Welcome Home #3 (Ace)

Meadow led Bingo through the meandering clutter of trash and feces for what seemed like forever. What was an easy squeeze for her body was somewhat more cramped for her, and she chirped advice from time to time. “Wollies fuh bitey-things!” She told him after an assortment of the parasitic micros within the hoard clamped onto her fur. Demonstrating, the young mare twisted and rolled in a somewhat clumsy motion to crush every single fluff attached to her. Small splotches of blood on her yellow fur were all that remained of the pests. “Bwuddah carefuls….scawy burny sketti.” Was explained as they came across an exposed electrical cord. The (now) mummified remains of several of their kin who had taken the high voltage expressway to the afterlife were clustered around it. Eventually they had gotten to what served as her nest: It was an empty wooden orange crate which had been piled over with several cardboard boxes. At first glance it looked to be just another piece of debris within many but once Meadow nosed some of the stuff out of the way it would reveal what could be considered comfortable within the place.

The nest was relatively clean. There were bits of trash here and there, maybe dragged in to serve as decoration if one could appreciate such in the near darkness. A shiny piece of glass from a soda bottle. A magazine ad showing fluffies dancing on a rainbow. Several empty cans. The ultimate attraction, however…

“Nummies!” Meadow called out merrily, pushing a yellow thing in plastic to Bingo. She stomped on one end of the package. “Bite shinies, bwuddah!” She told Bingo. The stallion nodded, taking the other side in his teeth and tearing. The package came open and the mare gave a joyful swish of her tail. “Bwuddah eat nummies, get big!” She told him, and Bingo couldn’t refuse. Scarfing down the Twinkie, he would go through it so fast that only crumbs and cream were left behind on his face. It tasted so good he could almost cry! An empty stomach which had been previously only full while living with his old family gave a churn.

“Bingo am nu bwuddah.” He told her. Feeling confused. Little brain or not, he knew that much at least. Meadow just shook her head. She was too young to not understand that. Logic only went so far with them. “Bwuddah protec Meawwow! Bingo am bwuddah!”

He was about to at least try to explain but that was cut off by a horrible clattering. Glass breaking. Light suddenly flooded the room. It penetrated far enough that it even reached down in the litter. “Bad mummah…Pwincess…bwuddah am be good.” Meadow told him with a quivering voice, leaving the nest and beginning to nose her way through a tunnel exit to the topside of the Hell they lived in.

The light was incredibly difficult to adjust to but finally Bingo could make out two major figures: Bad mummah and a new mare who was far too clean to be living out here. Purple fur, a pink, perfectly maintained mane and tail. Even her hooves were waxed to a perfect mirror sheen. A collar with a golden tag that read ‘Princess’. She held her nose up to the air as if she were too important to make an appearance here. As for bad mummah? She was in a filthy bathrobe, hair up in curlers. She stank like something very familiar to Bingo: Burny wa-wa. It’s like she had bathed in every bottle littered back in the alley he had been pulled from. Something else got his attention, too. Every single fluffy in the place had lined up. Not single file of course. Even the poopies who had been relegated to the mountain of shit had meandered over to join the gathering. Those with limbs which still worked, of course. The pillows had wibble-wobbled as close as they could, but it was clear immediately. All of those present were being met by two incredibly judging eyes.

Princess meandered through the group, looking at her fellow fluffs as if they were nothing more than shit she’d just made in the litterbox. Bingo shouldered next to Meadow in the line, watching this with the quietness of an outsider who was quickly learning the ins.

“Go on, schweetie. Tell ‘em…tell me…whos the dirty whores ‘n philanders?” Bad mummah had said that, watching Princess make her way down the line. The regal mare stopped at a pile of poopies who were clutched together. Shivering, caked in the feces they had been living in and eating. “Poopies am bad cowow! Mummah aways say bad cowows nu good.” Princess said, giving a smile that could turn a fine unsuspecting cheddar into that rotten maggot cheese in Italy. Bad mummah reached out to stroke a few fingers through Princess’s mane, nodding a bit. “Coarse! They don’t work, they don’t do anything…”

Bingo watched with rapt attention as the poopies were scooped up by mummah. They were all incredibly small because of malnutrition and could barely put up a fight. It was then he felt that gaze fall on him. The pretty mare was staring at him. Like she was trying to see right through his face! It didn’t occur to him that it was because of the crumbs and cream still left over on his fur from the Twinkie that Meadow had stolen from bad mummah’s room.

Special thanks to @AmbitiousLeather8309 your kind words and fanart gave me a push to write more of this!


Love It!! Oh how I hate bad mummah and princess


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Fingers crossed for part 4

https://fluffy-community.com/t/cinnamummahs-1-fan-ace/55447 This is the ending