Trash Bag [cuis]

Two boys where walking home from school. From behind a dumpster a fluffy emerges.
“Pwease be nyu daddeh?”
She was a dull green mare, with very dirty fluff.
“Look, a shitrat, should we take it home?” Tim asked.
“Nah those things stink like shit.” Answered Mike.
“Huhuhu, mummah nee nummies fo babbehs.”
Now Mike was a bit more interested.
“Oh you have babies? Can we see them?”
The mare brightened up and showed them to her nest behind the dumpster. A crumpled cardboard box with 3 foals inside.
“Lol, are they all brown?”
“Lmao, what are the odds?”
“Babbehs am good babbehs.”
Mike knelt down to take a closer look and grabbend a twig.
“Do your babies have names?”
“Nuh, am onwy widdle babbehs.”
“Hey Tim, I heard that if a human names them whatever name, they will call themselves and each other that.”
“Let’s try. Mummah, from now on your name will be Trash Bag.”
“Nuuh! Nuh wan ugwy namesie!”
“Tell me, what’s your name?” Asked Mike.
She looked down, and after a while answered in a low voice “Am Twash Bawg.”
“Lol, it really works.”
“Now, let’s name your babies.” Mike poked one with the twig. "This one will be named Poopy "
He poked the next foal. “This one will be named Turd.”
“Lmao, I’ll name the last one. Their name shall be Sir Arthur Krunnenwell von Drukenheim.”
“Wtf is that name?”
Tim laughed “Hey Trash Bag, tell me the names of you babies.”
“Huhuhu, dis babbeh am Poopeh, dis babbeh am Tuwd, and dis babbeh am Siw Awtuw Kwuneh- uh, Siw Awtuw Kwunade-, ah Siw Awtuw Kwu- on Wudde- uhh, babbeh am Siw Uwtuw- uh-”
“Lmao, you fucking broke her.”
“Ok Trash Bag, I’ll take you home if you can tell me the names of all your babies.”
“Dis babbeh am Poopeh, dis babbeh am Tuwd, an dis babbeh am Siw Audah, uhh, babbeh am Siw Udda-, Audah, babbeh am-”
“Wow! you’re a terrible mother, you cannot even remember the name of your baby. You don’t love your own baby.”
"Nuh! Mummah wuv Siw Aude- uhh, Siww-.
“Let’s go, Tim, this got boring.”
“- Siw Awtuw Canuw- nuhh, babbeh am…”

Night fell and Trash Bag curled around her babies inside the box.
“Goo nite babbehs. Goo nite Tuwd. Goo nite Poopeh, goo nite Siw Ewta- uh, Siww Auda Wun Kuna-, uhh, Siw Udda…”