Violet Bad Day (Pastry_Knight)

Some old stuff of mine from the booru, I didn’t realise it was possible for my art to be worse than it is now.

Runt Ramp Down
24241 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight impending_accident litterbox questionable shit

Poopie Babbeh
24243 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight dummeh poopies_on_babbeh questionable regret

Bully Bwuddah
24244 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight foal_on_foal_abuse poopie_babbeh safe stuffy_bear


Poor Babbeh

Why was everything always “impending” on the booru?

And entirely reasonable response
24322 - abuse author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight death drowning foal justice questionable stupid_smarty


The Claw
24356 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight foal impending_bath poopie_babbeh questionable scared wanbepoopiebabbeh

Even more “Impending”
24364 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight foal impending_bath poopie_babbeh questionable scared

Are all fluffies this dumb, or just mine?
24371 - am_gud_fwuffy author_the_pastry_knight bath_time comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight poopie_babbeh questionable scared

Buttercup Bitch

How is it still “Impending”?
24405 - author_the_pastry_knight bad_mummah blood comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight foal pain questionable stompies

Why did I attempt so many hands?
24408 - author_the_pastry_knight bad_mummah comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight impending_something question questionable revenge_or_justice

Sweepies (I think this one is traced from a PetN’s Stump’s lost dreams) (
24532 - author_the_pastry_knight comic_violet_by_The_Pastry_Knight fluffpile happiness hugbox safe

The End


ohhhh poor violet…
Honestly i love it! The art focuses on expressions and if anything, it makes it hit harder
please tell me the owner sat and held her while she went to sleep?


What a waste of a lethal injection when any flat shoe would do.


lol get wrecked poopie bebbeh

Caught in the crossfire! Better luck next life, fluffy!




I’m so excited for you to post your stories are my absolute favorite and what I aspire to right now.

Sometimes I think fluffies would be fun pets sometimes I think they would be the worst things on planet earth. Poor violate.
And to answer your question I think your fluffies are very dumb but it’s a good thing! I love them and their little squinty faces.