Unfuffiled Needs Pt. 12 (By DaxterIsAFluffy)

The next morning I went to the safe room and stood outside the door to listen to my fluffies. Everything was quiet so I grabbed the kibble and walked in. The mare and Raspberry passed out in the same places I last saw them with Raspberry splayed out on his stomach and the mare head down on her box. Sky was already up and stacking one block on the flat ground with the focus of a surgeon. I managed not only to get his attention, but also woke the other two when I dropped the kibble on the ground.

“Huuhuuu nee nummies.” The mare said while Raspberry merely whipped his tail slightly when he saw the bag, knowing he would be fed.

“Yaaayyyy, gud bwite time daddeh!”, Sky said beginning to trot over to me, “Fwuffy hab bessess dweamsie! Du daddeh wan heaw?”

Now sitting proper at my foot I knelt down and pet his head as he cooed at my touch.

“Not right now, big guy. I actually brought some food for you!”, I said, grabbing the scoop in the bag and pulling out a pile of kibble.

“Bu d-daddeh? Kibble nummies am fo fwuffy stowe an ba fwuffies. Awways towd fwuffy hab onwy bessess nummies ad homsies. Sky wan sketti nu wan kibble.”, he said, genuinely confused, as I poured it into the bowl I put in front of him.

“Well… I can’t promise it uhhh all the time but… OK!”, I said as I pushed the bowl over to where Raspberry was lying.

“YAAAYYYY FWUFFY GED SKETTI DU BESSESS SKETTI DANCIES FO DADDEH!”, Sky shouted as he got on his hind legs and did his best dance.

“C-can Wasbewwy hab skettis tu? Am gud fwuffy.”

“No sorry little guy I only have enough for one fluffy and Sky asked first. Enjoy your kibble! I’ll be right back, Sky!”

“Huuuhuuuu wan skettis tu huuuu.”, I heard Raspberry sob as he crunched on his kibble.

I looked over at the mare who had her head still resting on the box, her tail weakly lifting up every couple of seconds. She was looking right at Raspberry, watching him eat and probably thinking about the skettis I just promised Sky.

“Huuu tummy hab wowstest owies huuu. Heawt hab wowstest saddies huuhuuu nee huggies an wub. Nee nummies an kissies huuu.” She whined as I walked out, shutting the door behind me and listening in for a bit.

I never thought fluffy would keep secrets or have other traits they don’t show to others. I always thought they were super transparent about everything. Even if it get’s them beat half to death with a sorry stick or locked in a sorry box all day they always are themselves. Not Sky.

“Huuuuhuuuu wai daddeh gib oder fwuffy da skettis? Am his bessess wittle fwuffy huuu. Whewe wub gu whewe huggies gu huuuhuuuhuuu.”, Raspberry cried.

“Stupi fwuffy.”, Sky began, “Daddeh wose intwest in dummeh poopie wed fwuffy. Wub pwetty bwue fwuffy nao. Dis am Sky sabewoom an ou two awe my mawes. Gib fwuffy gud feews tiw skettis an mite shawe.” Sky stated. No way they’d notice me now so I cracked the door to watch as I thought about installing a one-way window in the wall.

“Sky s-shawe skettis w-wit Wasbewwy? B-bu nu wan poopie pwace huwties gain. Wai nyu fwen huwt Wasbewwy huuu jus wan nyu fwen.”

“Gud feews or nu skettis!”

I watched as Raspberry slowly came to terms with the fact that even if it meant death he could not turn down skettis. He slowly turned around then stuck his butt in the air with his face near the ground. Shaking, he turned his head around.

“P-p-pw-pwease o-onwy wi-wid-widdwest enfies?”

“Sky du wa wan!”, Sky said as he swiftly mounted Raspberry and began to enf him.

With each rapid thrust Sky let out a loud “ENFENFENF” and Raspberry would retort with “UHNUHNUHN” letting out small sobs in between. I looked to the mare whose eye’s were shut tight as she “HUUHUUHUU’d”. I decided to leave them and go to the kitchen to make skettis for Sky.

I grabbed one of the many many boxes of noodles I had stocked and began to cook a single fluffy serving. I could hear them enfing in the kitchen as I cooked. Last time I walked in on them Sky seem unfazed. I wonder if that would change this time. With everything finally finished I poured the sauce on the sketti and walked to the saferoom.

“Dummeh fwuffy sday siwend! Nu teww daddeh or Sky gib ou wowstest huwties!”, I heard sky whisper yell as I got to the door and opened it.

“YAAAYYYYY!”, Sky yelled over the loud sobbing in the room. He was dancing as if he had never stopped, “DADDEH MAK BESSES SKETTIS SMEWW SU GUD!”

“Here you go, big guy! It’s all yours!”, I said setting the plate in front of him and looking at Raspberry, whose face was buried into the floor as he sobbed.


I grabbed him and held him tight against my chest. He nuzzled his head against my neck and cooed as I rubbed his back.

“Wub daddeh wub huggies.” He said happily. I then set him down and he turned toward me.

“Dank ou gain daddeh! Wub sketti!”, he began to eat and I left them, leaving the door cracked so I could watch.

Sky had never looked as content as I had seen him then. He truly feels at home and living the life all fluffies live. He excitedly slurped up the sketti as Raspberry tried to stand, staring right at the skettis he was promised some of. Everytime he’d lift himself up his hind legs would give out and he’d be a sobbing mess on the floor again. He turned his head around and began to whisper.

“P-pwease poopie pwace. Nu h-hab huwites id am otay. Fwuffy gun ged sketti an aww wiww be beddur. Pwease wet fwuffy gu tu skettis huuhuu. Sowwy poopie pwace nu mean tu mak angwy huuhuuu nee skettis huu nee daddeh wan daddeh.”, he straightened himself out and tried to stand again, failing.

“MMMM WUB SKETTIS!”, Sky said while eating, occasionally lifting his front hooves up in excitement.

“Huuhuuuu pwease gib nummies. Hab tummy huwties huu. Tummy babbehs eat west ob nummies in soon mummah huuuhuuu.” The mare said. Oh fuck the mare said that?

As I began to question whether or not I have a mental disability, Sky responded to no fluffy in particular.

“Daddeh gib gud stawwion skettis su Sky be besses fwuffy. Mawes nu nee sketti.”, He said smugly with an equally smug look on his face that vanished in ecstasy as he went face first into the skettis again

Sky finished the noodles and then turned on the plate, licking and nibbling every last speck of sauce and noodle bits. When it looked like he was done I walked in. Sky gave the plate a few more licks before getting up to dance again.


“That’s very nice, Sky! Good boy for finishing all the skettis! You three have fun while I do the dishes!” I said leaving.

“Otay daddeh fwuffy hab besses funsies!” Sky said as I closed the door behind me and walked to the kitchen.

I put the plate in the sink and thought how I would handle the baby fluffies. I would end up having them pillowed or something obviously but what about Sky? Would he become attached to the babies? Would he get protective over them and put them over me? I realized quickly that didn’t matter. He’s a fluffy. He doesn’t get to make those choices. I cannot wait to ruin him.


I have a single, unbreakable rule. Dancie fluffies lose their weggies.
For me, Sky deserves to lose his weggies.


I honestly don’t think Sky would give a shit about his kids.

So long as he gets what he wants, which is sketti and sex, he won’t care what happens to his foals.

You want to go in the opposite direction, really ham up how wonderful babbehs are, how they’re the most precious things in the world. How they get all the best sketti and toys which means there’s not enough left over for Sky, how he can’t have enfies because it’ll scare the little ones.

That way when he lashes out and hurts or even kills his own kids, you have the perfect excuse to rip him to shreds.


so sky turned out to be a smarty,i dont really know how to make him miserable honestly,he IS living the life,i wonder what will you do.
i would say cut his dick too,but that would be pretty repetitive,as for raspberry,maybe give him some horny meds so he wants to enf even more ?
and now we have foals to think about in the future(i doubt the mare will love them honestly,but it would be funny to take her out of the weggie box,just for her to realize that she cant move bc of his mummah belly xD)

as soon as the mini shit-rats born, turn sky into a litter-pal and release the mare from the box, make them feel safe again for a couple of weaks while sky eats shit and then bring a new stallion with an insatiable lust for enffie-babies, everyone deserves to suffer.


I’d like to see Sky die slowly.

Wait until the mare gives birth, then offer to let her out of the leggie box for a hour—for a price. One of her babbehs leggies. Of course, her own legs are so atrophied by this point that she can’t even use them anyway, just lay there flailing. Do it every time she whines about being in the leggie box, regardless of if she’s asking to be let out or not, until all her babbehs are pillows for nothing. All the while Sky blames her for his children slowly losing their leggies, and takes it out on her. Once all the babbehs are out of leggies, it’s Sky’s turn to pay for her whining about the leggie box.
Then, DIY no-no stick transplant for Sky and Raspberry. Botched so it hurts, but it still works and gives him good feels, and he’s gotten so fixated on special huggies he can’t stop himself even while screaming in pain. Then dose him up with the fluffy aphros and turn him loose on Sky’s pillowbabbehs while Sky watches. Then let him at Sky himself.
Leave Raspberry, the original fluffy he owned, king of the saferoom of suffering, with a pillowed not-mare, a leggie-box mare that can’t walk, and a litter of pillowbabbehs to painfully enf as much as he pleases. Full circle. He wanted special huggies. Now he is a slave to those same desires, compelled to enf all day while shrieking in pain. He got what he wanted.

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Lot of ragebox here