Write a smol story 5 (InfraredTurbine)

Sup folks!
Here’s Write a smol story 5 -

Rules are the same.
PS: If you wanna write a big story for this, and use this picture to illustrate the post, no problem by me, have fun ^^ just tag me plz!!
Write a story the way you want, have fun folks!

What happened right here ? Why is he the last foal ? what happened later ? Was it a good ending, or a bad ending ? :slight_smile:

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me any time!!


Jesus $5 for that piece of shit? “Last chance to be overpriced” more like!


okay so a quick story pitch :glee:

Definitly a huggy freind, hes told strictly by the store to stand like this for passers by as to not show off his scars and the fact he is what he is, people walk past with “oh hes cute, hes a terrible color but i cant not go see if we can save him” then once they are inside and see the other half of him hit him with a “oh god this fluffy is in such bad condition no wonder hes still in here” or throw in a “oh poor thing he should of got put down a long time ago”

Slowly over the last few days sinking him lower and lower from "pwease hewp be new mummah and daddeh nu wan foreber sweepies and “pwease gud huggy insert name here make gud hoofy dancie for new mummah” slowly into a curled up mess of huhus and “wan die” loops.


Buy fluffy
Paint mane yellow
Name it shitcorn
Use it for a comic


It’s a sorry box. Little dude was bought from a last-chance box at a shelter, and is traumatized by the knowledge of what happens to unsold last-chance foals. If he’s bad, the owner “returns him” to the last-chance box (actually just a regular box on the back porch dolled up with a sign) for a couple hours then “re-buys and saves” him with the caveat that he’ll be good.

It’s quite efficient. Easy to clean and you can’t hear him crying through the wall!


I’m so sorry fluffy, you see, you look like shit, you are shit, in fact all you can do is cry, eat and shit. That and breathe up all the good fluffies air. The only reason you are alive is for the pity buy and, according to the town’s hugboxer forums, they’re all at capacity. No homes are out there for you. You’re going to die! Speaking of which.

Chef L’Oréal is coming by tonight to turn you into nummies for his diners. And that’ll be the end of your crybaby shit. Fuck you fluffy, I hope it hurts when you die.

  • anonymous fluff mart employee who isn’t a secret racist at all

There once was a Fluffy called Shit.

He sat alone in his pit.

Without a friend to his name, or color to his mane.

He was truly bullied and blamed.

One day he awoke, with a sleepy thud,

Seeing a human chose him to have a new home and love.

As he drifted from his shity pit, the others looked and cried and spit.

carried by some loving hands, a quick jolt caused Shit to bolt!

Shit had shat on his new owner’s lap, and was angrily tossed back!

Shit tried to cry, to plea, or to beg, but his new Mummah cried, and had taken a new Fluffy instead.

As the Foal was set down, painted with a frown, he noticed this was not his home.

The cardboard box was something feared, a sign a foal’s life was drawing to near.

Shit cried, Shit begged, Shit pleaded and nagged, only to be punished with a swift swat to the head.

-By Biorb(Fuckerson)Biorb


is it a parody of wellerman ?


honestly no, i just wanted to make a silly ass nursery rhyme

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He was the last one of his litter to be sold; a brown foal. His brothers and sisters which had colours who where higher in demand were sold of days before, and most of the humans didn’t care about ‘That shit coloured one’, and the personnel of the fluff-mart talked about selling the foal as snakefood, a convo the foal overheard; ‘…NUUUU, nu wan be skettie-munstah nummies! WHAIHUHUUU?!?’ the foal cried while poking his little head over the edge of the box. ‘…oh, you heard us?’ John, one of the personnel replied. ‘I don’t give a shit about a shit-coloured foal, just like the customers and your fellow shitrats, you gonna be snake-food, because fuck you, that why!’.
Heartbroken and crying, the foal looked at how John laughed with his co-workers at the foal’s tears.
Only thing was; the foal wasn’t the only one who overheard the convo.
‘Five bucks for a brown-coloured foal?’ a new voice asked. ‘Yeah, way to high actually…’ John’s co-worker Percy replied, looking at the customer they weren’t aware of till he spoke the question. ‘Neh, don’t think so.’ the customer named Clint retorted. ‘I grew up near the countryside, always was fond of horses, observing, petting, even had jobs at stables cleaning…nowadays i live downtown in an appartment, and i’am nostalgic lately, and
the actual miniature horses are still to big for where i live…but buying a brightcoloured fluffy as a pet…well, feels unrealistic.’
The personell was a bit dumbfounded by the customers opinion.
‘What do i need to care for a fluffy?’

A few years later.
Clint was sitting on a bench in the city-park with walls around it.
He was looking at the herd he accumulated through the years who were gallivanting on the grass. Next to the bench, Clint placed a portable litterbox, and every now and again one of the herd visited that litterbox. Them fluffies were trained not to be a nuisance of shit. One of them who did visit the box, the oldest, didn’t immediately went back to the grass, but went to Clint himself, and presented him the ‘upsies’ pose, Clint picked him up.
‘You’ve come a long way since that store, buddy.’


Wrote a not-so-smol story for this:


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Depending on his fore legs and head he is brown, anyway, what if the rest of his body has a unique color?

Maybe is that the reason the foal is overpriced.

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Smol story:

Because the foal is 5 dollars and because his/head and fore legs are brown, think the most people that the price is too much.

Anyway his body, back legs and tail are very unique.

Body has a light blue color.
Back legs are darker blue colored.
His tail has a rainbow color pattern.

His mother was a brown mare and his father was a light blue stallion with a rainbow color pattern tail.

This resulted that the most foals had the mare’s color or the stallion’s color. Anyway their where a few unique combinations like this foal.

The most unique combination foals where lucky that they had a blue head or another colored head.

This little guy is the only combination one with a brown head and brown fore legs.

Unlucky he was nobody wanna buy him. So the store owner give him away to a fluffy farm.
The farm is specialized in organ transplantations and genetic manipulations.

The little guy was lucky enough that he didn’t became a transplantation candidate, because of his unique color.

The moment he became a adult fluffy he became a seed supplier, anyway because they make the mare’s in the farm on synthetic way pregnant, he was unlucky that he didn’t got any “good enfies”.

Instead of “good enfies” he got hormones that his seed production maximized and always let him cum, his dick was connected wit a tube and the tube was connected with a storage jar.

Not only let the hormones him constantly cumming, it makes him also mental very (crazy) horny.

The farm can’t risk that he disconnected the tube from his dick, so they put him in a small cage.
That was also the most optimal way to feed him with the hormones.

After 4 years being a cum supplier he died. Like all the cum suppliers, he died on the job.

Anyway he hold the record for being 4 year cum supplier. Most cum suppliers has a average lifetime of 6 months. The last record holder lived for 1 year and 3 months.

His cum got used over more then 300 mare’s worldwide and he has a offspring of over the 1400 foals.

After his death his body got used as fluffy meat for feeding the pregnant mare’s in the farm (what usually happens with dead cum suppliers).

The reason cum suppliers body’s didn’t get used for any transplantations is because of the hormones in their body.

The end.

If someone wanna use this for a comic/story or parts of it, you’re free for using this.