vic_vyper's doodles


more imports from reddit. still experimenting with the look of my fluffies, with color and opacity and all that jazz, i hadn’t drawn for a few years before joining the community!


I like the look of the last panel. It gives a kind of spooky vibe.


I like that the glass seems to be cutting the fluffies mouth as it wields it. And the harness/leash wearing fluffy in the back of the first pic makes me want to know the story

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Idky but I would lov to see a fluffy get revenge kind of story like he or she gets a bladed weapon of some kind and is on a path of vengeance and sorrow fighting and killing human and fluffys alike with some made up martial art that only the fluffys can really put to use

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I’ve been thinking about the fluffy uprising/revolt idea quite a bit tbh, but because status quo is god i’m afraid to commit. But i’m thinking more about having fluffies use more fluffy-appropriate methods of fightback.

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Fluffy stabbing deaths <3

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