Uh oh Minty... (by Tia)

hope this works lol,
Minty isn’t very smart in the first place, but it seems she’s gotten a lot dumber now that she’s had her first litter :confused:
What should we do with the two poops and 2 pegs?


You should probably force her to be a mother to all of them.


Yeah, you’d probably want to have a big sit in with her and try to explain that good mummahs love all their babies. You can’t really blame her for liking the one who looks just like her more, so getting her to understand that all babies are good and need love and milkies is paramount. Hopefully a small guilt trip like “if all babbehs are good, then you have to love them all, if you don’t you aren’t a good mummah and good mummahs get no sketties and love” will do the trick.

If she refuses to even let them feed, avoids playing and hugging them or straight up acts maliciously, temporarily milkbag her by restraining her legs and muzzling her mouth so she can’t hit or bite them could be a way.


It’s unfortunate but not unsalvagable, get Minty to understand that ALL babies are important. Try at first staying in the room while she’s feeding them and making sure that every foal gets their turn, if necessary lie to her, say that she needs to share her love across all her babies or else it’ll be too much for her bestesh to handle.

It might take some manipulation to get her brain in the right direction, but Minty could still be a decent mother if taught right.


Lolno. Take the bestest babbeh away and handrear/kill it (depends on whether you lean towards hugbox or abuse). Then tell her to take care of the rest of the litter or you’ll take them away too. Worst case scenario, spay her, and let her know it’s her fault she can’t have any more foals.


Are those two Alicorns?
ALSO omg they’re so tiny!


It’s not unusual for fluffy mummahs to think a foal that looks like them or their special friend is “bestest babbeh”, but it rarely results in them neglecting their other offspring, merely mild favoritism.


Well, have her best baby “ran away” while she’s asleep for being a bad mummy and having a best bady. What is done with it depends.


Great first post

Your fluffies are adorable and dumb, and your artwork is fantastic. Perfect combination


Hope the owner teach her and get into her sorry dumb brain that she needs to love ALL babbehs. Prefer owner to be there always on feeding time.

If that didn’t work take the babies and left that bestesh see if she can take care of it if it turned smarty kill it , then spayed Minty


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It usually causes one of three thought processes.

A) If all babies are bestest then none of them are. (all babies are good babies becomes dominant thought process for future.)
B) All babies are bestest, therefor any non bestest in the future are even greater disappointments.
C) All babies are bestest by X parameter. Let us compare by other characteristics. ie - horn/wings/etc. ; Though since the green also matches their type (earthie) they may have the advantage and therefor still be considered ‘best’ but others may be considered ‘good’.

So it’s a die roll on if it truly solves the problem but can usually help you get through the nursing stages without resorting to formula/pillowing-mother restraints.


Human mammeh take all the babbehs and raise them to be smarter than fluffy mammeh. Happy ending for all babbeh

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Minty is soooo cute you really nailed the eyes and facial expressions


I just love how stupid she is without being malicious. :sob:


That’s a super cute idea!


Aww, I wanna adopt both poopie babies ^-^


I’m in with the train and rehabilitation brigade


OIC now…those are 2 poop-colored babies. I thought they were the ends of the fingers, complete with talons.
I thought the off-babies were being taken away for “dinerrrrrrrrrrrrr…”

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Since she is not going to recognize her other babies now, favoriting the ‘best baby’, remove the others. Get a new mare, and reward her with the kids, and slowly distance yourself from Minty. This includes feeding her, cleaning her, and giving any attention to her. Bring the new mare around, with the kids, and obviously show more attention to her.

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I really love the simple little babbeh shapes. Stupid little long blobs with points. I love them.