The Tortoise and the hare (Carniviousduck)


I love the teeth on the hare fluffy ^w^


The winner gets sketties out of a bag.
The loser 50 lashes from the sorry stick on their special place.
And go !

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Unless these are pedigree racing fluffies, they will probably get themselves killed along the way.

Here is hoping.

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Wait, no. I’m giving them too much credit. They will both die from heart attacks while blasting out scawdy-poopies when the starter pistol fires.

For real though, this is adorable.


The tortoise and the hare and the carnivorous duck.

The first two racers start out together. It should take a fluffy about fifteen minutes to complete the course, assuming it doesn’t dawdle, get lost, or forget what it is doing.

The duck starts off ten minutes after the fluffies, and usually takes about five minutes to run the course. Unless one or both fluffies haven’t finished the course yet.

Either way, the race ends when the duck crosses the finish line, or when the duck is the only one left.

The fluffies are not told they will be racing against the duck.

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More like the duck wil either eat them or ravage them.

Shhh, you’ll spoil the surprise.

Edit: also, porque no los dos? Not to imply anything about our own beloved Carnivorous Duck, but certain duck species aren’t hugely picky about their sexual partners being, y’know, alive.

Thats why you keep a heater handy for their thighs

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Yeah but would they wanna fuck their own food ?

I think the race will just escalate into huggy-tag halfway along the course.

Ducks, man. I wouldn’t put nothing past a duck.

That’s why the duck races too. They’ll knock that shit off right quick when they see ol’ Toothy waddling up.

Me neither, especially not a fluffy flesh eating one.

Honestly, the hare costume looks more like a donkey costume.

Was that an avenged sevenfold reference!?

Hihi! Just love the cultural reference!