The thrill of the fight (swiftbitches)

This is Brute’s father, Bruno. Yes I do intend to stick with the B names. You may also notice he looks a lot like one of my other characters…

Now for the big reveal…Shark, Scotty and Brute are all related! Bruno is Shark and Scotty’s uncle :))

Bonnie first got into fluffy fighting when she needed to pay off some loans and since the fighter fluffies were too expensive she simply went out and found a feral. This feral was a large pink unicorn toughie that loved to smash things and she named her Valentine. Valentine was soon crippled and couldn’t fight any longer so she bought a fluffy bred to fight and it was Bruno.

She still has Valentine and Bruno but no longer participates in fighting as she inherited her father’s exterminator business.


Nao, fwuffy teww ‘ou what,
Fwuffy wike ya an’ fwuffy wan’ ya,
Nao we can do dis dah easy way, ow we can do it dah hawd way.

Dah choice am youws.


So Bruno is a fluffy version of The Booty Warrior :rofl:


Kinda surprised his wings are still intact considering he is a pit fighter.

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wizen up tu da chawange ob owa wibles!

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Yeah, Bruno is really proud of his wings and would probably prefer to lose his balls over his wings lol