Why babbehs gu way, but reverse. (by: artist-kun)


Either gotten by a rapist smarty or worst eaten by wild animals, surviving the wild is hell for foals.

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I think that’s a road in the distance. She probably got ran over

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Yeah, I can see some streaks of blood too

It was meeeeeeee-licks lips


More foal orphans. Very sad.

You like Disturbed?

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Who’s gonna tell them their “Mummah” is not gonna ever return.

Poor foals are soon nummies for the local predators.

On the bright side, at least they’ll be nummies!

Good eye

I never noticed that before. Yeah, the cave/den is probably overlooking a crowded highway if those are headlights and brakelights zipping past. I can imagine that the great food-finding adventure turned Mummah into roadkill.

Yea I listen to them from time to time some of their songs are a hit and miss for me. Iv been listening to a lot of country lately my favorites are must be the whiskey, E, and loud and heavy, paint me a Birmingham and from disturbed I like blue on black, burn motherfucker, and a few more but not to many

that pink fluffy’s no no pwace is making me sick

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I was gonna say…