"Too innocent" (Part 7) by:MightyMorphinFluffy

You wake up…next to daddeh? How? You were under your bed when you went to sleep last darktime. That doesn’t matter. You’re just excited to go to daycare and see Selina and your other friends. You wake daddy up and tell him that it’s time to take you to daycare.

“daddeh daddeh daddeh daddeh! It time tu take Geowge to daycawe!” You say excitedly as you tap your hooves against his back and pull the covers off of him with your teeth.

Daddy wakes up and you tell him again.

“Daddeh pwease take Geowge tu daycawe! Wan go pway wit Sewina an oddew fwiends!” You beg.

“Oh shit! I forgot! Okay come on buddy. I’ll bring some fruit mix for you to eat at daycare.” He says as he swiftly puts on some better clothes and picks you up. He takes you into the kitchen and grabs a packet of fruit mix.

20 minutes later you arrive at daycare and daddy takes you in. He gives the nice lady at the counter the packet and asks her to give it to you. You get in the room and see your friends in the corner playing with blocks. You crawl towards them and say hi before watching them stack the blocks as high as they can.

“Hey George I got your food ready for you. Here you go buddy.” The nice lady says to you as she sits your food down next to ou.

“Tank ou nice wady! Geowge am vewy hungwy.” You say as you look up at her with a smile as you wag your tail.

“Well your food is there so dig in whenever you’re ready.” She says as she scratches under your chin.

She exits the room while you continue to watch your friends stack blocks.

“Weww wook who it is. Da dummeh who onwy hab 2 gud weggies.” you hear from behind you.

You turn around and see Samson and a toughie standing over you. You examine the toughie. You never really took a good look at them yesterday. The toughie to Samson’s left is a bulky grey earthie colt who is quite big for his age.

He isn’t paying attention at all. The gray colt is just sitting on his haunches while wagging his tail. He seems to be wanting to play.

“umm…whewe ou odew toughie?” Eric asks

“Oh dat dummeh twy to stop bein Samson’s tuffie so Samson make Bwuisew take cawe ob him.” Samson says with a smirk

Bruiser snaps out of his daze and hangs his head in shame.

“Nu did wan too. Samson say he da most powewfuw fwuffy ebah! He say dat he gib famiwy fowebah sweepies if Bwuisew nu do it!” Bruiser exclaims

“Bwuisew may be one ob da biggest dummehs Samson ebah meet…but he know his pwace.” Samson says with a grin.

You feel bad for Bruiser. He clearly is a little…dumber than most fluffies. He seems to be just someone who doesn’t know better and just wants to have friends.

“Bwuisew am munstah.” Bruiser says as he begins to tear up

“Dat wight. Bwuisew am wowstest munstah ebah!” Samson says

“Ou gib anudda fwuffy fowebah sweepies! Nu gud fwuffy wouwd do dat! Eben if it mean gettin wowstest huwties!” Samson exclaims

“Bwuisew nu am munstah. Samson am munstah. Samson twicked ou an make ou do tewwibwe tings. Ou nu know. Com wit us…ou nu hab to wisten to meanie Samson anymowe. We wiww be ou fwiends an gib ou wub an huggies.” You say to Bruiser as Samson gives you a death glare.

“HA! Dummeh…wha was ou namesie again?” Samson asks

“Geowge.” You reply

“HA! Dummeh Geowge weawwy tink dat Bwuisew am gon weabe-”

“Huggies an wub fow Bwuisew? Bwuisew nu hab huggies an wub since was stiww wit mummah when was stiww babbeh!” Bruiser interrupts Samson.

“Wha?!” Samson yells

“Bwuisew wan be fwiend to nice fwuffies…wan go wit ou!” Bruiser exclaims as he steps forward and sits with your group before you all swarm him with hugs and affection.

“Wha?! DUMMEH DUMMEH DUMMEH DUMMEH DUMMEH! OU AWW BIG DUMMEHS!” Samson screeches before stomping off. None of you pay any attention to him though.

“Sewina awmost fowgot!” Selina exclaims

“Wha?” you and everyone else in the group asks

“Sewina neba show Geowge da west ob da daycawe. Fwiends wan come wit Sewina an show Geowge da west ob daycawe?” Selina asks the group to which they all nod in response.

“Awighty den! Wet’s go get Miss Gwen an see if she wet us.” Selina says as she walks over to a red button on the wall and presses it with her hoof.

Miss Gwen walks in and squats down to get on Selina’s level.

“What did you need Selina?” She asks

“Can ou take Sewina an fwiends awound da daycawe so can show Geowge?” Selina asks

“Well I sure can! Let me just grab the wagon and the rest of the fluffies and we’ll be ready.” Miss Gwen says

After all the fluffies are loaded into the wagon the tour begins.

“Alrighty we only have four other rooms so this we’ll be a pretty short tour.” Miss Gwen says as she opens a door.

“This is the sorry room. It’s where bad fluffies go when they misbehave. There are sorry sticks and sorry boxes in here. Just be good fluffies and you’ll never have to go in here.” She says as she closes the door and moves to the next.

“This is the mummah room. It’s where all the mummahs go. One part of the room is for bad mummahs. Bad mummahs don’t give huggies and love to some babies just because they don’t like their color or because they have a horn and wings. Some bad mummahs even have favorite babies or try to give some of their babies forever sleepies. The other part of the room is for good mummahs who give all of their babies huggies, don’t hurt their babies, and don’t have favorite babies. Normally we let you guys in there with your parents but we’re having fluffy houses added to the inside of the section so the good mummahs and their babies don’t have to sleep on the floor but once that’s done you’ll be able to see your mummahs again and they’ll even be able to come to the playroom with you and you’ll be able to play with them.” Miss Gwen explains

You look at the bad mummah section and see a mummah looking directly at you…just staring…with a look of pure hate…hate that feels…familiar.

“Next room!” Miss Gwen announces

The next room is similar to the mummah room but it has daddehs. Again…there’s a certain daddeh that’s staring at you…but he’s in the good daddeh section…and he isn’t looking at you with hate…he’s looking at you with a look of relief, happiness, surprise, and…love. It feels so familiar. He’s standing on his hind legs and tapping the glass wall.

“Alright now we get to head on over to the last room.” Miss Gwen announces as she closes the door

As she closes it you see that same daddeh with a look of sadness on his face…as if he’s sad to see you go. He just falls on his haunches and begins to break down into tears…but you can’t hear any sound coming from the room…it has to be something about the glass that’s keeping it quiet.

“Alright this is the Nurse’s office. This is where you go if you get sick or get hurt.” Miss Gwen says

You don’t remember that information for long though. You’re too busy thinking about that mummah and daddeh.

Why did they seem so familiar?


:flushed:wait… Dont tell me that mare and stallion is…