Unadoption, go! (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

Follow-up to this adoption doodle.


When I adopted that foal, it was for one reason only: To avoid seeing a follow-up image of it frozen to death out in the snow because nobody adopted it. Once I had it though, I had no idea what to really do with it, as it was nothing special in coloration nor personality. It also turned out I had jumped the gun a bit, and there was in fact someone else interested in it, so …

Here you go @Zaraishu, it’s a bit late but enjoy your new foal, complete with fancy new digs.


Better snatch him up @Zaraishu before he freezes after all.


With those cozy winter clothes? He’ll last until summer, no worries.

… Maybe I should have left him a mug of warm cocoa to make absolutely sure, though.


Well I can give him one of Rambo’s blankies just to be sure.

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Considering I got his sister I could have taken him in, but I’m glad that you gave him to someone and won’t actually be leaving him out in the cold.

He’s got a blankie now too.

Ooh nice!

This is the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Prepare for a follow-up (coming March 2025*).



Ha, mouse reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. It’s okay though, her idea of “not boring” was smoking heroin so I’m not that upset about it.