What are normal fluffies' opinions of microfluffs, and vice versa?

In general.


Depends on the HC.

Most fluffies don’t come into contact with micros. But when they do, we’ve seen fluffies that understand the size difference, and fluffies that don’t. The ones that don’t seem to think micro adults are babies.

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For my head canon personally, I feel like they would need to be told and have someone explain what they are to the other. If not I could totally see normal fluffies mistaking adult micros as babbehs since they are so similar in size. I feel like Micro fluffies would have more issues with normal fluffies than the other way around. Such big things that are clumsy and could easily crush their nest and jellybean sized babbehs. A normal fluffy could easily become a munsta to a micro by size alone.

After reading the latest story with a micro, apparently they could be sneaky too! Like purposely make big fluffies think they are babbehs to steal milk and be pampered.


Micros would actually be a good means of helping raise regular foals. I mean, they’re down there with them but are (hopefully) more intelligent and mature.



In addition to the fluffy and it’s variant breeds (Unicorn, Pegasus, Alicorn, Sea-Fluffy) HASBIO’s lab had concurrently developed the “Micro” this was essestially the same product at a reduced size primarily aimed at diversifying their product line while reselling the same product only smaller.

All the same traits and behaviors are present in micros as their larger counterparts and given that an adult micro is about the size of a foal (some variantions are present as they can be smaller i.e. the size of a runt foal!)

It’s generally not recommended to have stallions or colts around micro mares since they’re likely to “enfie” and results will be messy. Mares aren’t around advised either as they’ll likely attempt to nurse the “babbeh” despite the micro despite it being an adult. Additionally it’s not advised to bring micros to fluffy parks or outdoors as they’ll likely be lost or eaten by birds, dogs, cats, etc.

Essentially Micros are just for indoors and to be separated from normal fluffies.

Depends on if they have come into contact with them before and how smart they are. But in general, the normal fluffy will know the micro is an adult because of their smell and became friends like with any other fluffy. Attraction is rare but does happen. Breeding usually only happens when the mare is the bigger one. Stallions don’t what to hurt their special friend so they will remain celibate or move on to a mare their own size. They can still breed if there is a turkey baster involved. This pairing results in foals between the size of both parents. One foal and a c-section and a mare unable to walk if the mare is the micro and 4-8 foals if the mare is a normal.

Highly dependent on the writer. There has not been enough stories on the topic to determine the broader popular idea.

In the portrayals I have seen standard Fluffies do not instinctively know what the Micros are, but Micros know they are a smaller breed of Fluffy and sometimes leverage that for free milk/protection.

That suggests that Micros were created later, or the project that made them was not working in cooperation with the standard Fluffy team, or they are an evolution rather than an intentionally created thing. If they were manufactured it suggests that “toyline creatures” may not recognize “gimmicks” introduced later unless the designers were smart enough to plan for signifiers to let older models know what kind of play is backwards compatible.

If Fluffies are less toy and more animal it may just be harder to understand a small Fluffy is not a baby than a small Fluffy would have guessing giant Fluffies are not the same kind of Fluffy.

As for opinion, it should be an extension of the Fluffy’s personality. A bully should bully a Micro, a rapist should rape, a cannibal should cannibalize, cowards should fear them as an irregularity, morons should do something stupid, the smart should come up with a way to utilize its natural talents. Same with Micros back, though unless they have idiotic arrogance the larger Fluffy should be approached with caution on the Micro’s part. Most works seem to portray Micros with non-Micros as smarter than the larger Fluffy is and a bit devious or uncaring, Micros with humans usually make Micros so sweet they are hard to abuse, so dumb they are impossible to keep alive, or so short-lived they are barely around long enough to be significant. Micro breeder/mill stories are rare, with the one I recall treating Fluffies as dog sized and Micros as rabbit sized though art portrays Micros more like beetles or mice.

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