Where have the chan threads gone?

Has 4ch /mlp/ banned fluffy content or something? I remember 8ch had an entire board for it, but I cant seem to find it anywhere now.
Any advice?



Yes. Fluffy pony content was banned on 4chan’s /mlp/ since at least 2012. It was also initially banned on derpibooru but they removed the ban after a while. This event is often referred to as the Scruffening. For a long time, fluffy pony content was kept to /b/ and /trash/, but from what I understand it got banned from /b/ sometime in 2019.

There used to be active fluffy threads on /trash/ in 2020 (many of which I started), but ever since fluffybooru died the threads have died very, very quickly.

Its gone now. Any content that was on it is also gone. 8chan had a huge revamp not too long ago, and the fluffy board was dead even before then.


God, thats depressing. I remember seeing some on the 8ch threads that I hoped I could save.
Ah well, thanks for answering.


There’s a chance someone saved them, give me details about the images and I can try looking for them.

Mostly stuff about dancie babies being beaten the shit out of- either by their parents or humans, I wasn’t too picky. If you could find some, I’d be very grateful!


Don’t know if they are what you’re looking for, but here is a few I found.

Kick the dancie babbeh! by: Dhylec

Stressball by: Soybean

Rocky’s Herd by: Renaissance

Adachi Christmas by: Adachi


Thank you kindly, exactly the sort of content I hadn’t found on my own.

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4chan jannies suck all kinds of ass.

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I think an unfortunate fact about 4chan is that modding is uneven throughout the boards. I know for a fact that the /a/ mods are incredibly anal about certain things.


Don’t even get me started on the /v/ jannies. That “HE DOES IT FOR FREE” meme exists for a reason.

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Aw man that’s too bad I actually found fluffies browsing 8chan so it’s sad to see the gateway gone

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There are still occasionally threads in /trash/.

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Yes, and those usually die within a day. The few people who used to bump the threads other than myself seem to have mostly disappeared.

Damn it, now I know they’re there.