Trust not your eyes by(that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of The point of no return by(that1hugboxer)

You are Duncan.

As you adjust your cars rear view mirror before backing out of your driveway, you swear for the briefest of moments That someone was standing behind your car.

You check your mirror once again even your blind spots for good measure… nothing.

You back up and suddenly slam on brakes as you see someone sitting in your back seat.

Your paranoia kicks in, you take a deep breath and say a prayer.

“Though my mind bucks like a wild donkey, the lord my God holdeth my Reigns….”

You check the back seat and find no one except for Odis and Beau in their car seats.

Beau begins to cry.

“Why Daddeh make vwoomy munstah Du dat?!”

You smile

“Sorry Beau … It was an accident “

You pull back into your driveway and park the car.

As you move to unbuckle your seatbelt you see the legs of someone sitting in the passenger seat.

As your eyes lift upwards you recognize the outfit they are wearing(White sneakers, stone washed skinny jeans and a canary yellow crop top will frilled trim) , but as your eyes reach towards their face they disappear entirely.

Your heart begins to race, the only thing on your mind is getting yourself, Odis and Beau to safety.

As you retrieve your fluffies from the back seat you smell a familiar perfume.

You manage to keep it together long enough to get both Odis and Beau back in the chest mounted baby carrier.

You suddenly feel the sensation of breathing right next to your ear.
You instinctively try to push them away but your hand feels nothing there.

You lock the car and sprint for the door. You fumble with your keys in an attempt to open the door faster.

You feel long flowing hair brush against your neck.

Relief falls over you as the tumblers turn.

You open the door and head inside.

Your mother surprised to see you as less than five minutes early you ask her to watch your fluffies for the day.

“Sweetheart? Is everything okay?”

“I…I need you to… mom if you wouldn’t mind could you please look after Odis and Beau today as well? I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Your mom cracks a worried smile and agrees.

“Thank you… I am going t….”

Suddenly you feel the sensation of someone whispering into your ear accompanied by a familiar voice in a condescending tone.

“Oh….What’s the matter? Is Duncan fewwing a widdwe sickywiki?”

You quickly turn around and see a glimpse of someone with long hair, wearing White sneakers, stone washed skinny jeans and a canary yellow crop top will frilled trim , turning into the safe room doorway.

You run in after them only to find it’s only filled with fluffies.


Your mom calls from behind you in a concerned tone.

“You look on edge. Are you feeling ok?”

You turn around.

“I…I need to lay down for a whil…”

You feel as though all of the color has been drained from your face

“Duncan!? What’s wrong?!”

Standing before you is not your mother but a young woman with fair skin long flowing hair, dressed in White sneakers, stone washed skinny jeans and a canary yellow crop top will frilled trim.

“Duncan! Duncan you’re scarring me! Say something!”

You feel the room begin to spin as the last thing you see before blacking out is the face…the face of Femi Henderson.

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Fucking Femi. She’s enjoying this, evil bitch. How did she find him, anyway?

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Um…. Duncan is having a stress induced mental breakdown. Femi isn’t there…

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Ok, that helps. I didn’t know if she’d broken free of her paranormal prison and come to haunt Duncan on the back of his recent sacrifice.

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Duncan has been through a lot in these stories. This is the first time in a long time that he hasn’t been in fight or flight. He is now processing everything that happened all at once.

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Question. Would you be alright with me writing a playdate story between Hoagie and fartbox?

Fartbox is just so sweet. I think they would get along great.

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SEEBIE FAWTBOXIE! Yes, PLEASE! He’s so dumb and so sweet. Have fun!

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