Trick and Treat Page Twenty (By: PeppermintParchment)

Trick and Treat Page Twenty. Two pages left!

Thanks to @AMDk7 who helped me with dialogue and this alternative ending.

Thanks to @father_dan_the_man for the use of his fluffy snacks and treats.

Thanks for reading!


My original reaction for the demon was this
“what the DEUCE is this ! this is NOT a regal form i have been turned in to a malignering malformed malodorous miniature PONY !”
I’m sure people can fgure out what parts were used.

Glad to see Bowie is alright hugbox or not he could have been hurt.


Looking forward to the last two pages!!!

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A demon wipes away a tear of hilarity as the others wait in gleeful anticipation…Silence, except for muffled laughter


I remember fluffies sometimes dont give a shit about your argument as long there are nummies in front of them :rofl::joy:

Poor demon…so what now fluffy demon?


Just imagine a group of other demons from this demon’s realm watching this on a monitor, just rolling around laughing their asses off at what has become of their acquaintance

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I imagine he would be relentlessly bullied,haha. The original ending was to have him fall back in the portal and returned to Hell in his fluffy form,but I decided to ditch that one.
Thanks for reading:)


After some not so subtle pushing from me.
I just felt it would be a shame to just drop him like that .
And that you need some developed fluffies.
These four seem to be perfect for that.