Worstest Sickies Ch. 2 (by fluffysomething)

You are Fluffy, a fluffy. You don’t have a name since you don’t have a human mummah or daddeh, but you feel sick. Very sick, in fact. So sick, you think you might go forever sleepies. But, you can’t give your special friend heart-hurties!

“Kaff! Kaff! Blegh! Speshew-fwend, fwuffy make sickie-wawa 'gain… Feew bad…” You whimper, laying in your own sickie-wawa.

“It otay speshew-fwend, huggies make ebewyfing betta!” Your special friend says, hugging you tight.

“Fwuffy feew… Feew… Blegh!” You vomit, just before taking forever sleepies.

Your name is FV-0945. Your housie-friend just did… something. You don’t understand it! Why isn’t he moving? You didn’t do that, right? Anyways, you got a new housie-friend! And, they have your old housie-friend’s babies! At least, you think they’re babies.

“Speshew-fwend! Nuuu-huuu-huuuu! Heawt-huwties!” They cry out, laying next to your old housie-friend.

“Did Eff-vee-oh-nine-fouw-five du dat? No, probably not!” You say. You talked like a person! You like when you do that, since it makes housie-friends think you’re their new daddy. You don’t like new daddies, though. Mostly because you don’t really like people, either.

“Awh! Come look at this fluffy, mommy! Can we keep her? Can we? Can we?” You hear someone outside your housie-friend ask excitedly.

“Sure, sweets. But, you have to take care of it and play with it.” Another voice says. Are they talking about you? You’ve never been played with before!

They’re taking your housie-friend somewhere! Where are you going?

“We’re home! Now, play with the fluffy. I have to go get it some things.” You hear someone say. It just now hit you. These aren’t fluffies, these are people! You’ll make them your housie-friends too! But first, you have to play in this one.

“Fluffy! Your new name is… Hmm… Bella!” You hear another, smaller voice say. Maybe they can be your new housie-friend?

“Wub nyew namesie! Wan pway! Wan pway!” You hear your housie-friend say happily playing.

You did see some babies in this housie-friend. Maybe you can check them out?

“Hmmm… Dese bay-bees? Not wook wike bay-bees. Dey all pink!” You examine the babies, until you hear a “BIGGESH POOPIES” and you start coming out with the babies.

“Nu, nu babbehs! Stay in! Nu weady! Tuu eawwy!” You hear your housie-friend squeal worriedly, trying to hold her… something, closed.

You come out on one of the babies. Aren’t these things supposed to move when they’re born?