Wasted Chance [By MuffinMantis]


I’d say give him one last chance, he can eat normal food providing he doesn’t start with the Smarty Shit again.

If he does, it won’t be shit he eats, it’ll be slices of his own fatty body.


Should’ve crushed its legs with a hammer, it’s stupid enough to make it believe that if he’s a good fluffy his legs will work again, and it would also make it suffer as for it it’ll be like having the chance of walking again just far enough to be out of reach


Just throw him in an enfie pit. He had a chance already.


Now now, the One Strike Rule is incredibly fair and balanced.
100% of fluffies who know what’s good for them have said so.
Especially after they saw what happened to those who didn’t.

This dude reminds me of those fur arm s1eeves. xD

Just so tubu1ar.

Absolutely love the expression on the poor bastard’s face, 10/10


“I get back way more for my money seeing you being miserable for the rest of your life”

Hahaha what a stupid shitrat foal.

Pretty much all smarties have this coming. Fuck them.

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