"World Revolution" Part 2 by NobodyAtAll

Part 1

As the demonic Chris and James, the golden Hans, and the wooden Demeter lunge at me, I remain utterly calm.

Those idiots don’t realize that I just went intangible again.


So they only end up lunging into each other.

I fly up.

“Sorry, guys, I’m not in the mood to party!”



As Chris and James take off and attempt to go after me…



They have to dodge two silver bullets.

I fly away, back to Faucheuse Tower.

The other Chris and James leap down from a rooftop, along with Amy. Those three have silver-plated High-Jump Boots now too, to go with the armor.

James glares up at his demonic counterpart.

“I had a feeling something like this would happen.”

Chris does the same.

“Everything you two have done disgusts us. You’re going back Down There, and you’re staying there.”

Amy looks at the demonic version of her husband, unable to hide her scorn.

“My sister, Chris? Really?”

“Honey, she’s pretty, but you’re beautiful.


The two demons glare back down at their counterparts.

“Oh look, James. It’s the copycats. You think you can just take our place and get away with it?!?”

Chris aims his gun right between the demonic Chris’ eyes.

“You threw your place away. You brought shame upon our entire family.”

“You sound like my idiot nephew. I know what it’s like when your nephew is such a failure.”

As the demonic James flips Hans off, Erwin lands, still in the Omega Buster, and Alpha lands with him.

Alex and Blueberry follow them, piloting their Stahlkörpers.

Erwin glares at Hans, although his face can’t be seen in that suit.

You’re the failure, Hans! Thanks to you, our entire family is associated with the fucking Nazis! I’ve spent my whole life working to undo the damage you’ve done!”

“You’re just as bad as my uncle, Hans.”

“He’s WORSE, Alex. Hans, you programmed me to kill and puppeteered my body to kill even more. I will NEVER forgive you for what you’ve done.”

“Spucke den regenbogen–”

“Don’t bother, that doesn’t work on me anymore.”

Erwin nods.

“Because we trust Alpha now. You, Hans, never trusted him.”

“Alpha? Him? Give me a break. Projekt Caldroid is a weapon. A thing designed to kill. Not a person.”

As Alpha, Erwin and Alex start cursing Hans out, Blueberry glares at the demonic Chris, through the plexiglass dome of his blue Stahlkörper.

“Hey, Kwis! Wemembew Bwuebewwy, mummahfukkah? Cuz Bwuebewwy wemembew wut Kwis did tu Bwuebewwy!”

“I’m gonna impale you again, shitrat! I LOVE killing shitrats now!”

Blueberry turns to the other Chris.

“Yu am su much bettah den dis fukkah.”

Chris smiles back.

“Thanks, Big Blue.”

Demeter starts laughing.

“Oh, isn’t this nice? Old friends catching up! Who’s next? My stubborn old bat of a sister?”

“You’se guessed it.”

“I never liked ya, y’know. I was only ever nice to ya 'cuz your my best friend’s sister.”

“Hello, Demeter. Looks like the divorce has been hard on you.”

“Yu bwoke daddeh heawt. Nao Hewb am gunna bweak yu.

Annette, June, Floris and Herb walk up, the last one still in his monstrous form.

“You’se shoulda stayed in Arborea, Sister.”

Klaus lands, flying in on feathery wings, holding Lavender.

“And you two demonic dolts should have stayed in Hell.”

Dave and Slayer land, still in demon form.

Slayer caught up with that monster and did what he does to it.

“By the way, we can still change back. Because we’re NOT. LIKE. YOU.”

“Swayew am gunna finish da jawb. Swayew wiww wip an teaw, untiw it am DUN.”

Klaus puts Lavender down, and she glares up at the two demons.

“Wavendew nu am scawedies of yu too aneemowe.”

The demonic James leers at Lavender.

“What about your little shitrat friends on the farm? THEY’LL be scared of me after I rape you to death in front of them–”


The demonic James is blasted out of the sky, by lightning bolts.

Miles and Quin land side by side.

Wearing Bands of Merging.

“This is for everyone you killed in that clone body, James. For everyone you killed WITH MY FACE!!!”

“I won’t let you bastards destroy the future! NEVER AGAIN, HANS!!!”

Future Marley lands too.

“Wemembew wen yu bwoo Mawwey up, Hans? WUZ WOWF IT!!! CUZ WOOK WUT MAWWEY AM NAO!!!”


In a flash of purple light, the two redheaded teens merge together.

The result smiles, his messy hair halfway between Quin’s darker red and Miles’ lighter red. The same goes for his eyes. The O’Shaughnessys have lighter blue eyes than the Korkeas.

He’s got Miles’ ears, and Quin’s nose, inherited from Calvin.

His battle suit is identical to Camiles’.

Demon James gets up, and he and his allies have all been caught off guard by this.

“Okay, what the fuck just happened?”

Hans lets out a weary sigh.

“I know what this is. AND how to shut it down–”

He’s interrupted by a a pair of big blue metal hands grabbing him.


As Blueberry throws Hans away, the gestalt entity smiles at the demonic James, addressing him in Miles and Quin’s voices.

“We’re a merged fighter. The combination of Miles and Quinton. Call us Mileton! And check this shit out.”


The newly christened Mileton wreathes himself in freezing blue flames and blue electricity.

Demon James isn’t concerned.

“That doesn’t scare ME! I’ve got hellfire–”


Mileton punches Demon James in the gut with a freezing fist.


As I reach Faucheuse Tower again, I notice a big grey bubble is now covering the roof.

I hear Umbra call to me. He’s alone.

“Nice try, Calvin! But the bubble won’t pop until all of our forces are dead! You play by our rules!”

Where’s the other person, whoever they were?

Isn’t it obvious who they are? Umbra’s new boss! The asshole is here!

The question is, where did the asshole go?

This MUST be serious, Fi. I don’t think I’ve ever heard YOU swear before.

Okay, fuck it. If this is how they want to play the game, let’s do it.

I start flying back down towards the battlefield.

Down in the streets, Chaos, in jester form, skips out of an alleyway, followed by the Deaths of Humans and Fluffies, who are definitely not skipping.

Chaos looks around at the battle, speaking up in his cheerful, flamboyant voice.

“My, this sure is quite a party! I’m a little upset that Fate didn’t invite me.”



“Why thank you! I try to be a good host, y’know. But Fate is always such a party pooper.”

Chaos cracks his gloved knuckles for dramatic effect.

“Let’s go poop on his party.”

Part 3


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