what happened to mexi?

they still comment and stuff but I havent seen content from them in a while


if he still comments, that means everything is ok. he is just not doing content, that’s it


ok I think he still does


You could always ask Mexi why they have not posted for a while.

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I’m still here, it just takes a while to make stuff.
After my computer got repaired it takes longer for things in my program to load.

I still have so much stuff planned but it may take a little bit of time.


Oofff. I feel that in my soul.


yeah, thanks so much, and take your time I love your stuff but the priority is you

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Appreciate everything but I assure you, I’m fine.

Unlike what I’ve seen from other users who are taking time to come back, I’m not going through any kind of burnout, there’s no sudden events to cause me stress. There was one thing that I wanted to take some time after finding out about but that wasn’t anything major.

The biggest thing that’s causing my delays are the slow computer and my plans to get a new phone for some better quality pictures.

I’ve also been taking more time to plan out the next chapters of the Riol story as well as new projects.

There should be something new to tease what will be coming.


Speaking of which is the smarty events done?

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nope, life still has me bent over a rail. Haven’t touched the code in weeks and no idea when I’ll be able to resume work on it.