"Vampire Killer" Prologue by NobodyAtAll

My squad looks up at the gates outside Bran Castle.

Sonia has joined us, as has Hunter. Gizmo is staying in the van, acting as Sonia’s mission control in a secure location.

Hunter’s horn is now razor-sharp and gleaming silver, Sonia having removed the rubber sheath that hides his upgrade from unsuspecting vampires.

Sonia turns to me.

“Alright, Mr. Korkea. How do we get in?”

I grin at her.

“Like this.


With one punch, I send the gates flying open.

“We’re doing that to every gate or door we see. There’s nowhere they can hide.”

After punching our way into the entrance hall, we make our way to the stairs, and suddenly hear a cheerful, flamboyant voice speak up behind us.

“And so you arrive, Mr. Korkea! Like an unexpected rainstorm at a pleasant day on the beach! And you brought friends! Come one, come all! And welcome to the show! I’ve been waiting for you, Mr. Korkea!”

We turn around.

Standing in the doorway, moonlight streaming in around them, is a rather… unusual person.

Probably male, judging by the voice. He’s dressed head to toe in a purple and yellow jester’s outfit, and a white harlequin mask with a painted smile covers his face completely.

We all point our respective weapons and powers at him, and I address him.

“Are you with the vampires?”

He chuckles.

“For the moment? Yes. The role I currently play is the jester in His Majesty’s court. But my partnership with the Count and his clan is merely a temporary one, and I think my loyalty to him has just expired. Do not fret. I’m on your side. Or rather…”

He chuckles again.

“…you’re on my side.”

I glare at him.

“I don’t think so, clown-face. I don’t even know you.”

The jester chuckles yet again.

“Ah, but everyone knows me, deep down in their hearts. You just don’t realize it yet.”

“The fuck are you on about?”

He looks me in the eyes, or least, I think he does.

There aren’t any eye slots, how can he see with that thing on his face? How can he breathe? Is he a vampire too?

“You’ll find out sooner or later. Let’s just say, it has something to do with the secret you’ve been keeping, Mr. Korkea. If you really don’t believe I’m here to help: the person you are looking for is in his study, at the top of the highest tower. But it won’t be easy getting up there.”

“Let me guess, we’ll have to fight our way up there.”

We hear snarling behind us, coming from various hallways and stairways.

We all turn around.

They’re closing in on us.

We hear the jester speak up once more behind us.

“You guessed it! Have fun, all of you! Ta-ta!”

I turn back around to him, but he’s already gone.

I didn’t even hear a blip or a fingersnap.

I turn around one more time, and pull out two stakes.

Everyone else is already armed.

We see three dozen vampires enter the hall from multiple locations.

I call out to them.


The only answer is more snarling.


I charge at one of them at top speed and stake him before he even realizes it.


I pull out the stake, his heart still impaled on it, and the rest of him bursts into flames and crumbles to ash.

I shake the heart off the stake.


As I whip around and stake another vampire mid-lunge, me and my squad cry out as one.


Part 1


why your stories are not fluffy related :confused:
You probably would have more success on a story publishing site


First of all: I make an effort to include at least one fluffy in each story. As I have already said. Calvin and the ChaotiX has a stronger focus on humans, that I’ll openly admit, but my other stories, like Lavender and the Oldmans have a stronger focus on fluffies. When this story arc is over, I think Calvin and the ChaotiX will be going on hiatus for a while, and I’ll write some more fluffy-related stuff. I’m still working on ideas for all-new stories, too. I am fully aware that some people don’t like the direction Cal’s story has gone in, and I’m sorry if you don’t enjoy it. I am trying to write stories that people here can enjoy. I am taking any and all criticism into account.

Second of all: I initially set out to write something other than another generic “guy gets a fluffy and hugboxes/abuses the shit out of it” story. I wanted to go deeper into the relationship between humans and fluffies, to create a big, wide, many-faceted headcanon, and hang a few lampshades on the tropes of fluffy stories.

So, I appreciate and thank you for your criticism. I was already fully aware of the issue. If you’re willing, bear with me for a little longer, once this story arc is done, I’m putting CatC on the back burner for a while. The ChaotiX will be relegated to cameos and secondary roles for the time being.

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Oh, and third? I don’t care how successful I am. I’m doing this for fun, not fame.

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-meh ^^’ I don’t want to read all your stories just to get your canon (I’m not a big reader).
-I re-read the prologue, if we have to wait for a fluffy to appear in 100 years, you can argue it’s fluffy related … but it’s not fluffy for the most part
-and if “take critism” is to write a pamphlet to a random, you’re not really good at it :confused:


I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get my point across with fewer words. The point is, if I have to nutshell it, that I’m trying to avoid writing all-human stories. I finished Part 2 of this story after reading your post, and I ended up coming with a way to add more fluffies on the fly. I think you might like it, if you’re into horrorbox.

And my stories aren’t that long, dude. You should see how quickly @Harmful338 read them all. Yeah, I can see you, buddy! I saw all the likes popping up!


Well ok for the vampire story then :v (but just because of the shitty teenage girl aspect of my brain → can you add gay vampires *^ * → just kidding)
→ I’m not really good with drafted english (I just threw quick eye to things that interest me :v)


I’ve got a gay werewolf, is that good enough for you?


*suddenly paying attention
…go on


I buy it :v


I wasn’t planning to make the character gay at first. I wasn’t originally planning to make him an actual character at all. He started off as a one-off joke in “James the Turd”, and only later did I decide to develop him into a full-blown character. Professor Rex Sycamore, please excuse the pun, got his own starring role in “Werewolf, Baby!”, and is now part of the regular ChaotiX cast. I honestly decided to make him gay on a whim. So, if you see any parallel between his condition and a certain real-life illness, that wasn’t intentional.

And while Rex is a part of this story too, you’ll notice that he didn’t take part in the battle in Part 1. There’s a reason for that.

I may do a story about Rex after this, focusing on the more mundane aspects of his life. His family has fluffies too, so @Moesius, you don’t need to worry about it not being fluffy-related.


meh !


I’m just saying, I’ve taken what you said into account. My stories need more fluffies in them. I’m gonna work on that.


I understood but it was just to tease xD (sorry :/)


Cards on the table, me too.


how 'bout werefluffies?

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I think you’re gonna like the ending of the latest Saga…

Check out “No Pill’s Gonna Cure My Ill” first.