what is weight of a fluffy

oh and whats the max amount of g forces before a fluffy dies
also im not sure which category is the wright so eh


What kind of fluffy are you talking about, every artist, writer and a lot of people here have their own ideas of how big a fluffy is and how much they weigh. It all varies wildly, there is no one answer

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Id say depending on Subspecies it can vary. A normal FLuffy in my Headcannon at full age, can be up to Three pounds, all the way up to Six pounds

and i have no clue about Gs

i like to think, normal fluffy are the weight of a small dog, their babies/mircos the weight of hamsters

I think of them as the size of a small-medium dog.

25-30lbs as a normal, healthy, well taken care of adult. Smaller if malnourished, foals about the size of a puppy depending on status (chirpy/talky/weanling) with the delicate feel of a kitten.


Weight is a complicated thing. But going by how I determined their stranded size. My cat is ideal weight. How much he weighed. Add fat.

15-18lbs. for standerd in my canon.


Depends heavily on the story, but for a ballpark figure I’d say somewhere between the size of a pomeranian(8-11 inches and 3-8 pounds) on the small end of things for a regular one amd probably closer to the size of a daschund(16-32 pounds) on the high end since they were made as a children’s toy.

Micros look about the size of mice, and I’m not even going to take a shot at guessing the sizes of some of the more exotic variations.

0.1 to 65 pounds depending on your writing. Or more, I wrote a stegosaurus/Venusaur kinda Fluffy once.

Simple room pressure is enough to kill them in comedy comics. Otherwise Google says a human can survive 9-10 depending on angle. Could also say there are Fluffy breeds that are even more durable, as a kids toy or through natural selection on an unnatural animal.

Fluffy physics are all kinds of fucked though. Old comics had them able to just kinda get places they shouldn’t be able to reach when not being looked directly at as if teleporting, they can liquify each other’s limbs without being any more durable, humans can twist off their limbs with two fingers but can also slam them against concrete and they’ll just have a broken jaw. The goofy kinda things don’t seem to get made much anymore though, so its really just how long you want their death to be prolonged.

Unless you are into playing with realism, toy merchandising/production logic, and sci fi handwaves like me then the rule is whatever works for your story.

I assume they are basically a chihuahua with lots of fur, so less than 10lbs. Obviously Alicorns are going to weigh more.

Micros seem to have the most variation. I would like to think that around 3-5" makes sense, as an easy to keep fluffy the size of standard rodents (gerbil etc.) would be pretty marketable, but I’ve seen them like an inch long before so who knows.

I suppose what ever you think they weigh.