Wanting to create my first story on here(Irozi_Frozt)

Hello if you had not hear (Stud_CreamFilledMuffin) Is my older brother that has left community due to being a old fart/getting married.

but anyways give your weirdest ideas like a fluffy has a taste for human flesh or soon mummah became a fat bitch that getting her “best babies turning into doughnuts”

Just give me a brief idea of what you like to see and I will anything and I MEAN ANYTHING hehehHEHEHE


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Bro… Follow your heart my man, your Emotions will guide you


Start basic and work your way up. Write a really stock encounter, but do it in your words the way YOU would describe it.

You don’t need a good idea. You just need an understanding of fear or panic and the words to describe it. Plot can be as simple as “bestest babbeh tries to escape a raccoon and fails.”


Can’t go wrong with genital abuse. Just saying.


It sounds like you want plain abuse, but let’s saaay… A loving owner has to remove his fluffy’s wings because it keeps trying to fly by jumping off things and he doesn’t want it to get itself killed. But the story’s from the fluffy’s perspective, and the fluffy’s in utter despair as to how its own daddy could take away its ability to fly for no reason (even though he’s trying to console it and cheer it up).

Actually if you don’t do that one I might do it myself. Sounds like some good hurt/comfort.


Best advice.


A fluffy learns how to sell stuff. It then learns the basics of money (more money=more spaghetti). The rest depends on how far you’re willing to go.

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Take something to do with toys.

Marketing, bad decisions from companies or designers, generational changes, aborted ideas, the poor reflection between source material and product, animated commercials, blind bags/boxes/balls, toys for IPs not meant for children, regional translation, nostalgia, fan hobby modifications, knockoffs and third party products, crossovers, and the many, MANY gimmicks.

Just go watch random Toy Galaxy videos.

Write about that. Something evolving, something newly released, something old that escaped. Intended things that failed, or happy/unhappy accidents.

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Fallow your heart so when the story is deemed not fluffy enough the sting of rejection has that personal bite

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Srsly tho hell yea! Welcome to this den of sadist! I got comms from him! My pfp is his work too as a matter of fact! If you need help or if wanna be frens then hmu!

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