ll leave you in here for a few minutes alone afterwards” Dr. Black explained as she held the needle in her hand.

Rebekah winced as the vet poked the needle into the base of the fluffies neck eliciting only a mild chirp and injected the fatal fluid. Dr. Black gently handed over the fluffy to the distraught girl as she exited the room “Keep a hold of him till he goes”

“I love you, I love you, I love you….” Rebekah repeated as the fluffies chirps slowly began to fade away in her arms.

Marshy’s stumps wiggled for the final time. His eyes opened and looked in his teary eyed mummah’s eyes. In the one last part of his brain that could think, only one thought came to mind

Marshy loved his mummah too.

He wished he could say it to her as the world faded to black

Rebekah wailed and held the corpse close “You are a good fluffy! The best fluffy” she cried over and over. The heart rate faded in her hand and the gentle wheezing came to a stop. It was over. Marshy was no longer of this world.

Rebekah put the dead fluffy corpse on the table as she tried to cope with the fact this was the last time she would see him.

Rebekah took out her phone and snapped one last picture of Marshy’s warm corpse on the table. She could almost make out a smile on his small lifeless face.

She broadcast it to the world over all her social media accounts.

My Angel has gone to Skettiland #PillowfluffsAreHappyFluffs

Rebekah arrived home and shook on the couch. The vet told her the bill would be in the post and not to worry about it now. She took the train back. She didn’t care she looked upset. Nothing mattered to her. They had to take Marshy’s body for incineration. State law meant infected animals had to be incinerated and she couldn’t even keep his ashes. She tried pouring out some vodka to calm her nerves. It couldn’t help at all.

She looked over at the bed of fluff on her desk. It was like a hole in her heart. Her best friend was now gone. The messages of condolence on her phone and online couldn’t bring him back to life. They couldn’t repair the sadness in her heart. A great flame war raged as the pillowfluffers made their condolences while the trolls chastised her for taking the legs of her fluffy in the first place. She didn’t care.

Rebekah started to doubt herself

Maybe if she didn’t remove his legs

Maybe if she took him to a vet to get his shots

Maybe if she didn’t listen to other people

Maybe if she didn’t declare herself the expert all the time

Maybe she was the problem.

Rebekah wailed and cried. She hated herself for crying.

She knew Marshy hated it when she cried.

Rebekah smiled as she fixed up the picture frame on her wall. Her boss was good for his word. The company was invested into and her portfolio skyrocketed six months later. She was even able to leave the company and set up her own consultancy from home. Her efforts got her quickly in demand. She was able to afford a small house outside the city. Quiet enough for her to gather her thoughts and one with a spare room big enough to be the perfect safe room.

Rebekah didn’t pick up any new fluffy afterwards. Marshy was never replaceable. She left the pillow community and resigned her post as moderator. She couldn’t bring herself to give advice. Even the sight of any fluffy upset her for a while. Every time she was reminded of Marshy. She couldn’t take it. All she wanted to do was to make them happy. She made Marshy happy until he was ill. She had thought about it for the longest time. She researched. She agonised over fluffy psychology books. She wrote to experts in all communities. Legged, de-legged, even the derp community. She needed to know just what made fluffies happy. She didn’t want a new fluffy until she was absolutely sure.

But now she was ready. She could take in some fluffy friends. Give them the warmth and love they needed. Give them space, raise them right. Make them truly happy. Make her truly happy.

She opened her laptop and browsed around. She had a lot of space and needed a new friend or two to help her occupy the house. She logged on to find the local shelter was waiving adoption fees for the day this weekend. A perfect way to start fresh. Give some fluffies that would never have a life a chance at a fresh start just like her. No need to get one from a breeder. She could do this by herself. She was confident.

She clicked on a few links and readied herself for the new arrivals. The best Toys, the best quality kibble, a fluffyTV designed for safe rooms with on and off buttons. New Sorry boxes and sorry sticks. The fluffs she got will be the best looked after fluffs in the world. Not spoiled, but treated right. All on the way and all ready to be set up for her new friends

Just then, she heard the doorbell ring off. The delivery van outside the window tipped her off. Her package had arrived.

“Got a delivery for Rebekah, sign here please” the delivery man announced as Rebekah eagerly signed for the box

Rebekah put the box on the table and opened up its contents like a child on Christmas morning. After the box was unpacked. It’s contents were everything she desired. The key to making happy fluffs.

Electric Fluffy Stumper Pro read the bold black letters on the box

She looked up at the picture frame again. A smiling Marshy greeted her back. She would make her angel proud. She was going to do it right this time. Do it right for Marshy. She would make those fluffies love her just as much as Marshy.

She was going to make a lot of fluffies very happy fluffies.

Pillowfluffs ARE happy fluffs.


Y’know, I ALMOST felt bad for Rebekah. It seemed that she did love Marshy, in an abusive, misguided, fucked up kinda way (like how Thanos loved Gamora despite being a shitty father) and seeing her suffer because he was in pain and nearly, NEARLY understanding that she was the reason why had me hoping that she’d see the light from the bottom of her hellpit and save herself.

But nope, she turned back to the darkness and crawled in deeper, staying in the comfort of her echo chamber rather than face the truth that she’s a fucking moron.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It’s a very realistic end. Sunk costs make admitting you’re wrong very difficult. The implication that she’d help ruin so many fluffy lives while thinking it was the best thing for them works be INCREDIBLY difficult to accept.

Great series @Transcendenz . As someone who lives ina place both with a hippie type population and a modern pop “natural” movement? Where the left and right come together on anti-vax, homeopathic treatments, etc? This reasonated with me.


Side note: it’s easy to hate her. I get it. That’s what she’s there for. But I think only hating her is a missed opportunity. What things do we as individuals hold onto unquestioning, even in the face of contrary evidence?

What are our “pillow fluff” issues?

Where are we like the Pillowfluffer?

If the answer is “nothing” and “nowhere,” you should be a little skeptical of yourself and revisit later.


Not just misguided, but willfully ignorant. She’s going to hell.

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Satan: “You get to choose your punishment for today, Josef. You either have to spend 24 hours listening to a homeopathic anti-vaccine pillowfluffer explain their worldview while you can’t say anything to contradict them or-”
Josef: “-The other thing!”
Satan: “The other thing is 24 hours of crotch-stabbing.”


“On a scale of 1-10, how often will she use the phrase ‘Natural Remedies’?”

“About an 8.”

“Pass me the knife.”


Josef wakes up. It’s dark and smells like lemon incense. Somehow he knows he’s not just Josef but also someone named Marshy.


Oh man she’s doubly uninformed, I bet she’s the type to chug horse de-wormer

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y’know, I’m actually happy with this ending. And I mean, if she really read up and prepared, pillowfluffs can be happy fluffs (at least in my hc) and maybe, just maybe she isn’t as ignorant and stupid as she seems


goodbye, marshy


this has been empirically proven to be false by the way, dont say this to someone.

rebekah may be the most clueless person on this site (fictional or not) and that is FUCKIN SAYING SOMETHING


Thanks. While people think of anti-modern medicine for the series. The main inspiration was “Internet Clout is a drug and a self fulfilling destructive behavior”. Now this was maybe six years ago when I conceived it. But it’s the constant needing of reassurance of an online dominated society I thought most of when writing it. The need to be constantly “Liked” for doing something even though it’s terrible and destructive was a big theme.


i feel like that message has only gotten more relevant

Self-aware wolf Rebekah.

wow! i HATE this bitch, haha!

Really good work!