Why do Fluffies hate or fear Alicorns?

I’ve noticed a lot of post in this community with fluffies being afraid of Alicorns and calling them monsters. Even straight up killing them. Why is that?


it varies from canon to canon but most of what I’ve read says that fluffies have a problem understanding the combination of a pegasus(a wingy fluffy) and a unicorn(a pointy fluffy), with alicorns seeming unnatural and horrifying to them.


Huh. Interesting

Old trope fluffies can’t comprehend a fluffy whit both wings and a horn


Think of it like the uncanny valley. They understand wings, and they understand horns, but they just kind of short out at the concept that a fluffy could be both at once and it seems alien.



I’ve seen a few headcanons describe it as pre-programmed into Fluffies to kill “monsters” in order to keep Alicorns rare, thus jumping up the price.

Others say that Alicorns were meant to be the next stage release of Fluffies and replace the old ones, as such normal Fluffies view them as hostile without really knowing why


I’ve never heard of either of those, but those are both amazing ideas that I’m totally not gonna steal and repurpose!


My personal headcanon is that the mirror neurons in prototype fluffies got heavily focused into the three expected types and humans, leaving ‘it’s a monster’ as the only space left for categorising any living creature that doesn’t fit in one of the other 4/5.


All of the above answers are valid, but the much simpler explanation is this:

Fluffies are idiots.


There was one thing I was reading that had them afraid because the fluffies were afraid that Alicorns (a later model and made better) would replace them. And if there were Alicorns them nobody would want a normal fluffy.

That one story had a fluffy who knew about them actually die from panicking over the mere thought of them. It was a shelter and iirc that fluff had been passed up a time too many. When the owner’s sister (who owned a fluffy shop/mill) dropped in suggesting she try raising/breeding Alicorns that fluffy freaked. Died overnight.

Basically, if your computer from 10 years ago saw you browsing Tom’s Hardware then Newegg with a $5,000 budget. And then got scared it was going to recycling? Never to be turned on again? Same idea.


Ooo that could make for some excellent psychological torture if the fluffy is indeed thinking it will be replaced.

I read once that hasbio had programmed them to be this way as to resuce the number of alicorns and encourage people to throw their fluffies away for second generation fluffies which are alicorns

I always went with the idea someone in hasbio thought it would be funny to put it in them and got out of control. :shrug:

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It’s an intentional inversion of MLP:FiM. It served as both fandom and show satire.


Inborn quality control programming causes fluffies to hate and fear them.

Alicorn foals are born smaller and take longer to mature, leading their mother to think they’re runts. Because they’re not the standard earthie, unicorn, wingie, they are defective and therefore bad/evil/monsters.


It’s an intentional inversion of MLP:FiM. It served as both fandom and show satire.

Also this.

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I personally think it’s a dumb idea to be honest with you


The two biggest motives are Uncanny Valley (fluffies can’t comprehend pegasus + unicorn) and Artificial Scarcity (HasBio implanted anti-alicorn sentiments to make rare alicorns yet more valuable).

Yeah on a more meta level, there were many on /mlp/ (where fluffies started) that despised the concept and eventual execution of Alicorn Twilight, so they released their rage on fluffy versions as a sort of commentary. What’s far more likely is that it seemed like a feasible enough point of conflict for fluffies, with people of varying agendas more-than-pleased to grab at in earnest.


Indexing error in programming.
Unknown = monster/dangerous

As previously stated, it varies from headcanon to headcanon, but the general consensus is that a fluffy with both a horn and wings crosses the uncanny valley for fluffies and they either think the foal is defective or some sort of abomination, and fluffies are programmed to get rid of defective foals, such as runts. Which, considering how often runts turn up…

In my personal headcanon, the above is true, but fluffies are equally likely to view the foal as extra special. Adult alicorns are less likely to trigger the “eeeee munsta!” or “bad babbeh”-SQUISH response than a foal since they aren’t programmed to kill or abandon defective adults. That said, some fluffies will simply consider all alicorns to be too weird and not want anything to do with them because of it (sort of the same reaction some people have to people missing body parts or with severe birth defects; our evolved instincts tell us to avoid anything that might make us sick.), and others will simply see another fluffy. A very small handful will see alicorns as some sort of super fluffy, and the ones in feral herds who survive to adulthood often become smarties… except since general headcanon is that alicorns are usually smarter than normal fluffies (though of course it varies), they may actually make decent leaders.

In my Just Trying To Make It series, there’s an alicorn foal that many members of the feral herd are weirded out by and they want it dead or abandoned because it must surely be a ‘bad babbeh’, but the ‘herd leader’ (he’s very insistent on that term, not wanting to be associated with smarties and their reputation) doesn’t see what the problem is and proclaims it to be a good babbeh, which the others grudgingly go along with.