The Slayer and the Alicorn: Chapter 2 (Story by FalloutToonLink)

Link didn’t know where he was. He found himself in a infinite black limbo. No light to be see. He walked around the limbo until he saw a familiar face, a female anthro rabbit. Daisy. He ran to her but stopped when he saw the shape of Davoth, the Dark Lord himself. Davoth grabbed Daisy by the throat and lifted her up in the air. Link ran as fast as he can to save her, but Daisy and Davoth were growing farther and farther away. And then as Daisy called out to Link, Davoth plunged a sword through her chest. “DAISY!!!” Link screamed as he awoke from the nightmare. He was hot and sweaty from the. It was only a dream Link assured himself, but it looked so really. Link had trauma involving the death of Daisy, his adoptive sister. During the first demonic invasion of Earth, Daisy was killed and turned into one of the possessed. Link had to put her down in order to free her soul and that caused Link to feel guilt for having to do that, but it was the only way. This traumatic experience let to his hatred to demons and all of hell and also led to him becoming the Doom Slayer. Link got out of bed to check up on Storm to see if she wasn’t woken up by his scream. Thankfully, Storm was still asleep. Link started thinking and decided to sign Storm up for one of those Fluffy daycares tomorrow. Maybe she would make some friends there. Link tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. Despite being an mortal turned Immortal god, he still needed sleep. But it has been hard get sleep because of the reccuring nightmare he has been having. So after many failed attempts to go back to sleep, Link decided to started the day and went to go wake up Storm. “Good morning Storm!” said Link. “Mownin Daddeh!” said Storm as she yawned. “Let’s head to the kitchen so I can make us some breakfast.” said Link. “Otay Daddeh.” Said Storm. Storm trotted out of her little bed to Link and they walked down to the kitchen. Link poured some kibble into Storm’s food bowl. Link check Storm’s nose to see if the nosebleed had stopped, which it had. “Are you able to smell or breathe through your nose?” asked Link. Storm nodded. Just as Link went to go get something from the fridge, something in him tried to crawl itself out. Sparks of energy emanated from his body and he felt as if he was about to go berserk. Link tried to calm himself down. After sometime he calmed down. Storm became scared and worried about her daddeh. “Is Daddeh otay?” Storm asked. “Yeah… I am. I just had a headache is all.” said Link, which was a lie but fluffies don’t know the difference between truths and lies. After that incident, the rest of the morning was uneventful.

To be continued in Chapter 3.