What happens in Vegas... (Harmful338)

Vegas, whats not to love: lights, strippers, gambling, booze and anything else to suit your vices. And yet just like most otherplaces fluffy ponnies roam, but due to the hot temperatures that could kill them they only come at night. To live there is hell for a fluffy, but due to the area a strange breeding mutation occured rather fast among the population. This mutation created the lesser spotted alicorn fluffy. This substrain of fluffy is native to the Vegas strip and has the following traits:

  • Alicorn exclusive - nothing but alicorns here folks
  • Nachtjägers - they dwell in the night but they are hunters, Cockroaches beware
  • Vegas baby - Just like the places in Vegas they got things to satisfy eachothers vices but that comes at the cost of population

Due to those factors they are unpopular pets, and even less popular for breeders. Not even abusers like them because either a) the fluffies enjoy it far too much or b) they just die before the fun can begin. Psycological is impossible as they’re either to lucid to comprehend whats being said or too stuborn to be afflicted. But what else can you say about them except they should stay in Vegas.

Now then we shall cast our ever despising gaze upon a family of them:
First is the father of these creatures a, shiwtstayen, secondly the mother, Cwuntfaced twait, and finally the children, nameless as of yet for they have not earnt it. This familly relies on the booze puke and other such liquid left on the street and other easily accessible areas, see not casionos/hotels. For food they mainly rely on scraps, discard on the ground and the odd unconsious body.

So then first today is another of their jugdment days as the cleanup crew has found their little hideout, but unlike everyothertime there isn’t a way out other than the front enteranceand so the childer are deployed first to act as a rear guard so that the parents might happen on a way out, no dice. The foals are safely contained in a ziplock bag. So the parents decide to go out in style, by fucking the ever loving shit out of eachother. The cleanup crew deploy a gas drone of Fluffus Inc to gas them out, others preffer to use the Virgil Systems bronze caster (made in co-operation with Polar Ltd), and retreive the boddies. the gas is given in high enough qualities to give a fluffy an exessively harmful seizure while only making humans woozy if they are near. After three (3) minutes the crew send in a claw arm to retrieve the fluffies. Now its the end of the crews shift they’ll have a few drinks maybe satisfy their other needs then sleep and go back to work tomorrow and see what delights await with these abbominations, after all what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.


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