Unfaithful Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

Inspired by @CuddlyBloodily’s Selfish Mummah Artwork

Clematis was bored.

She couldn’t understand why though, she had a loving daddy who treated her well, she had a wonderful safe-room with more toys than she could count, she had a devoted special-friend in Rosewood and a litter of beautiful foals who all adored her.

And yet, the deep purple mare was bored, her loving daddy didn’t fill her heart with the same ecstatic joy as before, the overloaded safe-room now felt barren, Rosewood’s night-time nuzzling left her hollow and unfulfilled where once it filled her heart with love and lust, even her four foals didn’t give her the same elation they used to when they were chirpies, save for Pinkie, her only daughter and unofficial bestesh babbeh.

She was missing something in her life, but she couldn’t tell what it was, until the day she met him.

It was a warm Summer day, not as warm as is used to be with Autumn just around the corner, but warm enough for Clematis and her family to sit out in their daddy’s back garden while he pottered about with his flowers. Clematis remembered back when she was first brought home, how she could spend hours watching her daddy work, asking him about all the different flowers and fauna in his garden, her favourites were the ones from which she got her namesake, their purple petals matching her coat near perfectly, in her mind anyway.

Now she barely had the energy to get up and even lay down next to him, not that daddy noticed, he had Rosewood and the other foals to keep him occupied while she kept Pinkie close to her while the little filly slept. Clematis watched Rosewood play chasies with their children, his unending happiness made her resent him, she had loved him once, back when they first met Clematis had been moved to tears from the tale of the soft-pink Stallion and the physical, emotional, and in one horrific case sexual abuse he’d suffered from his own friends and family because of what they deemed ‘mare colours’. Her daddy had saved him, and she did in kind, offering him the love Rosewood had been missing all his life.

That love was gone now, Clematis had nothing for him, she didn’t hate him per se, he was loving and caring and hadn’t pushed for enfies once the foals started talking, but he was dull, there was no excitement in their love life anymore. Chaste huggies and cooing before bedtime was all she got and she couldn’t handle it anymore, she wanted more, more fire, more passion, more lust.

And it came into her life with a knock on the fence.

“Hewwo, pwetty mawe.”

Clematis looked over, being closer to the edge of the garden she heard the newcomer’s question, and when she saw him, she felt her heart flutter and her special-place quiver.

Standing at the fence was the most beautiful and amazing stallion she had ever seen; a deep green Fluff covered his taut body like fields of emeralds, his mane was a rich golden blonde, cascading down in locks, the likes of which Clematis had never seen before, and his Pegasus wings were a blinding white, larger and even more impressive than even the show-Fluffies she had seen on TV.

A ripple of pleasure pulsed through her body, and Clematis realised she wanted him.

“He… Hewwo. Nyu fwiend?” She asked him shakily, her legs threatening to give out from under her as she approached the fence.

The stallion smiled. “Pwetty mawe am wight, am nyu fwiend. Am Cas-Ah-No-Vah, am wookin fow bwudda Wothawio, hab pwetty mawe seen udda puwpew Fwuffy hewe?”

Cleamtis shook her head, keeping her mouth shut for risk of her tongue rolling out.

“Dat tuu bad, Cas-Ah-No-Vah nu see bwudda in wong time, hope he ok. Fank yu doh pwetty mawe, Cas-Ah-No-Vah hope yu hab gud bwite-time.”

“Whewe am Cas-Ah-No-Vah guin?” Clematis asked just a little too quickly.

“Cas-Ah-No-Vah gut u Twee-Pwace, wook fow bwudda dewe, if nu can find him, gun find own pwetty mawe tu be speciaw-fwiend an hab babbehs, wike gud stawwion du.”

“Can… Can Cwematis be speciaw-fwiend?”

Casanova chuckled. “Pwetty mawe aweady hab speciaw-fwiend an babbehs, nu need Cas-Ah-No-Vah, doh Cas-Ah-No-Vah du say, if nu see babbeh den nu fink pwetty mawe am mummah wiv dat bod-ee.”

Clematis blushed as another wave of ecstasy coursed through her.

Casanova grinned and leaned in closer to whisper in her ear. “If pwetty mawe find Cas-Ah-No-Vah in Twee-Pwace, den she nu hab speciaw-fwiend nu mowe, maybe den Cas-Ah-No-Vah hewp mawe hab nyu babbehs.”

The cocky stallion winked at her and left, putting a little bit more effort in his hips to show off his swinging dick. Clematis stared at him, watching the Adonis leave, her mouth drooling and her loins burning. She had to have him, just that one conversation ignited more inside of her than all her months with Rosewood, she felt… she felt like what a mare should feel like, adored, desired, wanted.

As she picked up a sleepy Pinkie to return to the house for dinner, she made the decision there and then to leave her home and find Casanova, to start her new exciting life as his special-friend.

She was sure her family would understand, after all if they loved her, they’d want her to be happy.

Clematis waited until nightfall to plan her escape, any attempts she had to tell Rosewood that she was leaving was interrupted by one of her foals wanted huggies, or Rosewood’s declaration of ‘wub’ or something shiny on the TV. Eventually Cleamtis stopped trying to tell him, figuring that Rosewood’s pathetic self-esteem would cause him to burst into tears, making her leaving all the harder.

At least this way, she wouldn’t be here for the waterworks.

Clematis waited until everyone was asleep before she made her move, carefully she climbed out of bed and tip-toed away from her family. She took one last look at them, wondering if the fear of losing them all would make her feel something for them again. Instead, as her eyes rolled over Rosewood and their four foals, Clematis only had one thought.

She wasn’t leaving her bestesh babbeh with this lot.

Clematis picked Pinkie up and out of the Fluff-pile with her teeth and quickly moved before the filly woke up, with great effort she pushed open the unlatched safe-room door, quick-stepped across the hard-wood flooring of the hallway and pushed herself out of the unlocked doggy-door into the back garden.

As soon as the fresh air hit her face she stopped. She had done it, she was outside and no-one was any the wiser, she was free and clear to do whatever she wanted, she was a Fluffy reborn, she was a…


Clematis suddenly remembered the filly in her mouth and she gently placed Pinkie on the grass, the filly yawned and sleepily looked up at her mother.

“Mummah, wai am babbeh ousside? It dawk-time, wan gu tu bedsies.”

“Nu am sweepy-time babbeh, mummah an bestesh babbeh an weaving, gu find mummah nyu speciaw-fwiend.”

Pinkie took a moment to process everything her mother had said. “Wha? Bu mummah hab Fwuffy daddeh, nu need nyu speciaw-fwiend, an Pink-ee babbeh nu am bestesh, mistah daddeh say dat am bad fing fow mummahs tu say.”

“Mistah Daddeh am wong, mummah knyo own babbehs betta and mummah say Pink-ee babbeh am bestesh, nyo mummah an bestesh gu find nyu speciaw-fwiend, gib mummah wots of pwopa wub an gud babbehs.”

Before Pinkie could argue, Clematis placed the little filly onto her back and started off on her journey, squeezing through the fence-posts and onwards towards the tree-place. Pinkie took one last look back towards her old home, she was happy to be with her mother and to know she was now the favourite, but part of her still felt uneasy about leaving the rest of her family behind.

She silently hoped she’d see them again.

“Wakies bestesh babbeh, it bwite-times.”

Pinkie slowly roused from her slumber, still exhausted from the interrupted sleep the night before. She and Clematis had ventured deep into the forest before finding a place to sleep. It hadn’t been a comfortable sleep, the hard ground of sharp twigs and wet leaves made for an difficult time even just finding a good place to lay down, the cool night air made both mother and daughter shiver, and now with no roof and no curtains to block out the morning sun, both were waking up much earlier than usual.

“Mummah, babbeh wan sweep wittew wonga, pwease.”

Clematis chuckled. “Nu babbeh, need find mummah’s nyu speciaw-fwiend, he in Twee-Pwace, jus need gu wook fow him.”

Clematis started walking in a vague direction, confident it was the right way despite having no evidence to suggest such a thought. Pinkie panicked and chased after her mother.

“Bu mummah, wai yu wan nyu speciaw-fwiend, yu nu wub daddeh nu mowe?”

“Babbeh am stiww babbeh, nu undastan yet, mummah ek-pwain wen yu big Fwuffy.”

“Nu wan wait tiww den, wan mummah say nyo. Babbeh stiww wub daddeh an bwuddas, wai mummah weave dem aww.”

“Mummah knyo betta, nyo come on.”

“NU!” Pinkie stomped her tiny hoofs and stared her mother down. “Pink-ee am bestesh babbeh an if mummah wub bestesh babbeh den mummah teww Pink-ee wai nu am at homesie nu mowe.”

Clematis returned the stare down, she smirked as she saw Pinkie’s resolve cracking, she had resorted to the ‘bestesh babbeh cry’ as a way of appealing to her mother’s favouritism, but Pinkie was too smart and too kind to follow through on it, Clematis might have named her as such but Pinkie didn’t truly believe she was any better or worse than her siblings.

Clematis loomed over her lone daughter, frightening the little filly into pissing herself.

“Yu du wha mummah say cos mummah am mummah an knyo bestesh, ow ewse mummah weave yu in Twee-Pwace awone, nyo wet’s gu ow…




As Clematis had started walking away, her back right leg had been snapped by a trap, rows of jagged metallic teeth had ensnared her and instantly shattered her limb. Both Clematis and Pinkie screamed in fear and pain, both immediately shitting themselves as Pinkie ran around in circles trying to find a place to hide from the scary noise while Clematis made her injured limb even worse by pulling on it to try and break free of the trap.

“HUUUUUUU, pwease gib Cwe-mah-tis weggie bak, need weggie tu wun an pway wiv babbehs.”

“Mummah, mummah nu wike, wan gu bak homesie, wan wawm bedsies, wan stuff-ee fwiend, wan daddeh.”


“Mummah, babbeh am sowwy, nu mean be meanie, nu wan gib mummah huwties.”

“It ok babbeh, mummah sowwy tuu, nu mean be meanie, come gib mummah huggies, huggies make evewyfing betta.”

The mother and daughter, both stained by tears and shit, embraced each other as whatever grievances they had melted away, replaced by the fear of losing each other.

Clematis winced as the sharp pain in her leg shot through her body. She was trapped there, unable to move for food or water, let alone get any help, and Pinkie was too small and too young to go out there alone, a fact that Pinkie herself seemed well aware of.

“Mummah? Wha Fwuffies du nyo, need hewp gitten meanie fing off mummah’s weggie.”

Clematis put on a brave face and licked Pinkie’s cheek. “It ok babbeh, speciaw-fwiend knyo we coming, he wook fow us if take tuu wong. If nu, den Mistah Daddeh find Fwuffies, he nu weave Fwuffies awone in Twee-Pwace, Mistah Daddeh wub Fwuffies.”

As Clematis softly hummed to ease her daughters worries, Pinkie couldn’t help but fear that once again, her mother was wrong.

Elsewhere in the forest, just too far away to properly hear Clematis’ cries for help, Casanova lay on the forest floor, one traps stuck on his head, slicing open his neck and slowly bleeding him out, another trap between his legs, completely severing his cock and balls.

He lived long enough to see his castrated appendage before dying alone and in agony.


Well, the owner might rescuse Pinky if he can find her in time, but Clematis is fucked.

Maybe, if the owner doesnt find them, this will hardern pinky into her feralness.


brilliant tying Lothario’s brother to this?? Perfection!!! humor, lust, deception …what is not to love!

ps Great teamwork!!!


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I also think you read my mind. Because in my mind something nearly exactly like this happened. She did have other fools and a special friend in my mind. You just made it all better by looping in Lucario and the tree place… I’m just so impressed


When that spark ignites it’s hard to tell how big the explosion will be until the boom.

Plus I have an awful habit of overdoing backstory when it comes to character actions.


And you got all this from a few panels?

Good lord, you are a goldmine of stories.

I like the spin on Pinkie trying to use her newfound status as Bestest, but not being able to follow up because she doesn’t think of herself as such.

Also god damn it, Casanova. You had one job.


pinkie’s pretty smart for a foal. damn shame she’s stuck with that dumbass excuse of a mother


Ricky: “Oh cool, free fluffies. I was looking for a chance to practice my transplanting skills.”

Clematis: “Yu gib Cwematis nyu weggie?”

Ricky: “No, but you have three legs I can practice taking off.”


Wow Clematis you fucking bitch as expected of a horny shit of a mare, you leave the safety if your house for some stud?

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Well they are brothers, Casanova is looking for Lothario when he meets Clematis.


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Well her true relationship is 6 feet under in the dark forest DEAD!


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