The rules are the rules pt2 by xnvmxx

Jack wakes up and heads to the saferoom he has already plans for this smarty and her babys but he wanted to wait until they were talkie foals so he could have even more fun. Jack spoke “good morning fluffy how was your sleep?” Of course the fluffy being the prick she is said “sweep was fien nyu daddeh bu me am su hungwy make nummies nao!!!” Holy shit jack wanted to rip her spine out so badly. He made some cheap spaghetti shit that he found online and gave it to the smarty which he named bubblegum. The fluffy ate the spaghetti quite quickly and then started feeding her babys with they quickly latched onto her teats. Jack spoke “your babys look pretty hungry!” Bubblegum snorted “dummeh daddeh babbehs nu get nummies yet tiww many bwite time ago!” Oh damn that sucks for you. Josh was getting tired. He wanted to abuse them but wanted to wait till the foals could talk but then all the sudden josh heard “peep mummah!” Perfect fucking timing. Josh grabbed bubblegum and started to walk to the bathroom. Bubblegum protested “Wet smawty down nao! fwuffy wanna gib nummies tu fwuffy’s babys!” Jack walked into the bathroom room. He had bleach clorox and other stuff on the counter. He set bubblegum down and grab the foals. He took one foal and soaked it in bleach it atarted squirming “PEEP MUMMAH HEWP WOWSTEST BUNWIE OWIES!!!” jack laughed. He grabbed the second foal and started attach a tube to the fluffys poopie place and started to put the tube into the foals mouth and then squished the foal. The foal started shitting like mad and the shit started flowing into its mouth choking it. By the time he grabbed the 3rd foal he ran out of ideas so he just snapped its neck. He then took bubble gum filled her with bleach and started to choke her and then she died due to asphyxiation. Thx for reading!!!