What are Hunting Friends?

What exactly are Hunting Friends? I’ve heard of them, but it was never clarified. Are they different than cannibal fluffies? What is the difference between hunting friends and regular fluffies?


here is wiki about them. although it says that the only difference between them and cannibals is that they are different species, it still good for basic information


Thank you!


why would you point him to that

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And on what I was seposed to point at?


If you know a better resource, please share. I am kinda interested myself


not there that is one dudes quest to dictate what fluffys are

neither I nor my online translator are 100% sure what exactly you just said. but on the piece that I still understood, I can say that saying “use your imagination” in this situation is also not the best solution. you need a base, which can then be modified and added to the headcanon if desired. All original headcanons are made this way. Or did you came to the idea of fluffies independently without anyone who would tell you their basics features? I am kinda impressed if that is true


I speak English and I’m not sure what he said.


he had a base all ready all you did was point him to some ones else head cannon

if you read the post more carefully, you would see that, aside from the term, he had no idea what hunting friends are


that’s all he needed , a much more interesting story would have come from him filling the blanks now it will be tainted by someone else opinions

what blanks are you talking about? it is just a sheet of white paper with the name “hunting friends” at the top. besides, what did I tell you about modifying shit to suit your headcanon?


what more do you need than a name he all ready knew the basics of fluffys ,why point him to shit to modify instead of lettings him make up his own shit

this argument leads nowhere. you will say that it is bad, i will say that it is ok and so on repeat. I suggest we argue about some useless shit another time


Here. That’s the link to the old wiki.
New wiki is still being activated.

And with almost all fluffy lore, every thing in it is negotiable in your own works.


Oh, thank you very much


From what I gather, they’re like trained hunting dogs brought on fox hunts. They’re specifically bred with keen eyesight, night vision, hearing and the likes. They can eat others but aren’t as predisposed to do so like cannibals are. Their sight and sound and bodies are made for the sport in hunting. But cannibals don’t “hunt” per se… They just trick fluffies in a very unsportsman like way.

Hunting friends are jocks, cannibals are the quiet kid in the back of the class plotting against you.


So hunting friends are their own fluff subspecies like garden fluffs micros or sea fluffies they don’t usually cross breed or result from cross breeding. The main difference is hunting friends are more durable have better carnivore instincts and have sharp teeth. Cannibals result from cannibalism and have spiral eyes otherwise they’re regular fluffies