What happened to Sparkles [By Rudys_Carer]


panel 2 reminds me of that cat who according 2 the owner was a hoe and got prego and during the ultrasound was “SHOCKED” she was knocked up


Thays exactly what I was going for


Don’t think he will be mad… Only smarties get mad and try to enf foals or try to kill them… If anything, he might be happy?


still suspicious


That dirty mare of a bitch. She act like she don’t know that she’s pregnant. Everybody knows fluffies know of themselves they are pregnant. Mostly they come to humans to bag for taking them home, or giving them food with the arguments like: “am soon mammah” and “need mummies or/and warm housie for tummeh babbehs”. Kick her hard enough that her “tummeh babbeh” comes out of her and kick her back on the street. She plays games with you and your fluffy, don’t trust her.

sprays you with spray bottle full of piss
Be nice to my baby

Technical she was already pregnant before it became your fluffy. Maybe I’m in the last part hard of my reaction of course. But the fact that she’s great actor you can’t deny. Because of all the stories I have read fluffy mares, feral or domesticated know from their own nature when they are pregnant. She’s act like she didn’t know she was pregnant. Also she knew she had “enfies” with another male fluffy.