Weird Science a Cyoa by L.A Vaught

be “scientist”

you do experiments on fluffies

mostly to see how much they cry when you do stuff to them…

like feed them hot sauce or stab them

you record it so it’s science

you are currently doing an experiment in how much you can kick a soon mummah before you feel an intense pain in your chest before you fall over

Pov switch

You are Dr. Barchenkov, SCIENTIST!

you have just killed a man because he was wasting valuable resources and you needed a corpse
he also reminded you of the right wing types in the gulags who threw a bitch fit when you tried to replace their organs with machines

you sigh, god how you miss the soviet union…

some people would call you a monster but morality was unimportant!
what was important was SCIENCE!
you wished to create not destroy

specifically a race of living gods

you look up to the cowering mare as she pleads with you not to hurt her

the rest are either dead or too near it to respond

tell her you’ll give her all the huggies and sketties she could want as long as she lets you

What science do you do first?
A.Insert a transposon into the mare and see what mutants she produces

B.Reanimation of the dead

C. Put a human brain in a fluffy


Science A since then we get to see the mare react to babbehs.


A because why not :yum::yum::yum::yum:

Science С. it reminds me of the “Heart of a Dog”. of course, putting a human heart into a fluffy is too abstract and symbolic for scientists like us, so the brain will do too


Science A. Yay for mutant fluffies!