Two sides, same coin. Chapter two(By fluffymeeps)

The clip-clop of Onyx’s hooves echos through the barren, stone staircase, alongside the shill demands for freedom and pained screams. At the bottom of the staircase is the warm, flicking light of torches.

Upon entering the dungeon from the hidden foyer staircase, one can see three operating tables. The table closest to the foyer staircase is small, roughly about the right height for a fluffy. Speaking of which, on the table is a grey fluffy with blooded muzzle and forelimbs, who is strapped to the table, front up so that his belly is exposed, which has two iron nails in it and four more nails in the joints of his legs.

“Wet bouwdew gu nao o’ get wowst sowwy-hoofies.” The grey fluffy, Boulder, growled. Small specks of green, purple and yellow fluff can be spotted between his blunt teeth as he makes his feeble attempt at intimidating Onyx.

In response, Onyx gives him a wordless snarl of disgust, his fangs bared and glistening. He continues walking, he pasts the empty middle table. The middle table is about the height of the average humanoid.

“Ignore him, my dear.” Came a soft yet sonorous voice from the third and final table.

The table is colossal, appearing to be made for a giant and bent over it, stabbing and slicing at the figure strapped to the table, is the monster of Snowhill, Estera Metalhunter. Her slightly tattered robes are a light grey deep speckled with the deep crimson of dried blood; she looks away from her victim to look at her sweet Onyx, her face is covered by a red wax mask and framed by her straight black hair.

“We have guest, mummah!”

“Oh that’s wonderful, just—she carefully sets the tools in a leather bound box— “let me get changed into something more appropriate and I shall come to see them so soon as possible.”
— ————————————————————
Writer note: sorry I took so long for such a short chapter.