Toy Chimeras Chapter 1 Pt 5 (Tarraco)

The morning is cold, forecast shades the countryside grey and the plants collect moisture creating wet dew in the air. David wakes up at around 8pm, he lays his upper back against the pile of pillows and scrolls through his phone. He looks at Cherry and her Fouls still sleeping, she’s on her side and her foals linger around her teets. David looks at Fluffies for sale to get a general idea on how he can make a profit on these ferals and foals. He comes to the conclusion to the fact that they breed and mass produce so quickly and their destructive behaviors marks them to be cheap coming around for just a few dollars or even less, if David’s is lucky the right buyer might pay a little good for the right breed and set of colors, horn, wings etc etc; but even then all that effort it’s hard to keep up making the best breed. The genes of fluffies are indeed strange as the entire genome is capable of breeding any color, from the genes of several animals a single fluffy mare can birth a foal of almost any color but the practical Punnett Square is still in effect. David see’s breeders and trainers selling Fluffies for 400-1000 a pop, his eyes show that they are intrigued as he watches the breeders montage making the lab animals run through obstacles, put simple puzzles together, potty-train, and putting things together. Now David doubts he can train animals, but the fluffies brains grasps the minds of a quasi-human mentality, they can easily be manipulated except the Smarties. Smarties are Fluffies males sometimes females rarely who have a kink in their mental structure that enables them to be bossy and lead herds. As Has-Bio designed them to be “self-sufficient” to survive alone without their humans, which incase a human child (the intended audience) can relax as the fluffy feed and care for itself; but due to its low yield intelligence fluffies are prone to hurting themselves, and to add insult thier flesh and bones are soft and brittle designed after the avian gene to make them harmless and easy to get rid of, and the add even more insult to injury; Has-Bio’s way of detouring their frail bodies, their pain index is increased they can feel more pain than humans and they will not go into shock and die, thou their bodies are easy to tear, it’s takes a lot to kill a fluffy. For example upon Has-Bio’s testing they tore a fluffy limb from limb stopping bleeding, and supplying it with blood, they tore its skin off ripped the ears, removed the eyes, applied ethanol of the skinless muscles. Just a piece of that can make a human pass out, but the fluffy’s brain is incapable it can take so much until it dies from trauma to the head or absolute blood loss. David is intrigue but disgusted…mostly intrigued he moves on to a new article

Fluffies are apparently affecting local wildlife and destroying farms and yards. Even around in David’s area groups of those creatures migrated into the country side and mountains. They completely ate through crops and grazing grounds, and to a extent even patches of forest are clear of plants from fluffy herds. Some herds get high as 50 and farmers and landowners are in need of exterminators paying so much that graduated high schoolers are hired to just go out and hunt herds down for 5 dollars a fluffy bounty. David concludes a idea, not to be a exterminator and not to be a trainer per se.

David goes into the kitchen to make a omelet out of ham and mushroom with beer on the side, he sits in his living room to catch on the news. Cherry wobbles in with her foals on her back

“Daddeh can Cherry go outside”

Cherry asks David as she wobbles up to him

“No Cherry I need to … fluffy proof the back yard”

Cherry sighs and groans and wobbles back to his room, and David gets a grand idea to slather on top of his previous idea, but first he must go to Lowes and get everything he needs. He’s gonna build a massive garden along the hill, plant import trees for shade and create a garden. He heard that fluffy feces are the magnum opus of fertilizer, but he needs to train any fluffy to not eat his garden. The land around David’s area is very much capable of making good produce, down the road they got orchards of oranges, apples, avocados, all the nice things. David needed one thing to make this work, Water David remembers along the landscape he owns is a brown pond. Why not sprinklers or just water the plants Himself David thinks…Because David is batshit and watches to many ancient history documentaries and a canal will do; but that’s not the only niche of antiquity, ferals are everywhere, easy to break, easy to manipulate, easy to train…just kill or torture the smarties in front of their herds. David remembers reading on the Romans and Greeks, how to break slaves and create an trade empire from produce using slaves to achieve the goods, but before there were Legionnaires there was hoplites, private warriors to protect the lands … David must filter out two groups of fluffies, the generic multicolor fluffies deemed normal by other fluffies and then… the undesirables, brown and dull coats, make them hate their own kind make them see other dull coats as siblings, train them to hurt herds and make sure they tend to David’s crops. A wild Idea and he has the tools for his thesis, a brown, lion, and even a rare alicorn foal, and David needs the foals to grow up to be conscious enough to interact with each other. He will raise them and love them both the Undesirables and Cherry’s liter, he plans to train the undesirables by making them be bullied by the “normal fluffies” and make them hate the norms, and then outcasted David will make them feel accepted amongst other undesirables and from that David believes that they might be the force to keep the fluffies in line to watch over his crops. David smiles as his ideas soar out of his brain and into reality, today he will make the garden and he will teach Cayo, Alban, and Hera some … Smarts.

David washed his Dishes and puts kibble on a light Tupperware bowl, he goes into the bathroom and floats infront of Smarty. Smarty just waking up still stuck on his board attempts to stretch his almost nonexistant neck to reach the kibble. Barely get some kibble in his mouth, he stares at David

“Wiww mistuh pwease wet fwuffy out of wawa?”

David knows that if a Smarty calls himself a fluffy instead of using his given name he will wreak havoc and is holding a vendetta.

“Nope Smarty treatment for smarty I’ll let you go when you’re no longer a smarty”

Smarty lets out a scream, David walks out and turns out the lights and the purple fluffy still not used to it continues to scream in fear. David gets the formula bottles and enters the playroom calling for his foals.

“Alban!! get your brother and sister it’s time to eat!”

Alban pops out of the cat house and David grabs Alban to his back and lays the bottle of his stomach, which Alban takes and lifts up with his stubby legs and helps himself to drink the formula

“Hungry little guy”

David takes the two “Chirpy Babies” (no other scientific word to describe the early stages of a foals life) and places them next to each other and gives them their formula bottles, they didn’t take the bottle but aggressively drank as they front legs swayed back in forth as a sign of happiness. As David was giggling while feeding his foals, Cherry looks through the gate and sees David caring for the Foals

“Cherry wan be babbeh fufwy like poopeh babies”

David ignores her any other strain on his patience he might just fucking cook her to be served on a torta.

“Cherry wan be in pway woom with babbehs, Wan toysies for bestest babbehs…WAN TOYSIES FOR BEST BABBEHS NO GIV WUVS FOR BAD BABBEHS GIVE WUVS TO CHERRY NOAW”

David finishes feeding the foals and places them back in their pile of blankets, but Alban goes to play in the mini playground. Cherry becomes agitated and starts bashing on the Gate, casuing Alban to hide.

“Hey HEY! What’s the matter with you?”

David protested grabbing Cherry and pushing her away from the doorway.

“Pway room for best fwuffies not for stupeh babbehs…Daddeh y no wet Cherry in pway room am Cherry not bestest fwuffie?”

Cheery reaches to David

“No you’re not, they’re are, they are my babies and this is their room not yours, when your babies are older I’ll let them in, but you’re forbidden after hurting my babies you little shit”

Cherry’s face was distraught, she begins to cry

“W-why daddeh, Cherry AM BESTEST BABBEH? Wan toysies and wuvs”

“No you’re not, they’re are”


“Fine one toy and that’s it”

Cherry prances around cheering and laughing, David strides over the gate and grabs a tennis ball and tosses it over Cherry’s head

“Don’t choke on it”

Cherry looks down at it with a cold silence

“Gotta go, touch my foals and I’ll rape your fucking corpse”

David says in a sing songy attitude. David gets in his car and thinks of possible garden designs and first fruits to produce, perhaps a rustic unpainted wood, or a white picket fence. David concludes to get something sturdy, durable and strong enough to keep something inside. He enters the ginormous store filled with lumber, home appliances, accessories, all the sorts to build and maintain. He takes a deep whiff of the smell of lumber and drywall and begins shopping for accessories, getting all sorts of material. He even finds a book on how to grow fruit and vegetables in dry terrain. He goes around the back to the reception for heavy deliveries.

“Hey how’re doing, I’m looking to transport about 20 yards of fencing for gardens and to keep in very large dogs”

A older large gentleman with dull blonde hair and a pinkish face sits up and greets David

“Sure thing pal, You know whatcha need, Cedar? Pinewood?”


“Sturdy but pricey you look kinda young you getting a delivery for your dad or something?”

“Hah no he passed away, using my savings and inheritance to develop some land”

“Ahh so sorry, welp just fill out the form over here and we’ll get your estimate”

“Cool cool”

David fills a order for bulky wooden post to be alligned close so not even a foal can escape but for extra precauition, David gets rolls of chicken wire. After filling his order he goes into the garden department to get a couple of young trees to establish the borders of the gardens as well as soil and seeds for produce. Apples, peaches, and then a order for avocado trees to be planted.

David loads up his car with all of his new goodies and prepares to drive back, with two small avocado trees sticking out of both back passenger windows. On his drive back to his place he sees several little animals crossing the road hopping about. David squinting his eyes he sees they’re Wolfram fluffies and speeds up. He honks his horn which causes the fluffies to disperse, but one fluffy stands strong in the middle of the road

“Ope theres the Smarty”

David speeds up with a wide white smile, the Smarty a piss Yellow body and burgundy hair earth fluffy, stands with his hind up and his teeth gritted. As the Black car gets rapidly closer the Smarty begins to feel uneasy looking back at his herd running away and him all alone against this black metal beast. The fluffy begins to run away but David speeds past it and drifts and turns his car on the empty road. The Yellow Smarty stops and begins to hyperventilate and laughs


David burns rubber going after the piss rat, the smarty runs and puffs and made the mistake of looking back as the approaching beast made him fall to his side



David drifts to the dirt patch side of the road and steps out.


Maybe not these as the first batch of fluffies, but these as a stress reliever after all that debacle from yesterday unraveled. The sad thing about fluffies is even thou they can survive in the wild they’re sensitive to sharp plants and object from stinging nettle and glass, and the entire brush is filled with dry bushes that can stab a unprotected leg. As the dust settles and the squashed decimated remains of the smarty is left on the road gives one last gurgled death rattle, David peers to the terrain and hears a faint chirp

“Owowowowwies bad pwants make mummah huwts”

David sees a orange mother with blue hair, with her mate and some foals on her back.


The fluffies were in the dry bush barely able to move , get pricked by the pointy arms of the bush. They hear David and begin to move at a snail’s rate.



The dark green Stallion urges his mate to run. David was wearing jeans and boots…He’s unaffected by the dry brush, and charges at the fluffies, the fluffies see David and pushes themselves into the stinging bushes, but are pushed back by the stings of the thorns. David grabs the father, another dark green Wolfram, its bowels were released and feces pouring out, David throws the male as a popfly, straight into the sky for a few seconds


The male lands deep in the dry bush getting pricked and cut by the thorns


The orange fluffy backs up from David with nowhere to go, eyes full of tears darting left and right with no destination. David grabs the mother and clamps a hand around her lower face, squeezing it. The fluffy tries to grunt and scream, but David’s death grip is crushing his jaw

“Lemme guess “U wun go fwee” or " Babbehs nee mummah”

David lets his hand free

“Babbehs nee mummah! huggies for owwies”


David looks at the weanlings, all crying and slobbering hugging each other as their defense mechanism.

“Alright, fine babbeh do we hug first”

David drops her and she runs for the White body green hair weanling


David grabs the young fluffy


David squeeze it’s back legs, making them break and become loose


The Mother is on David’s shin defecating herself, splashing David’s boot with a brown coat. David kicks her making most of her teeth to become loose. David tosses the white weanling aside making scream the way down and land nearly killing it, the mother points her hoof at her baby and scream and cries, as David is preventing her from going to her dying child.

“These are fucking bull skins from Mexico you fucking cunt”

David uses his fingers to lift her lips to see the damage done on her teeth, and she pulls her snout away and bites David clamping on on his finger.

“Nice try, but your teeth are loose I can barely feel anything”

David yanks out his hand from her mouth, the mother’s chunky face laden with dread as she stares excpectingly at David. Whimpering unable to say anything, David grabs the skin on her chest and twists very hard making her yelp"


David begins to bash her teeth in and clamps her mouth shut, he punches her in the stomach making her swallow her teeth


David pushes her aside and stands up marching to her foals. A chubby yellow weanling runs to David

“Pweas gib mummah bak mistuh wun fwower nee miwkies nee nummies fwum mummah”

The chubby little weanling cries, looking at its mother in pain. David was disgusted by the overweight child only thinking about eating as it mother perishes.

“You want milk ill give you milk”

David grabs the Orange mother, kneels down to his knees, places her on his thighs with her teets pointing at the fat weanling. The fat weanling reaches for it’s mother’s boobs and hops and throws himself at David’s knees, but makes no progress

“How about I help you champ”

David puts a boob in each hand and


David squeeze the boobs of the orange mother to the extent that he hears the mushing of meat and the tearing of flesh, and blood is oozing out the nipples. He squeezes harder making a bloody mush come out her nipples, the veins and arteries are apparent, the mother eyes are bloodshot the blue colors of her iris turn dull, her mouth oozing with saliva and bloody goop. The fat weanling is covered in blood and chirps in fear, David picks him up and the poor thing raise its front legs to hug David. David pulls out a pen from his shirt pocket, the mother exhausted and defeated is on her side watching David with wide eyes; David takes the weaning into view of the mother and sodmizes it with the pen


David places him next to his mother, and she weakly attempts to reach out to him, David begins to tear him apart, biting his ears off, breaking his limbs pushing hard on his guts causing internal bleeding. Nothing but panic and pain coming from the fat weanling, David had his fill of abuse now to do society’s a favor and to exterminate them. He grabs the other two weanlings and hovers over their mother, and squishes them into a bloody pulp, covering the mother in blood and bile. The chirps and cries of the younglings has made the mother give all hope away, its wide eyes staring at the mush and crying fat weanling, but wait the best baby is still very much alive and begins crying again


The mother slowly turns her head to the white weanling

“Mummah nee huggied huhuhu”

The Orange mare manages to roll over and pull herself to the weanling, she cradles the chirping baby with a hopeful smile but David grabs her and tosses her to the bushes. The Mother stares in disbelief, just staring silently as tears and drops of gore roll down her face. The father manages to escape the clutches of the dry bush, covered in cuts and thorns.

“sp-spe-speshew fwend…”

The mare whispers with a weak smile. The dark green stallion looks around and David hides behind a shrub, the Stallion looks at the mother and the fatty, gives a couple of “Huu Huu’s” and sees the surviving and runs to her

“HEEEH!? Daddeh hewe Daddeh giv lotsa of huggies hav wowsest owwies”

The white weanling looks at her father sucking on her front hoof. The stallion sniffs her and looks at the orange mare who is alive but very still

“Huuhuu no have speshew fren… hmm”

The stallion nudge the white youngling

“Sp-speshew fwend com hewe pwe-”

The orange mare whispers, but the green stallion moves the weanling on her legs to which they have no structure and bend on themselves. He pulls her to his back legs and his penis comes out of his forskin


The weanling cries

“Enf enf enf enf neu speshew babbeh make bad owwies go away enf enf gud feewls”

The mare musters enough energy to talk. David stares with disgust as the stallion rapes his own daughter



The White foal screams in pain and terror, her eyes are dead gazing at the sky, her mouth opened wide like the mummy, David hears flesh tearing and blood pools from the baby’s back legs


David rises from the bushes and charges at the green stallion, it shrieks but has trouble running away as it won’t stop thrusting against the weanling. David grabs the foal and throws it far killing it, the mare sees her last and best baby and asks to be killed.

“Wan die …huhuhu wan die no mo awakes”

David throws the stallion to the ground and grabs his penis and pulls until it stretches about a good 7 inches and tears off


The Stallion shakes and tremble, David pulls out a switchblade and begins to stab the stallion to death.


David grabs the knife and gashes the stallion’s stomach open showing all the the anantomy of the fluffy. He stops and lets him be, while not bleeding as much the fluffy is still alive and David lets him to his fate of a long death. The Green fluffy is still on his back chirping saying things about hugs and his own mother. David smashes every other fluffy, until he gets to the mare who looks at him with morbid dead eyes

“Wan Die”

“Shut up”

David steps and crushes her stomach, making 3 unborn fouls slide out and cheep. The mare eyes widen and her terror frown begins to curve up

“Mummah still mummah, babbehs”

David walks over to the newborns and raises his boot


David smashes the foals, one by one, the mother crawls to the flatten babes and holds them


David stares with a eyebrow raised

The Mare attempts to ween the corpses but they bend over like a floppy piece of bacon


“Carpe Diem”

David smashes her head and wipes his boots off until he sees a small figure on a hill. He rushes towards it and it too attempts to run away. David gets above the hill hot on its trail until he hears the squeaky breaths of the creature, he sees a light blue coat and tackles it


David turns it around and… The face My God the face it’s hideous, the eyes oh Jesus Christ. David was face to face with a Shaffer, a strange looking breed that has more human genes than it should, David anxiety rose to the top, feeling a fight or flight response and the Uncanny valley is hitting him hard.


David is bashing the fluffies face with both his fists, his eyes were wild as he laid fury upon this poor creature.

“I’ll send you back to Hell YEAAAR-”

David halts to see a group of Mexicans at a plastic table eating lunch staring at him

“Que sucede contigo?”

One of the men ask him

“Soy un exterminador”

David replies frozen in position, hovering over the wheezing Shafer

“Eh por que lo mates asi? No tienes Herremientas”

“…No tengo denero para equipo”

The three men nodded and drank beer as they continued their conversation. David stands up and snaps the fluffy’s neck and kicks it into the fields of bushes

“Estoy alimentando a los animales!”

David says with a pathetic laugh and runs back to his car. On the drive he listens to Lo-Fi and thinks to him

(Kinda went rogue on the “Give then a fighting chance” but they are animal but they have human feelings, but they are program do they even have free so they can be judged …do I have free will FUCK, I need a bath)

He returns home to feed the foals, Cherry is doing a banged up job at taking her foals over to the liter box theres pee on the rim of the box and even find a turd hidden under his bed, except for Alban; he catches Alban taking Hera over to the box as she chirps. David wants reward Alban for his behavior, so he looks up treats for fluffies. David finds that universally all fluffies have programming that makes them love spaghetti even if they never ate it or even seen it. Understandably its easy to make and cheap, so David goes into his cabinet and find boxes of spaghetti noodles and jars of sauce.
David boils the noodles and cooks the sauce and Cherry runs in the kitchen.

“Was that smell is dat… SKETTIES”

David is silent and the cortisol in his brain is multiplying. Cherry is hopping around singing about the stuff



Cherry back ups with her front paws raised to her face

"You didn’t do what I ask, you refuse to listen to me, and there SHIT under my bed. My lion baby has done a better job at taking care of babies than you can l, and this isn’t even your first liter…oh wait what happened to them oh yeah you KILLED THEM”


“Doesn’t matter does it, until you prove you can be good to all babies ALL BABIES I’ll might consider giving you spaghetti, but for now eat your kibble and don’t bother me”

David was trying to see if it’s possible to alter a fluffy’s behaviour by using its genetic programming as a initiative. David looks into his cabinet and looks at the seasoning

“Hmmm Oregano and Parsley….naw they won’t care”

David drains the pot and takes the spaghetti out and chops them into little bits. He slathers the sauce on the pile of paste bits onto a bowl and heads for the playroom.


Alban peeks out and smells the bowl of the cheap Italian genius, his eyes widen and sparkle

“Sketties? Sketties for Awban?”

“You’ve been a good champ, you took care of yourself and your siblings, and you’re doing a better job than that bad momma that tried to hurt you”

“Awban wuvs sketty but not as much as Daddeh!”

Alban digs right into the bowl munching away, David stroking his back avoiding his bandages. He lays on the cushions and grabs the two newborns


“Easy there, It’s me”

David places both of them on his chest and watches Alban eat. In the moment of cuteness David’s shoes nearly fly off as he sees a fat face with giant eyes pressed against the gate

“Pweeeeeas let Cherry hab Sketties”

Cherry is pushing her face as hard as she can. Alban sees her and scurries away

“Alban wait- God dammit …could you fuck off Cherry”

Cherry gazes her big eyes to the bowl then to the foals and back to back.

“Cherry you’re not getting sketties, you don’t deserve them”


“I’ll give your Babies forever sleepies if you don’t shut the fuck up”

Cherry revolts back in horror and runs back to her foals in David’s room.

“Alban come here, she’s gone”

Alban crying goes around the corner

“I-I-Is bad mummah away?”

“Yes Alban come out and enjoy your food”

David taps the cushion next to the bowl

“But Scawey mummah gib fowevah sweepies bad mummah go huwt Awban and - and - an- huhuhuhuhuu”


David grabs Alban with both hands

“I don’t ever want to see you cry, no I want to hear you complain, you’re not one to be scared, I’m gonna make a real Lion a fighter, that mare will not kill you, no Alban you kill her!”

Alban’s face is burrowed in David’s hand, but David uses his finger to lift his face

“When you get hurt don’t cry, when you get scared don’t run, I’m gonna train you to take owwies and to give them, do you understand?”

David says in a sneering tone and Alban looks up at David with teary eyes

“Nu wunt huwties-“

“Too bad Alban, becuase those are fluffies and you and Cayo are …hunters… yes you and your siblings are hunters and the other fluffies hate you, and they will make you go forever sleepies”

Alban starts to cry

“But Alban if you take away those tears, and listen I can make you the strongest lion no fluffy can hurt you no smarty …no you will hurt them “

Alban begins to retreat

“Do you want to die”

Alban shakes his head

“Then we train, but first need to grow up so eat up and play, enjoy your sketties kiddo”

David places Alban next to his bowl, he eats the pasta slowly with tears dripping on the sauce. David is going to train his foals to kill Cherry’s foals when they grow up to be Fillies and Colts. If the plan go right maybe he has something new to bring to the world, A fluffy that hates and kills other fluffies perhaps even more.

David attempts to open the Gate and Cherry attempts to rush in


David grabs her and throws her at the countertop and she slides over and falls on the linoleum


“….pffft hahahahah”

David laughs and heads to the guest bathroom

(To be Cont.)


‘Hmm, my wife seems to be dead. Guess I’ll fuck my daughter.’

Jesus, David is psychotic but the Fluffies he’s dealing with are hellgremlin as fuck. It’s very much a case of ‘Who’s the bigger dickhead?’ Which, for the record, I’m absolutely fine with.