Wendy’s tale Part 2 By ArisenLeaf

Sky began to introduce you to his herd.

There were several fluffy mummas expecting, each with their special friend helping them balance themselves on their bloated bodies. The larger babies were accompanied by the colts and filly’s, allowing for more controlled travel. The little babies and their mumma’s, the families you saw were adorable. Then the few who had no babies or special friends, they seemed to be sad.

Their leader, a green stallion began to demand you and Sky’s attention.

“Sky! Who am pink mawe?”

“Am Wendy! She wive neaw twee with nummies! She wike Sky, big and tough! Wight Wendy?”

Sky nudged you, clearly telling you to lie to his leader.

“Yes! Wendy am tough!”

“O’tay then it’s settwed. Sky wiww have Wendy as speciaw fwend and make bestest toughie babbehs.”

What? You just met this stallion! He even hurt you and you’re already expected to have his children? You felt confused, although you love special huggies, you felt as if you were moving too fast with your new life.

“Come with Sky, Wendy. Have bestest nestie neaw nummie twee.”

His nest was indeed the best. Unlike the others, he collected human stuff, from coats, blankets, and the insides of a pillow.

“Thank you Sky. Wendy wub nestie, but Wendy nu am weady fow babbehs.”

“Sky know! Dummeh weadew make Sky have speciaw huggies with whoeva’ he says to! Sky teww wittwe mawes to wie about speciaw huggies so they can be with weaw speciaw fwends!”

“S-Sky weawy do that?”

“Yes! Sky know mawes am too smaww and nu wike Sky wike speciaw fwends! So Sky wie and wet famiwies have weaw famiwies!”

The stallion was noble, it seemed that he knew the herd had rights and one of them was consent. Maybe he was the right one…

You and Sky were both posted at the tree once again, this time showed you how to make a bowl out of bendy sticks and mud. You were intrigued by his creativity, he was as smart as a human! You both began storing the bowls by your posts making it easier to stay in one place to eat.

Then you hear a rustle in the woods.

Kitty munsta…

You were about to scream until Sky covered your mouthie place and pushed you into the mud. The stuff covered you both and he held you close and tight, quietly telling you to…

“Be vewy, vewy quiet…”

The kitty munsta sniffed your back and made a face, before walking off towards the fence leaving you and Sky alone. He saved you, somehow the munsta didn’t notice you or him! You both hold each other before he plants a kissy on your mouthie place, you pull him in and continue giving each other a deep kissy until you find composure.

Guh Sky neva’ had speciaw huggies befow! This feew wight!”

Unf Yes! Sky am bestest speciaw fwend! No-no stick feew good!”

Although it’s been a week, he had touched you deeply. His nobility for his herd, compassion to the unfortunate fluffies, and ability to lead made you tremble.

“Sky am gonna have good feews, Wendy! Can Sky give Wendy babbehs?”

“Yes! Wub Sky! Wub- GUD FEEWS!!!”


You felt his no-no juice fill your special place. Hot feelings filled your insides and mind, he rested beside you, giving you kissies and huggies.

Then the green stallion and his toughies dragged you out of the nest.


“Dummeh munsta! ‘Ou nu’ awwowed to wive with hewd!”

He dragged you to the outskirts of the herd’s home with Sky in tow.

“Wet Wendy go, dummeh!”

He began to kick and punch the other stallions, causing them to let you go. You regroup beside Sky and hold onto him, afraid of the stallions.

“Dummeh Sky! Give munsta to weadew o’ ewse weadew give Sky huwties again!”

“NU CAWE!!! Sky wiww kiww dummeh weadew! ‘Ou onwy cawe about youwsewf!”

“Nu am twue! Give hewd bestest wand and famiwies!”

“‘’Ou wan Sky to give famiwies babbehs!!! Nu am wight! It nu am weadews choice!”

“IT AM!!!”

The herd began to approach, each member babbling incoherently about the situation.

The leader spoke again.

“Wendy am a munsta! Stawwions found wingies that bewong to dummeh in bushies!”

He revealed a pair of decomposing wings. Each colour matching your fluff and the scent still smelling of you.

“Munsta’s nu am awwowed! So dummeh must weave o’ get biggest huw-“


The herd goes silent. Clearly stunned by the reveal.

“Sky am stiww a fwuffy! Meanies nu wike munsta’s so Sky wemove wingies to wive with hewd! ‘Ou know Sky am good fwuffy, Sky wet famiwies be famiwies!”

Each fluffy began to murmur, then a grey stallion spoke.

“Sky am wight! Dummeh weadew wuin famiwy, dummeh weadew huwt fwends, dummeh weadew needs to weave!”

The herd began to agree and started yelling at the green stallion. His own stallions had turned on him with and they chased him off the land.

Sky showed skills that made him an excellent leader. Even though he had wings and a horn once, the herd respected him and saw him more than just a monster, but as part of their families. Alicorns weren’t seen as monsters by the herd anymore and in fact they were taken under your care, you passed down the knowledge Sky had given you and taught them how to make bowls. This made it easier to protect posts from monsters and other fluffies.

The trees began to turn orange. You didn’t know what was going on until Sky told you.

“It am awmost winta’ time! Hewd must gathew nummies and make nestie befowe white sky wawas come!”

As your herd began gathering resources, humans were spotted in the lands. They were watching the herd and Sky had told everyone to lay low until the humans lost interest…

Then the first fluffy was killed.

Your herd was chased off by some humans in blue. Sky was killed by one of the humans and all of the stallions that defended the herd were killed aswell. Most of you managed to regroup and began to head to the direction Sky had mentioned. He had told you about said location beforehand as a plan B if the humans decided to bother the herd.

“It am nice wand with hooman who nu bothew fwuffies! Sky met hooman and neva’ fewt scawed awound them!”

The location wasn’t that far from your old land, landmarks included houses of similar look, barky monsters no bigger than you, and larger brown walls that were used to protect human land. You arrived with the remaining herd members, then the grey stallion that had stood up for you seemed hesitant to having the herd live at this location. Strange? He never spoke up until now…

The end.


Wha…? I don’t understand the ending.


This felt rushed. Maybe this could have ended on a cliffhanger with Sky saying he’s a munstah with part 3 concluding the story?


I really wish I could explain to the comments why I left it on an unfinished note, however the end ties in with another story I’m making.