Where lost thing go by swiftbitches

A raggedy gray fluffy stumbled through a dark, black expanse. He hadn’t started here and he didn’t know when he got here. It just seemed endless. Nothing made any sense, he’d been running through the forest and then bam! Suddenly he was stuck here, an endless, faceless hellscape.

Suddenly a dot appeared on the horizon, tiny at first but it slowly grew larger and larger. A huge wooden structure the fluffy had never seen before came gliding towards him on glittering, black waves. The smooth ground under the fluffies hooves began to ripple and rise like water causing him to cry out in fear, gaining the attention of the large, wooden structure’s single occupant.

A tiny head peered over the side of the boat and gasped at the sight of the flailing fluffy. The boat came to a very sudden and impossible stop, a heavy rope ladder unfurling down the side all by itself.

A young boy with wild, golden curls, pale skin that had never seen the sun, huge blue eyes and an explosion of freckles across his face and arms, came jumping down the ladder. The boy had been born the same second his world came to an end, nothing was there to greet him the second he took his first breath.

The fluffy struggled to right himself as the floor stopped moving. He looked up at the boy as he, dressed entirely in pirates attire captain’s hat and all, came jogging over.

“He-hewwow, nice mistah! Um fwuffy am-” He was cut short as the boy squealed and dived towards him.


The boy slid across the ground and came to a stop with his arms wrapped around the fluffy.

“I’ve always wanted to see a pony!” The boy looked far too happy to see him, he was just a poopy fluffy!

“Um, no am powny, am fwuffy…” The fluffy managed to squeak out over the boy’s giggles. The boy looked a little confused at that.

“What’s a fluffy?” He raised an eyebrow and looked the fluffy in his arms up and down, it sure looked like a pony to him. Though, he’d never actually seen a pony before except for in books.

“Weww, fwuffy am fwuffy.” The fluffy pointed at himself with his little yellow hoof. The boy nodded a little, taking a little bit to process this.

“Well, I guess that doesn’t matter. You look like a pony so I say you’re a pony.” He grinned down at the fluffy little creature and got up, heading back to the ladder of his ship.

“By the way, what’s your name?” He asked, tucking the fluffy into his shirt and beginning to ascend the ladder.

“Fwuffy no hab name,” The little fluffy wiggled around trying to get comfortable. “Wiww 'ou gib fwuffy name?” He squeaked, letting just a little bit of hope in.

“Yeah sure, I’m great at coming up with names! I even named myself, my name’s Captain by the way. Cause I’m the captain of this ship!”

“Oh wow! Das such a cool name.” Fluffy was excited! Was he going to get a new daddy?

Fluffy felt himself being lifted put of the boy’s shirt and set onto a rough wooden dock. He could see a huge array of children’s toys and books strewn across the ship, all leading to a fancy, red door near the back of the boat.

A strong gust of salt air blew through his fur and he swore he could heard the sounds birds squawking and waves crashing against the rocking boat.

“I think I have the perfect name for you!” Skipping and hopping over toys, the boy swiped a book off of an unopened crate and flipped it open. He flipped through a couple chapters before finding what he was looking for. He hopped and skipped back over the obstacles and showed the fluffy the page. Art of a terrifying, one eyed pirate with a large bushy black beard adorned the page.

“I’ll call you Black beard! Cause your mane is black.” Captain grinned and stroked the fluffies mane. The fluffy looked up at him, tears welling in his eyes.

“Tank 'ou…” His voice shook as tears began dripping down his cheeks, and he tightly wrapping his hooves around the boy. Captain’s eyes began to burn as he tried to hold back tears, he violently wiped them away as he clutch his new little friend, his first ever friend.