Wawamelon (Artist: Carpdime) (fb id: 19726)


Currently the earliest known image by Carpdime that was tagged as hugbox. Noting the colour of the fruit we can assume that the liquid is all watermelon juice.

This post is pending further information, whether it is from a retrievable archive or from the artist himself.


Orange babbeh is something of a cad.

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That purple baby is likely doomed.

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This is one of the first fluffy images I ever saw, the poor purple foal with the stupidity and obliviousness of the blue one made me want to see them suffer.

The way I see it, they’re being foals. They’re kids, in the fluffy sense. If they’re oblivioys or silly, that is because they are just young.

If mummah hears what orange just said, well at best he might give mummah heart hurties and she might need extra sorry huggies, at worst well, i think we might have ourselves a new dummeh babbeh… good luck numming them poopies chief assuming the hoofsies dont come raining down on ya.

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