Ungrateful shit (InfraredTurbine)

Some fluffies are never happy, aren’t they ?

Btw some parts arrived today :smiley: not all of them huuhuuuhh
(rx 6600 was the first plan, until the rest of the pc fucked up xD)

pc so far

Planned to upgrade it for so many years, but now I was kinda forced to upgrade the rest too xD the plan was just a new gpu, but it’s alright. Just waiting for the processor now

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!


Doesn’t like the wheels? Then lets replace them with squares.


Eeeeey! Nice Transistor poster!! Fuckin love that game.


Bros gonna skinned cause he went to fast
Bozo got scared of wheels​:rofl::rofl:


You know those wheel are attached so you can have some type of normality, you know wun and pway etc etc

fair enough ill get the pillowperch, you can be all stumpy on my desk for the rest of time. not what i would of picked but :shrug:


Oooo basically rebuilding your pc I see! All of my personal pcs have been built with the assistance of my dad. I hope it works well!

Also, just erase the little guy’s back half, no wheels, no weggies


I would strap working legs into that rig lol. You’re a shopping cart for life.


Ok, take the wheels off. He can learn the Mint Chip way.

Mazel tov on the partial shipment! Enjoy rebuilding!

Take the wheels and give him sketties with a time limit. Like one minute to reach, not eating time limit. When he fails eat it in front of him. Maybe add another fluffy who likes wheels to rub it in if you don’t want to eat it

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Oh, doesn’t like wheels?

Take them off and let him drag himself around.


Cut off the front legs and uselessly attach them to the back lumps

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Sakura Pigma Micron pen? I use those :o

Some shitrats aren’t happy with the kindness bestowed upon them and as such not worthy of the kindness in the first place. This specific specimen should have its front limbs amputated, anus sealed,mouth stitched shut and then being forced to live out the rest of its life as a stress ball.

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