Veggie Colored foals Adoptables CLOSED Gal-with-pastels)

was reading some of @BFM101 ’s works and thought , why not make some veggie colored foals. And since they inspired me to make these adopts, why not give them a pick if they wish for one of them.

we have 3 little foals here , A earthie colt i like to call Turnip( Taken) , A pegasus Filly called onion (taken) , and a dull red unicorn filly called Radish (Taken)

•Adopt rules •

• you must atleast have 2 works in your gallery in order to adopt from me.
• Must use the adopt.


I like these natural colours! I know people would call them “bad” colours, but they have their own unique appeal.

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Onion… Please…


Absolutely agree, they have a certain appeal that I just enjoy.


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(post deleted by author)

Me with Onion


nice and pudgy. :slight_smile:

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I can’t adopt as I don’t post pictures, but I love that these are veggie themed.

I believe you can adopt.
The rules state works, and written works fall under that category.

Hey, sorry, time difference is a pain.

This is all great and I’m happy to take the offer. I’m sure I could use Radish for something in the future if that’s ok.

Radish is yours

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Hehehe cute lil foals (pet them)

there is only one left currently, that being turnip

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I love the colors on Turnip.
Would I be able to adopt him?
Got 2 works in the gallery so that checks out.

I think you could work wonders with Turnip.

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I’m already itching to draw something with him :leaves:

I’m sure he wil be yours.

he is yours!

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Thank you so much!