weapons for fluffies

what types of weapons a fluffy can use


Not sure if they could really use anything.

Maybe a knife or to a lesser extent, a sharpened stick would be the only choices that require little motion and skill to inflict pain with. Blunt objects require either speed or a sharp turning of the head, which I am not sure if fluffies could reliably pull off.

I’d see them using environmental hazards over weapons, like making a human trip or pushing a rock down.


I can’t think of any that wouldn’t require a human to set them up.

But they would make pretty good bio weapon carriers.


in a realistic setting i suppose a knife could work like

In a weirdbox situation id reccomend the FN P-90


I think that would depend on one thing;

  1. In your head-cannon, can fluffies grip using their hooves?

If yes, they could theoretically use any kind of primitive weapon from swords, clubs, spears and otherwise all the way up to chucking rocks and stuff for ranged weapons. Provided they were smart enough to figure out how to do it.

If no, they may need some setup assistance from a human or human-ish creature, but I could see spiked helmets, spikes on or near the hooves or other such weapons. Imagine ferals stringing briars around their midsections and then body checking other ferals!

Also agree with @A-S, environmental hazards are the greatest friend to the manual dexterity disinclined.


Pointy stick in its jaw, though in all likelihood its more likely to injure itself.

Maybe you could fit a bear-trap fist like in the one new vegas dlc over its hoof but honestly not that much.

However you could mount a weapon of a fluffys back, idk if that counts


The simplest thing that comes to mind is burrs. Load their tail and coat with burrs, maybe beechnuts and thorns too. Become a mobile caltrop. It’d backfire as the points worked down through their coat, and be miserable for a Fluffy to remove, lethal if they’re too stupid not to swallow maybe.


If it’s being enabled by a human, tape a knife to them.

If it’s a fluffy learning how to use tools, sharp pointy objects are about as far as they can get.


conceivably a heard could tie scrap metal to a fluffy and have it used as sharp armor or you can just give them guns


Being dumb and fragile, their own horns and hooves are the best options. If wanna help them make more damage reinforce those. You can always tape C4 to their fluff and make your own kamikaze fluffies.

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Stick some explosives in their poopers and you’ve got some kamikaze fluffs :sunglasses:


You could sharpen the horn.

My headcanon has a fluffy who had his horn sharpened, and coated in silver. For hunting vampires. Yes, really.

And I’ve got another fluffy who wields a sword. You’ve heard the phrase “armed to the teeth”? That fluffy takes it literally. But he’s got, shall we say, an unfair advantage.

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Small knifes, self destructive bombs, c4’s

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Suicide vests.

For actual weapons for fluffies, a stick held in the mouth and whipped at another fluffy would make a good sorry stick. Other than that, an older fluffy’s hooves should have hardened enough to bop another fluffy a good one.