Tinkerer [by pyrofireflame12]

This story is a character introduction and an abuse story at the same time. He may show up in the future.

A screen whirrs to life, as a cage is the center focus. The streaming site was popular for abusers, the kind of shit you would see on it was glorious. Only the best of the best were allowed to, and the Tinkerer was a different story.

The Tinkerer is a man of unknown origin, he wears a mask whenever he appears on the site, and uses a voice changing device. He seems to have a fascination with steampunk fiction, as his lab has been made to mimic it. All of his personal made gear is made to fit this theme, yet he also is famous for other things.

He provides commissions for people, you could get ahold of them and he could make anything you want. His most valuable object was a sorry-stick made from various precious materials, the fluffy psychology made them constantly see it as pretty, even when being damaged by it.

You look back at the screen. Footsteps are heard, and the Tinkerer appears. Wearing the same freakish mask, you can tell he’s grinning below it.

“Hello my loyal fans! Today will be another wonderful EXCITING tale, of fluffies!” The Tinkerer was always sort of a madman. He unlatches the cage, and allows the fluffies to step out. A mare with pink fluff and a blue mane waddles out, with a pissed look on her face. A fat, pink foal with a yellow mane is on her back, as a red foal with a white mane, and a blue foal with a brown mane walk behind. The tinkerer shoves his face into the screen.

“Oh what a joy! I found this family outside my lab today. Of course, the poor beaten, broken brown foal was allowed to live, given to a shelter. I just have such a soft spot for them! But now the REAL FUN BEGINS!”

He walks back and shows himself to the mare. She immediately starts yelling.

“DUMMEH HOOMIN! GIF SKETTIES NAO-” The tinker giggles, grabs a long pole. You don’t know how the hell he did it, but he managed to make the pole have a secondary option, pressing a button turned it into a mace. Yet that was the least of his inventions. He goes easy, and doesn’t use the vicious spiked end. Bringing the pole down like the hammer of thor, a cracking noise rings out as the mares leg is bent at an awkward angle.


“Oh come on! We’re just starting!” The chat is going wild already, begging for more violence. The tinkerer walks off, the mare still screaming, and comes back, slamming down something with so much force the family shits themselves. You look up, and silently laugh to yourself. It’s his prized collection of various chemicals and mixtures. He takes a syringe, and dips it into one of the vials. Extracting the liquid, he leaves the syringe in, and pins the mare to the ground. Taking a nearby pillowing frame, he straps her in it.

“Wet bestest mummah gu wight NAO!” He pays her no mind, as he takes out a large wooden plank, and pins the bestest babbeh on it. With his free hand, he grabs a box of nails and a hammer. Before the bestest can protest, he nails it to the board by the dick.


The chat is screaming, as money flies in. He positions the mare to have her ass aimed directly at the foal. Then he takes the syringe.

“This, my loyal fans, is an injection I came up with. I have recently learned how to trigger the various actions a fluffy may take using chemicals, and this will trigger their ‘sorry poopies’! However, a dose this big is guaranteed to have… unwanted amounts. In this case, it is wanted!” He grabs the mare, and jams the syringe into her neck. And slowly the liquid enters her body. The tinkerer quickly scrambles, and sets up a makeshift wall.

“Owwies… poopie pwace haf wowstest owwies! OWWIES!” The mare screams and cries, as an endless torrent of shit sprays out of her.

“SCREEEEEEE! WAI MUMMAH GIFIN BESTEST BABBEH SOWWY POOPIES! AM BESTE-” What can be described next is the sound of gurgling and crying, as the foal desperately tries to spit out the foul liquid. However, his survival instinct tells him it wont end for a while, and he starts to swallow it to save himself. The tinkerer is cackling like a serial killer at this point. The cycle goes on for about five minutes straight, and the mare is a peeping mess.

“owwies… wowstest chirp poopie pwace owwies… peep mummah sabe babbeh…”


“Oh? You want milkies little fluffy?”

“YESH! GIF NAO!” His spirit still isn’t broken, but being completely bathed in shit definitely helped.

“Then get to your mummah! She will give you the bestest milkies!”

The foal screams as he forgets his mutilated dick is stuck.

“Owwies! Meanie no-no stick wet gu!”

The Tinkerer is busy setting up a device, and presses a button. Barking and Hissing fill the air, as he shouts over it to explain. “This device will simulate attacks from feral animals!”

“SCREEEEEEEEEE! BAWKIE MUNSTAH! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NO-NO STICK HUWTIES! OWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIEEEES!” He completely tears his dick off running away, and huddles into his mothers fluff. He switches the device off, and lets the mare out of the pillowing frame. Propping her up, the foal begins to suckle with greed. He watches in silent anticipation. The foal finishes, popping the teat out of his mouth. Until he’s grabbed by the tinkerer.

“You wanted milkies, right? Well have some MORE!” He shoves the foals mouth onto the teat, and squeezes it with so much force you think he’s going to tear it off. The foal chokes and tries to spit it out, but realizes it’s better to accept it, and cries as he drinks it. The milk is drained, and he looks at the tinkerer. “owwies… tummeh owwies… pwease nu mowe…”

“SHUT UP!” He bursts out in rage, and tears the mares teat off instantly.


He throws the bloody tear into a garbage can, and proceeds to force feed the mares milk from the other teat into the foals mouth, as he visibly begins to inflate. After this is done, he tears the other teat off, cauterizes it with a soldering iron, and lets the foal breathe.

“Owwies! Wowstest tummeh huwties! Mummah gif huggies NAO!” He’s defiant until the cork is shoved up his ass. Wordlessly, the tinkerer straps him in a foal sized pillow frame. He places him on a small device.

“This, my fans, is a device designed to rapidly spin a fluffy, foal or adult! Guaranteed vomiting!”

Pressing the button, a whirring noise is heard, as the foal screeches in fear.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE! MUMMAH HEWP! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWP! URK- NU FEEW PWETTY! MUMMAAH HEWP BESTEST BABBEH-” The foal begins to vomit up half digested milk in a spiral, splattering the area around it. The endless stream sends everything up, and the machine shows mercy and slows down. He lets the weak foal out, and it chirps for its mother, who can’t do anything but cry about her scars that used to be her teats.

“Those two can have a short break. Now it’s THESE TWO!” He jumps at the two foals that were left to the side, shaking in terror.

“P-pwease nu huwties! Babbeh am sowwy! Nu knyo wha babbeh du bu’ wiww nebah du 'gain!”

The tinkerer laughs, and straps a device to the fluffy’s head. You look at it closer, and it looks like a recreation of a Saw trap. He confirms your suspicions.

“This is a recreation of the reverse beartrap! Oh how I love the Saw movies. They gave me so much inspiration!”

He turns to the un-trapped foal. “Now listen closely! You will have to make a choice. Either you instantly give your sister forever sleepies, or you have to save her! But I must warn you, you might get the worstest hurties EVER!” His sudden outburst caused the foal to jump back. The foal weighs its options.

If it lives and it’s sister dies, then it might be able to live! Get sketties, a special friend, a new daddeh, all of it! But then his sister was going to go forever sleepies! But… sketties!

“Gif sissy fowebah sweepies.” The tinkerer laughs, as the foal has a look of horror and betrayal on her face.


The device slowly starts to move. The screaming turns into gagging and choking, as the foal tries to plead. Then, in one quick motion, it’s head snaps in half, as the bear trap finishes it’s motion. Blood sprays everywhere, and the living foal is babbling to itself about spaghetti. The tinkerer puts on a glove. He looks at the camera, whispering.

“Normal abusers flick fluffies harder than they should. But it’s boring! This is the REAL SHIT!” The tinkerer bends his finger in a flicking motion, as you hear metal creaking and groaning. Aiming for the foals leg, he legs go, as a sharp noise hits the air, and the foals leg is completely blown off.


“Oh shut up! You killed your sister in cold blood, why should you cry over it?”

“B-bu babbeh tink dat mistah wet fwuffy gu! Den haf nyu daddeh, sketties an speciaw fwe-”

“DO YOU THINK YOUR SISTER DIDN’T WANT THOSE?” He slams his hand on the table, and the foal has a look of shock on his face.



“OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T!” The tinkerer stops, and he breathes out slowly. You hear him muttering ‘breathing exercises’ as the foal contemplates on what was said.


The tinkerer laughs again, the rage gone already. He places the suicidal foal in front of it’s mother.

“Go on! Do it!”

“D-du wha’?” The mare asks.

“You’re a good mother aren’t you? Then give him what he wants!”

“B-bu bestest mummah nu wan gif babbeh fowebah sweepies!”

“Oh, you don’t? What a shame…” He grabs the soldering iron from before, and begins to slowly drive it into the bestest babbehs hoof.


The mare looks on in horror, and raises her hoof to pulverize the foal. The tinkerer grabs her leg.

“Oh no, it’s not that easy. Eat the foal!”

“W-wha? B-bu’-”

EAT!” The mare shits herself in terror, and grabs the foal in her mouth.

“Huuhuuu… am sowwy babbeh… bu’ bestest am bettah.” Her blocky teeth grind the foal into crushed meat, as it screams the whole way. She swallows it, and starts crying and gagging.

“Huu huuu… am wowstest mummah ebah…”

The tinkerer fakes a yawn. “Oh well, I’m getting quite tired. Let’s finish this.” He grabs the pole from before, and it extends into a mace. He instantly brings it down on the bestest babbeh, and he explodes like a grenade of gore.

“BESTEST BABBEH! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! HATCHU MEANIE MUNSTAH! HATCHU! HATCHUUUUU!” Silent, the tinkerer slams the mace down onto her back, instantly crushing her spine and shredding the lower half of her body.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OWWIES! WOWSTEST HUWTIES!” And for the next 10 seconds, he relentlessly bashes her head in, over and over again. Covered in blood, brains and bone fragments, he walks up to the camera, and simply switches it off.