What is your head canon on this?


This is an M84 “stun-grenade” or “Flashbang” it’s used a “non-lethal” means to enter and clear a room, it goes off at 170+ db and often blinds the targets. Now supposed an abuser were to throw this into a saferoom or daycare, what would happen to the fluffies?

  • Would they die from the noise?
  • Would the flash render them blind?
  • Would they catch on fire if the flashbang landed near them?

1: Almost certainly. The noise alone would either frighten their little hearts into giving out, or their bowels to explosively shit themselves inside out.

2: Blind and probably deaf, they’ll be bleeding from the eyes and ears.

3: Probably not, Fluffies have a lot of issue but flammability isn’t really one of them. At least not that easily.


I don’t fully understand how flashbangs work. You would get a better answer from @anon68543914 or anyone who has and is currently serving the military.


-Yes the stun grenade generate 170-180 decibel for reference a rocket launch generate 180
-Yes, is 6-8M candela flash
-No, by design a m-84 can’t ignite dry thing like paper.


I suppose it would be overkill I have an abuse story in the works where the exterminator uses firearms and explosives but that might be overkill… I’m yeah just gauging opinions. I served in the US Army during Iraq 05 - 06’ explosives and firearms are what I’m comfortable with.

Anyhow thanks for the info. I’ll have to work on scaling it back lol.



  1. Nah, but I would anticipate burst eardrums and permanent hearing damage. Not sure how it would even hypothetically kill them.

  2. Yes, and unlike with most humans their giant sensitive “cutesy” eyes would probably be damaged permanently.

  3. This is not how flashbangs work. I have never heard of one igniting anything other than exposed or aerosolized fuel, and even then it is considered unlikely.

P.S., there is no dash in the name of the M84.


Terror induced heart attack.

Good way to decimate the fuckers.


My HC be like
download (2)

(Had to do it. SNS)


Basically what Naru said was accurate. Idk the science behind it, but the way it works is when the chemical inside it reacts, it greats a loud noise and blinding light to stun/disrupt.

Personally I have never used one nor have I experienced one used on me. Outside of using NVGs for an exercise or having teargas used as part of CBRNE training, I couldn’t really say.

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Almost all of this is dependant on Headcanon.

  • how fragile are your fluffies?
  • what is the objective of your story?

Because it can go anywhere from "the chemial reaction of a flash grenade reacts to fluffies like a nuclear explosion (vaporizing them) all the way to “too dumb to notice”. That’s the beauty ofHC.


After some thought. For a single fluffy this is over kill. But for a herd, there’s uses for both abusers and dumb hug boxers that think their helping.

  1. No, the noise won’t kill them. They are made to entertain the loudest creatures known to man, children. Some hearing damage, and ringing. Lots of piss and shit.

  2. Temporary blindness, with few lasting side effects.

  3. As funny or sad as that would be, no.


Some might, but since the ‘bang’ is pretty fast it’s not likely to kill unless the fluffy is old, unhealthy or has other issues (ie prior victim of abuse with the equivalent of PSTD). Those suffering any form of hearing/vision loss from the bang are more likely to have a panic induced issue.

IE a scared fluffy hears a monster roar, then is blind but the roar NEVER STOPS, might have a heart attack.

Also some of them may try to ‘hug’ and ‘play’ the new toy and that close may be enough to cause some internal trauma.

If they were looking directly at it - I’d give them a 50/50 chance of permanent vision damage, up to and including blindness. Closer they are the worse it gets - one waddling over to hug the ‘toy’ is at highest risk.

Fluffies looking away/shielding themselves from a ‘scary monster’ would likely be ok - but be at more risk of a fear-shock.

Almost certainly going to be hearing issues, but again unless they were trying to play with it probably temporary.

Naw, they are to fast for that.

That said, an industrious abuser could rig up something more like a ‘rave-grenade’ that strobes lights and loud sounds over a longer period - not as powerful as a flash bang but more likely to traumatize a fluffy due to lasting much longer.


That’s one messed up way to be arrested for malicious destruction of property.

Chu in here fur?

I flashbanged a fluffy daycare

Duuuuude! Nah, I am staying faaaaar from you crazy ass!!!

  1. The “explosive babbeh” happens: shit, piss, blood, and body parts

  2. Only Alicorn and special fluffies are immune. If either Dr Fixer or I have taken cared of the fluff, they’re also immune. (I cloned him, and in my head cannon, is always down for cameos)

  3. Premium mares and foals will autoignite, and remain still. Camel Fluffies fire goes out, and will run to lit foals/mares to get relit.

If fluffies supposedly suffer from the complete genetic deformities were led to believe they may not notice at all…

Animals with heightened senses like hearing and sight aren’t killed by it, and even things like hampsters and rats aren’t killed by the flashbang. Fluffies would probably be terrified but in a realistic light I figure it would probably just be stunned real bad.

  1. Some would, but not every fluffy. Largely due to the sudden loud noise and pain causing their hearts to give out from shock.

  2. Their eyes are rather big for their size, so they are extra vulnerable, so those who are expose to the flash would definitely go blind. Even if they don’t go blind, their eardrums are likely to burst and they would go deaf.

  3. Probably not, no.

No, but their bowels might rupture from the ass blasting they’re about to have as a fear response to it.

No, as fluffies were genetically engineered to have fucked up super eyes that really don’t give a shit about anything, after Hasbio trials with prototypes showed that it was incredibly common for fluffies to go blind by staring at the sun for hours on end babbling about its beauty.

Oh yes, completely. In fact, they would explode. Their fur is highly flammable, due to it being specially engineered to be stupidly dry all the time to avoid moisture-based infections and diseases, and coupled with the massive amount of fecal matter and methane inside of them at all times, it would make quite the boom.

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Yeah, but these are fluffies we’re talking about. They’ll find a way to catch themselves on fire somehow

Flash bang grenades… The flash will blind them, the bang will deafen and even kill them… The smoke if the area is condensed… Would choke them, the concussion blast would pulverized their bones and internal organs… Since fluffies are so damn fragile… a flash bang would be no different than a plain grenade in effects on fluffies

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Yeah throwing a Frag Grenade would be waste of a perfectly good grenade.